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Whitelabel Partner Program – Upcoming Feature

Over the last 2 years, we have been powering 1000+ customers from 23+ countries around the globe. We strongly believe that with our unique products and customer success stories should reach each and every corner of the world wherever there is a gap between customers and businesses. Keeping the price fair without comprising the technology, features, and reliability of the services.

And in July 2020 we have taken a bold step to revamp our entire product offerings into a fully whitelabel platform which helps millions of agencies, entrepreneurs, technology companies around the world to rebrand Picky Assist to their name and sell globally without owing any infrastructure or worrying about technology or maintenances.

In simple just own a product like Picky Assist in your brand name which can sell across the world without worrying about technology, connectivity, and maintenances.


  • Works with your domain or subdomain
  • Upload your logo , change color theme, change language (google translate)
  • Whitelabel Unbranded Bridge App for phone automation
  • Create your own billing plans
  • Manage all your customers, Add Credits, Offer Support through the Super Admin Panel.
  • Create Sub Users to manage your business like Sales, Support & Billing users
  • Customer Support Portal (Ticketing System)
  • Configure your local currency (base currency is USD)
  • A Wide range of products integrated into a single platform and new features or services get releases almost every month.

Infinite Level (N Level) System Architecture for automated income

World’s first and only Whitelabel platform using N Level System architecture which allows you to create a reseller/partner and further they able to create another reseller/partner and goes infinite, this will multiply your income or we can say automated income even if you are not working full time, just onboard few partners or resellers who can work hard, set your margin, give some initial training then sit back and earn smartly.

You Decide the Earnings

We will provide all our services at a discounted price to you (10 to 50%), you can set your selling price and book profit as much as you want, that means you decide your income.

No Technical Knowledge or Coding Skills Needed

You don’t to be a technical person or developer to start this business, we have taken care of all the technical challenges and maintenance, you just need to find needy customers and provide the required support to use the services.

Future Proof Solution & Technology

Technology gets outdated very fastly but don’t worry we always keep our product and services above the industry standard by using cutting edge new and innovative technologies and timely upgrades in order to ensure no gaps gets created with other or similar products in the market which ensure all our services are fully future proof.

Wide Range of Services in a Single Platform

Phone Automation Using Android Phone as Gateway to Automate WhatsApp, SMS & CallsLive
WhatsApp Official SolutionHighly Scalable & Reliable WhatsApp Official SolutionLive
WhatsApp Shared NumberCost-Effective yet Scalable WhatsApp Solution Live
Facebook Messenger Automate messages from a facebook page using Live Chat, Smart Replies Live
Smart Replies AI Powered answer bot to automate repeated questions and customer support. Strive to improve like DialogflowLive
Broadcaster Send personalised messages in a click with customer segmentation Live
Drip Campaign Convert Prospects to Customers by engaging customers through a series of automated messages.Live
Basic CRMManage the Subscribers effectively with our basic Social CRM features like Create Tickets, Add Notes , Custom fields etcLive
Multi Agent Live ChatOmni Channel Multi Agent Live Chat with Integration to Phone Automation , WhatsApp Official , WhatsApp Shared , Facebook Messenger. Similar or maybe better than Live ChatDevelopment in Progress (Expected to launch by September 2020)
Flow Builder Build conversation flows (Chatbots) without a single line of code, just drag and drop to build complex flows with tons of unique features. Better than Chatfuel & Manychats Development in Progress (Expected to launch by December 2020)
Audio , Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing Audio , Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing integration into Live Chat module for seamless communications without any apps or plugins. Better than Twak.to Paid AdonPlanned and expects to launch by Feb 2021
WhatsStore An e-commerce platform for small and medium business to run their business through WhatsApp & Facebook without involving huge costs and worrying about technology and maintenance. Dream to be better than ShopifyDevelopment in Progress (Expected to launch by Nov 2020)
Advanced CRM A fully featured CRM system for managing the customers effectively, store contact, add tasks, reminders, automation, follow up and much more, Similar or maybe better than Zoho & Hubspot Planned and expects to launch by March 2021
Cloud SMS & Voice Integration Highly Scalable Cloud SMS & Voice Integration for high messaging volumes and calls. An attempt to scale like TwilloPlanned and expects to launch by June 2021

Excited to start your next successful entrepreneur journey?

Let’s together welcome the upcoming new year 2021 with the most exciting and rewarding business journey. We have doubled our engineering team size and in full throttle to build a better, cost-effective and automated communication tools for the universe. Stay tuned till January 2021 …..

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