Smart Replies Getting Start Guide

What is Smart Replies ?

A Virtual Agent works 24 x 7  for your business powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) , Lets your customer gets answers vIa WhatsApp / SMS using Picky Assist Smart Replies without any LIVE agent or employees at backend. With the help of smart replies you can keep your business open 24 x 7 without any employees. 

How it Works?

You can add relevant keywords , questions , dialogues and its answers into smart replies. Based on your customer enquiry it will give automatic replies  through Whatsapp / SMS

Where to Use ?

It can be effectively used for answering the most frequently asked questions related to your business like , list of your services/products/menu , pricing & plans, payment options, working hours , your shop location , features about a particular product , sending images & videos of an item requested by customer etc.

You can attach media files also in the smart replies, for example if you are a car dealer and customer need picture of a specific car model through whatsapp then you can set the car model name as question and in the answer upload the car image with description. When the customer sends the car model name through whatsapp smart replies sends the image and its description as reply to the customer.

For Developers

If you are a developer then you can combine smart replies with webhook and able to dynamically give answers from any 3rd party API , customer queries like “whats the current weather”, “whats the cricket score” , “current account balance” , “last 5 transactions” etc can be fetched from a remote server and sends as reply.


Getting Started

Smart Replies  has 3 modules , Train, Learn & Stats


Using the train module you can train the virtual agent by adding more questions, dialogue, keywords, phrases and their best answer, you can also upload FAQ from an excel /csv sheet.


Adding Questions & Answers

You can simply add questions and answers as shown below, if you would to segregate the questions by category you can do the same by adding more categories ;

smart reply adding questions

Add more variants of questions to get more accurate results For better result avoid attaching interrogatives like how, what, when, etc in your question. for example “what is your working hours” here you can add only “working hours” “office hours” “office timings” You can separate each word / sentence using space or comma.


Formatting Answers

For a new line space use Shift + Enter and to format the answer you can use bold , italics, strike and emoji’s as show below

smart reply formatting


Sending Replies with Media Files

You can send a reply message with media files as well , click on the image icon and attach your media file.


Personalising  Replies with Attributes 

You can personalize the response using  the attributes which are saved in your Social CRM which will help you to to greet customer with their name or any value stored in the attribute against the customer like Age, Last Order Details, Current Plan, Address etc


Smart Actions 

Actions are a set of commands which can seamlessly work with Smart Replies , on receiving a message you can instruct the picky assist smart replies to take multiple actions based on your business requirements. Like Make A Call Back , Add Customer to a Category , Remove A Tag , Add Customer into a sequence, Create a Support Ticket and more..

You can set actions against each questions by clicking the + icon as shown below


An action Popup will come as shown below , select any of the action you want to perform, you can add multiple actions as well, after you set the action please click “Save” 




Available Actions are as below 

Actions are a set of commands which can seamlessly work with Smart Replies , on receiving a message you can instruct the picky assist smart replies to take multiple actions based on your business requirements. Like Make A Call Back , Add Customer to a Category , Remove A Tag , Add Customer into a sequence, Create a Support Ticket and more..

  1. Trigger Webhook
  2. Send Email
  3. Send Message
  4. Click 2 Call
  5. Pause Replies
  6. Add Tag
  7. Remove Tag
  8. Map to Category
  9. Remove From Category
  10. Create Ticket
  11. Subscribe to Sequence
  12. Unsubscribe from Sequence
  13. Update Note
  14. Blacklist


Trigger Webhook
Give dynamic replies from your application like updated balance, updated score etc



Send Email
Send an email informing your agents about user interactions. Include message history also.

You can click attributes to include any data in the email like customer name, mobile , message history etc




Send Message
Send SMS or WhatsApp message to agents about the conversations till now

You can specify while channel to be used to send message like whatsapp personal , business , sms , enter mobile number along with country code without + or 0 , add more number by separated by comma.



Click 2 Call
Offer an install call back to the user immediately.

You can specify from which project the call should be triggered and the agent number must be mentioned along with country code without + or 0 , an option agent name can also specify for your internal references;



Pause Replies
This will temporary pause smart replies for the time set by you, useful for human takeover and live chat

Select the pause duration from the drop down starting from 30 minutes to 120 minutes


Add Tag
This will add a tag to the subscriber

Select the available tag from the list , can add multiple tags 



Remove Tag
This will remove tag from the subscriber

Select the tag which need to be removed against the subscribers, if no tags are found no action will be taken



Map to Category
This will map subscriber to a category



Remove From Category
This will remove subscriber from a category



Create Ticket
Create a support ticket against the subscriber

You can specify the subject of the ticket and assign the priority  



Subscribe to Sequence
Auto subscribe customer into a sequence for drip campaigns



Unsubscribe from Sequence
Unsubscribe customer from a sequence

action-unsubscribe sequence


Update Note
Add a note / update against the subscriber. Can view and update notes from Social CRM -> Subscribers -> Notes



This will add the incoming number to blacklist.

Can view and remove the blacklisted subscribers from Settings -> Black Lists 




Importing or Uploading Bulk Questions / FAQ 

If you have a FAQ list then it can import it into the smart replies , please make sure the faq is in an excel sheet , to upload FAQ simply click on upload and follow the instructions on screen;




Configuring Fall Back Response 

Fall Back or Default response is useful when the bot is unable to find a relevant answer to the customer query , you can specify the fall back response from the “Setting” tab


You can also opt to receive instant update via email to take immediate action, separate email accounts by comma. Developers can trigger webhook. 



Enabling Small Talks

Small talks are collections of casual conversation. This feature can greatly improve the user experience by covering common questions that may not pertain to your core FAQ

You can enable the smart talks as shown below, once the smart replies are enabled you can customise the replies.



Testing the Bot 

Its important to test the bot before deploying into production , once all the questions and answers are added you can test the same using the test chat widget placed in the right bottom corner of the page as shown below;



Going LIVE 

Once the testing is completed you have to make the smart replies “Online” from the top left as shown below; before making LIVe make sure you “Save” all the questions and answers.


If you would like to disable the smart replies you can simply switch it into “Offline” mode anytime.



Questions which are not answered by the bot will be listed under this tab. You can manually review the questions and add the best answer so that next time your customer will get the most relevant answer.




Stats module gives you an overview what your customers are really demanding and searching among your products or services. You can get question wise counts asked by your customers between any dates, by default the system shows today’s data, using the filter you can search stats between dates.




In this section you can configure Webhooks , Default Fall Back Message & Applications 


Configuring Webhooks

If are a developer and want to give dynamic replies from your application then please specify the URL here, you have the option to push data in JSON format also , for more details please refer the API Documentation 


If you configure webhook here then global webhook if any configured under the main Settings section will be ignored.


Selecting Channels 

You can specify to which channel / application the smart replies need to be configured , suppose if you dont wish to send smart replies via SMS then it can turn it off here. If you are using WhatsApp Personal & Business under same license then you can specify the channel here.




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