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WhatsApp Ecommerce Chatbot

Fully Automated WhatsApp Store 

Simply Accept & Ship your orders our bot will take care rest

Why WhatsApp Shopping?

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps with more than 1.5 Billion Active Users in 200+ countries, people are more active in messaging channels compared to any other channels or social media. 

It’s Super Easy & Convenience for Users 
No App Downloads, No Online Stores Simply WhatsApp to Place Orders

Less Manpower & No More Manual Sorting
You don’t need any manpower to sort the orders or take orders through chatting, all orders will come directly into your Dashboard, just Accept & Ship it, our bot will do the rest magic for you.

How It Works ?

Getting Start Users can simply type a message to the WhatsApp Number like “Shop” (you can configure with your own) to start shopping through your WhatsApp Store

The bot will reply with a pre-defined message set by you like as below;

Hello Daniel

Welcome to {{store_name}} 🙏

1 -> to Start Shopping 
2 -> to Get Latest Price List / Menu
3 -> to know Delivery Slots
4 -> to Get Contact Details

For start shopping simply type 1 and reply

Add to Cart
The user can simply type the product name and the quantity they need in the format you specified like below ; (you can configure this format) 

Onion , 1 Kg 

The bot will add 1KG of Onion into the cart and it gives a reply back message as below

1Kg of Onion ($1.20) is added into the Cart

Total 2 , Total Amount $2.34

Product Search
If a user wants to know the price before they order they can simply send the product name like Onion 

The bot will reply with the product name, description, price, availability, variants, etc 

User can continue the shopping or view the cart or check-out by entering the keywords defined by you like for check-out type 
Product Variants
A product with more variants like color, size can be added into the cart by asking multiple questions as below;

Please select the color of the product 
1 – Blue
2 – Red

Please select memory of the product
1 -32 GB
2 -64 GB
Shopping CartAll products added by the users will be saved into their cart and by sending the keyword of the cart, user can get their items in the shopping cart like 


Here is your Cart 🛒
1) Carrorr, 2 Kg = $1.10
2) Onion,3 Kg = $2.20

Total Items: 2
Total Amount: $3.4

Type & Send 1 to Checkout or Continue Shopping by adding more products into your cart
Remove CartUser can send specified keyword to remove the items from the carts 
CheckoutWhen the user is done with shopping can send the keyword to checkout and the user will reply with the options set by you for checkout 

Please Select Payment Mode 
-> Cash On Delivery
2-> Payment Gateway
Payment Based on the user selection the bot will give the further option to user like if Cash on Delivery is selected bot will next ask for the address (if not saved) 
AddressIf Address is already saved then the bot will prompt the all saved address 

Please select which address to ship your order
-> Address Office
2 -> Address Home
3 -> Add New Address
Payment Gateway
If the user is opt for payment gateway then the bot will generate a payment link as per the total cart amount.
The link will send as WhatsApp message and user can simply click and make the payment when the user is made the payment they will redirect automatically back to WhatsApp with Sucess Message 
Track OrderEvery order will generate a unique order id and the user can track the status of the order by sending the order id
In case no multiple orders are present user can simply send the order keyword like “Track” to track the last order status 
Cancel OrderUser can simply send the cancel keyword to cancel an order, the order will get canceled only as per the configuration set by the admin. 


Powered by all the necessary features to grow and sell your business through WhatsApp, 

Product Management 

An easy to use online portal for managing your products, categories, brands, inventories

  1. Add Products with Image
  2. MRP Price & Discounted Price 
  3. Product Description
  4. SKU for avoiding duplicate products
  5. Weight and Measurements 
  6. Product Variants like Size, Color
  7. Stock Availability with Auto Tracking & Low Stock Alerts
  8. Create Categories & Sub Categories helps to shop by category wise
  9. Create Brand to map with a product helps to shop by brand names
  10. Import product details from Excel / CSV Sheets

Bot Training 

Bot Training is the heart of the WhatsApp Store where you can customize how the bot should respond, define bot logics, keywords, customize outgoing replies and languages and much

  1. Define Welcome Message & Flows
  2. Option to Set Cart Settings, Keywords, Search Result Options 
  3. Payment Gateway Settings
  4. Track & Cancel Order Settings
  5. Locale like Currency, Timezone, Store Details can be configured 
  6. Outgoing Message Templates can be created for various events like when a new order is received when order is canceled when a new payment is collected or any other alert/notification messages
  7. Automation like Abandon Cart Reminder after x minutes, no reply reminder after x minutes, auto message intimation to delivery agents on order status change etc 

Order Management

Manage your orders with a simplified dashboard powered by card design and multi-tasking, quick look all orders, drag & drop order to change its status, get a 360-degree view of all orders, truly multi-tasking capability for one-man shows.

  1. Super Easy Dashboard to Manage Orders
  2. Get 360 Degree View of Orders
  3. Simply Drag & Drop to change the order status from Accepted -> Shipped etc
  4. Take an Order through phone or counter quickly without Leaving the dashboard
  5. Know the total Order Count, Sales etc in just a single dashboard
  6. Get Customer Chat History with the ability to LIVE Chat

Live Chat

Sometimes you or customers need to clarify a few details about the order or product or want to provide live human assistance to place an order using our live chat feature you can simply chat and create an order for the customer.

  1. Multiple Agents to assist customers
  2. Create New Orders within Live Chat
  3. Create Payment LInk within Live Chat
  4. Monitor and take over chat anytime for live human assistance


Understand how your WhatsApp store is performing, generate various reports to plan your business more effectively

  1. Product Wise Sales Report
  2. Category & Brand Wise Sales Reports
  3. Recurring Vs New Customers Report
  4. Payment Mode Reports
  5. Reports between 2 dates to know the trends

Payment Gateway Integration

By default, the bot is configured with Cash On Delivery Mode and following payment gateway is available to integration

  1. Paypal Globally
  2. Razorpay (India)
  3. Google /Phone Pay or any UPI Payments (India)

We also integrate any payment gateway having API’s in 3-4 working days at a small one time charge

Getting Start With Your WhatsApp Store

You need a bit more patience to get started, our engineers are in full throttle to make this crafted for you, we are expecting to Go Beta by end of August 2020. Please fill the below form to get early beta access