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Picky Assist New Pricing from January 2022

Why Price Update?

Since from Inception in February 2018 we have not changed our pricing at the same time we have added tons of new features which helps our customers to improve their business communication, during the first year we were providing services only to developers and later we start developing product for non developers like Smart Replies, Sequence, Broadcaster etc 

Now we are in the mission to provide a complete business communication automation suite in a single platform and we have many new products and features which are scheduled to release in 2021 & 2022 like Teambox, Connector, Flow Builder, New CRM etc and we call this new platform as Picky Assist 2.0 

Considering the research and development costs as well as technology maintenance costs, it’s necessary for us to revamp the pricing structure however still we have tried our best to make the pricing affordable for all kind of businesses 

What is Picky Assist 2.0 Platform?

Picky Assist 2.0 is our all new platform currently in beta with many new products and features along with the all new UI, you can expect below new products and features under Picky Assist 2.0 platform in coming months.

ProductDescription Expected Release
TeamboxA collaboration platform for WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger with multi user access, advanced routing rules, live event feeds from 3000+ apps etc Live Beta
ConnectorA revolutionary and easy way to connect Picky Assist with any 3rd party softwares without writing any codes Live Beta
Google Business MessagesGoogle recently introduced Google Messages for businesses where the consumer can initiate a chat right from Google Search or Google MapsDecember 2021
Instagram DMInstagram Direct Messages works similar to facebook messenger integration and works only with Instagram Business Accounts November 2021
TelegramTelegram Integration as ChannelDecember 2021
Modular CRMA fully customisable CRM where you can create modules and fields to save, filter and analyse data with workflow automation.March 2022
Multi ChannelMulti Channel is a feature which allows you to connect multiple channels into a single project like you can have multiple WhatsApp number or Facebook Messenger in a single project December 2021
Email As ChannelEmail as a channel will be available in the Teambox so that you can have Email, WhatsApp & Facebook as Channels right in the Picky Assist TeamboxMarch 2022
New Web ChatAll New Widget for Web Chat Integration December 2021
Flow BuilderMulti Tenant Flow builder which allows customers to build advanced chatbots by just connecting the dots visually , zero coding and easy to setupDecember 2021
Custom Channel & App BuilderCustom Channel & App builder gives you the ability to create your own Custom Channel like you can integrate an SMS, Voice or even WhatsApp Service which is provided by any 3rd parties

March 2022
Mobile App Android & IOS Mobile App for users December 2021

The product release dates are tentative and likely to change as per the development schedules.

What Is Getting Changed?

Existing plans will be known as legacy plan from January 2022 and no new products or features will be published to the Picky Assist 1.0 Platform and the legacy plan will retire by July 2022, so existing customers can continue using the plan without access to the Picky Assist 2.0 platform till July 2022 and later they can discontinue the service or upgrade to the Picky Assist 2.0 Platform by choosing any of the new plans. 

We will be introducing an WhatsApp API only plan for developers so those who would like to use our API then can migrate to API only plan which is more affordable than the current plans.

There are fair usage values and restriction are applied on each plans in terms of maximum usages as mentioned below

New Pricing Plans From January 2022 

Monthly Rent$29$49$69
Yearly Rent$299$499$699
Contacts (Stored)2500500010000
Users/Agents (Free)3510
Additional Agents (Monthly)
Additional Contacts


Free Interactions (All Channels)50000010000002500000
History 45 Days70 Days100 Days
System Emails1000500010000
Additional Interactions 
Archive History Extra Cost
$0.10 per GB$0.10 per GB


Facebook Messenger (One Page)FreeFreeFree
Web Chat (One Domain)FreeFreeFree
WhatsApp Web Automation (One Number)FreeFreeFree
Email (One Email)FreeFreeFree
Google Business Messages (One Location)FreeFreeFree
Instagram DM (One Businesses) FreeFreeFree
Telegram (One Bot)FreeFreeFree
WhatsApp Official (Per Number)

Template Charges will be billed separately 
Additional Facebook / Instagram/ / Google Messages / Telegram / Email Channel$10$15$20
Additional WhatsApp Web Automation Channel (Per Number)$29$34$39
Custom Channel App
Web Chat Tracked Page Loads100000250000500000


Custom Modules51025
Module Fields3050100
Data Records (All Users)50000015000002500000
Data Storage (All Users)10 GB15 GB 25 GB
Workflow’s (All Users)51025
Scheduled Workflow135
Additional Data Storage
$0.20 per GB$0.20 per GB

Flow Builder

Flows (All Users)51025
Additional Flow’s


Sequences (All Users)2050100
Additional Sequence

Smart Replies

Smart Replies 2005001000
Additional Smart Replies (per question)


Number of Connectors2550100
Connector Innovations (Free)1500050000100000
Additional Per Invocations  

App Adon’s

Zoho CRM
Facebook Leads
Custom App
Custom App Invocations (Free)
Additional Invocations 

API Access

API AccessNoYesYes
Number of API  Invocations Per Day

Contacts : Means unique Mobile Number or Email Stores in the Picky Assist Platform 

Messaging Interactions : Means any messages which are sent and receive using any of the connected channels for all Users 

Archive History : This is the archive of total messaging interactions included the media attachments. 

CRM Module Fields : This is how many columns or data fields per module is allowed for all users, data is stored as row in the fields, in a module if you want to collect 20 data points then you need to create 20 fields in that

CRM Data Records : Number of data records can be stored in the platform for all users a row in am module is consider as a data record 

CRM Scheduled Workflow’s : Number of workflows in which can be set to run in a period of intervals, like sending a sales report in every data at 8 pm etc.

Date Storage : Total Media files can be saved by all Users in an organisation which don’t include the media files send and receives through channels as the same will be deleted 

Web Page Loads : When the web widget is added into a webpage page loads consider that how many times the widget is loaded in a month i.e whenever a site visitor opens a page which the web integrates consider as a page load 

Connector Invocation : This is the number of requests / events received from the 3rd party platform to Picky Assist, please note even if the connector is Offline still all events will be billed. 

Custom App : Means the ability to build the custom app using the Creator and deploy to the platform 

Custom App Invocation : This is the number that how many external app requests are triggered to the 3rd party and received from 3rd party application like when you integrate an SMS Platform using Custom App and when you send an SMS it consider as one invocation and when the SMS delivery report is received it consider as another invocation so here total 2 invocations are counted. 

WhatsApp Developer’s API Only Plan 

  1. In this, we don’t give access to our Picky Assist 2.0 Platform 
  2. Message history will save only for the last 3 days
  3. No media files will be stored, all incoming media files will be pushed as base64 instead of the current URL method.
  4. Only WhatsApp Channel can be used through this no other Channels are supported for WhatsApp Developer’s Only API 

Android Phone As Gateway WhatsApp Web Automation WhatsApp Official API 
$19 per month
$199 per year 
No Setup charges
$29 per month
$299 per year
No Setup charges
$89 per month 
$89 One Time Setup Charges
$899 per year no setup charges
Unlimited Messaging 

No Subscriber Limits

3 Days Message history

No Extra Charges

Limited Email Support & No Updates

Unlimited Messages

No Subscriber Limits

3 Days Message history

No Extra Charges 

24 x 7 Email Support

Unlimited Session Messages

No Subscriber Limits

5 TPS (Throughput Per Second)

Template Message Charges Extra 

3 Days Message history

$70 for 10 Additional TPS

$49 One Time for Green Tick Application

24 x 7 Email Support

WhatsApp Official Existing customers who are already onboarded will not able to migrate the plan however they can create another number to get the above plan

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