Introducing Telephony Services Call Conference & Click2Call

Introducing Telephony Services Call Conference & Click2Call

We are happy to release the alpha version of Call Conference/Click2Call services under Telephony Section in our Web Console.

With call conference service you can easily make call conference with upto 5 numbers using your phone , your phone will act as a gateway to facilitate the call conference service through picky assist.

Call conference service will work only with Picky Assist Bridge App Version 3.9 or above and the Android version should be 6.0 or higher. Currently Call Conference service is in alpha stage so you may find bugs and mall functioning of the services as the same has been tested only on few devices and carriers in very limited countries. 

Request you to please report all the issues to so that we can fix the issues and move to beta at the earliest. While reporting the issues please mention your phone model , manufacture details, Android version running in your phone etc so that we can troubleshoot the issue quickly, steps to reproduce the issue / video / screenshot would be highly appreciated

We will be releasing Call Conference / Click 2 Call API by first week of January 2019 for developers.


General Guidelines

Make sure phone language is to english, Android version is 6.0 or above, Picky Assist Bridge Mobile app version is 3.9 or above.

The phone should not be in locked status, the screen security should be set to “None”

Accessibility access should be given to the picky assist app

All permissions must be granted to picky assist app

Call conference services must be enabled in your SIM Card , please check with your telecom carrier.

In some countries you need to prefix + along with the number and few countries country code should not pass with the number so before start using please find in which format your current telecom operator accepts numbers.

There will be 4-5 seconds delay to start and end a call.

While you initiate a call conference through picky assist your phone default dialer will be set as Picky Assist and once the call is completed it will switch automatically back to the default phone dialer, in case if the dialer is not switched back then you can manually switch  from the picky assist mobile app – Change Phone Dialer.

Minimum 2 numbers required to start a call conference and maximum 5 allowed, in many countries telecom operators restricted the maximum number of participant between 3 and 5 so please cross check with your existing telecom carrier.

Please note you will be charged for call conference service as per your telecom operator tariff plan, picky assist count each number as an interaction and will be billed as per your plan. Suppose if you are on Pay As you Go Plan you will be charged $0.005 per number irrespective of the call duration , if you are using unlimited plan then you will not be charged.


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