Picky Assist Sample Code for Sending & Receiving Messages 

Picky Assist Sample Code in Different Programming Languages for reference

Below are the sample code for different programming languages for developers reference , please note we highly recommend to use POST method to extract data from the webhook, if you want to reply to the incoming messages then you must give reply in JSON format.

If you are facing any issues with sample code we can provide 3rd party developers contact details who may charge a small amount to guide or fix your issue , please write to if you required any assistances.


  1. An Picky Assist Account (Dont have one? Click Here to Create a Developers Account for free)
  2. Webhooks Configured against a Project in Picky Assist Console (See How to Configure Webhooks)

PHP Sample Code for Sending & Receiving Messages


ASP.NET Sample Code Using C#


Sample Code in Node JS with an Express Server

This is an example how to implement a very simple “parrot” bot (that replies exactly what has been said to it) using Node.js with an Express server:



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