Configuring Webhooks

Configuring Webhooks

Lets learn how to configure Webhooks with Picky Assist Console in order to send & recevie messages from your server / application.

Login into your Picky Assist Console ,Dashboard -> Click on Dashboard -> Click the “View More” Details in the Project 

Navigate to Global Handler -> Select Web Hooks (from drop down) and in the text box configure your URL

Input your Web URL to which we need to push messages ,we push the data using GET & POST method , you can extract the data from the below variables , we highly recommend to use POST method

Variable Name Description Type
number Mobile number with country code from the message came, if the sender mobile number is saved in the phone contacts then instead of number the contact name will come here as number. For Whatsapp Group the number will be Group Name @Sender Name / Number Text
message-in Text message received in the application – only first 2500 characters will be pushed to the server. Text
application On which messaging app the message has received 1=Whatsapp Personal | 2 = Whatsapp Business Numeric
type What kind of message is received , text=1, photo=2, video=3, audio=4, location=5, document=6, contact=7 Numeric
unique-id Unique id assigned by the picky assist application Numeric

The URL POST will be like this

If you are facing any issues then please place the webhook generated from this site and you will get a unique URL, simply put the URL in our webhook and send a message to your whatsapp number , then  check back the site, you will see the message details.

If you would like to reply to the incoming messages then you need to give us reply in JSON format, refer the below details

Variable Name Description Type
message-out Message you need to give it as reply. Text
delay If you would like to give response by setting a delay then please pass the delay value in “delay” variable , delay need to be set in seconds and maximum allowed delay is 3600 seconds i.e delay=10 means message will send after 10 seconds Numeric

Sample JSON Response

JSON Sample Reply -> {“message-out”:”this is an automatic reply”,”delay”:0}

You can validate the JSON output in this website

Important Instructions

Please note if the response format is not correct then reply will not be sent to the customer.

Please configure a secret key along with your URL for security purpose and accept request only from Picky Assist Server IP

If any other autoresponder installed in your mobile device then picky assist may not work properly even if the other apps are disabled, so we highly recommend to uninstall all autoresponders app from your mobile device while testing picky assist app.

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