FAQs: Billing

No, as of now we accept only paypal as payment option we are planning to add more payments options in future.
No as of now we don’t charge any extra amount for paying through paypal
NO, as of now we don’t collect any kind of taxes but we may start collecting in future depends on each country taxation rules.
Yes, Create a Free Account to get 30 days free trial with $2 Credit https://pickyassist.com
NO, we are allowing our customers to test the service by giving $2.00 Credit so there is no refund.
NO, Unlimited plans allows you to send and receive unlimited messages across any channels and access to all features. Please note sms, call and data charges are applicable as by your telecom provider.
Each message is considered as one count and both outgoing as well as incoming are counted. There is no character limit or count. Suppose if you have received 10 incoming message and you send 5 outgoing messages then total bill count would be 15 messages.
API Access is available only in Pay As You Go & Unlimited plans we highly recommend you to subscribe Unlimited Plan
Our subscription and license is issued against the mobile device.So you can activate another number and continue using the service in the same mobile phone.
NO, you don’t need to have a credit card to start the service we support all payment options supported by Paypal.
Yes, its possible to switch but existing plans benefits will not carry forward to new plan , we also dont adjust the amount on pro-rated basis
NO, you can cancel the subscription or close the account any time but any unused credit or benefits in your account cant be transferred to other accounts also you will not get any refunds for the unused credit in your account.
Currently we accept payments only in USD however we have a partner who accepts INR also. If you are from India you can able to pay in INR using Credit/Debit/Net Banking options however the credit will be added in USD only.
If you have not renewed your subscription on time then we will degrade your plan automatically to Pay As you Go and if you have enough credit in your account then you will able to receive and send messages else you will not able to send and receive messages.
If your credit got exhausted and you don’t have any active subscription then you will not able to receive or send messages.

FAQs: General

No, as of now this option is not available however you can see all messages from your messaging app or picky assist inbox.
Yes, you can send and receive Unicode messages. Developers are requested to use POST method.
Yes, you can send and receive all smiles and emjois, developers are requested to use POST method.
When a new message receives in your phone from any of the messaging app we will push Mobile Number or (Contact name), Application, Message Type , Message Contents to the URL Configured by you in the picky assist console. (Server to Server call)
Yes, our android app need to be installed in the mobile phone where the message automation is required. Download the Picky Assist App from this link https://pickyassist.com/support/picky-assist-app-version-releases/
NO, we have strict privacy policy and data protection in place, all your data is stored in encrypted format. Visit https://pickyassist.com/support/privacy
No, we don’t have any official alliance with whatsapp or any other messaging applications. The product is developed independently from the scratch.
Concurrent message handling is purely depends on the specs of the mobile phone where picky assist app is running, how fast your phone can process the message accordingly concurrent message handling speed also increase. This article gives you a fair idea  https://pickyassist.com/support/whatsapp-official-business-api-vs-picky-assist/
Well, its works similar to how Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa works , google assistant helps you to call a contact , send an SMS, post a message to facebook and much more. Picky Assist also uses the similar technologies to automate all OTT messaging app.
We will push the application details to your server through webhooks, you can get application details from the variable “application” you can also find the details from the Picky Assist Console – Inbox

Developers please note the below value of “application” variable

Whatsapp Personal = 1
Whatsapp Business = 2

i.e in the webhooks you will get application=1 for whatsapp personal and application=2 for whatsapp business
YES, using our broadcast feature you can send text, images, videos , audios and documents with the help of webhooks you can receive messages in your server.
Yes, our servers makes use of cloud technology so you will not face any issues in terms of scalability but there could be a limitation of the mobile phone where the actual messages are receiving and sending, if you are getting huge number of incoming messages which your phone cant handle then it may delay sending or receiving messages.
YES, there are many ways to do this, majority of the messaging app support it through programmatically without the user saving your mobile number to their phone or searching for your page in messenger.
Whatsapp : Please read the details https://faq.whatsapp.com/en/android/26000030/
Messenger : https://www.messenger.com/t/<your page name or page id>
Yes, it works perfectly everywhere in the world.
Even though the servers are based in US but considering the large market and high potential users we have kept GMT +5.30 as our default time zone however we will show the time in your time zone as selected by you.
NO, we don’t hack anything, we are accessing the data through the app installed in the user’s phone with their full consent, so there is no privacy or security breach in it. You can browser our privacy policy for more details https://pickyassist.com/support/privacy
This is the common parameter set by all messaging apps in order to prevent spam. i.e the conversation must be initiated by the sender and you can only reply to the sender, however if you wish to initiate the conversation you can use our broadcast feature for Whatsapp. We highly recommend to send messages only to the known contacts of you or your company to avoid blockage of your whatsapp number.
Yes, picky assist works with group chats, for whatsapp group you will get mobile number as Group Name @ Sender Mobile Number / Name i.e <group name>@<sender mobile/ name> Mobile number will replace with name if the contact is already saved in phone contact. Please note you cant send / broadcast messages to groups , you can only receive messages from groups and able to give replies to the incoming message i.e for each incoming message a reply can be given to the group.
NO, there is no chance for getting your number blocked if you give reply only when someone messages you , but if you violate there terms of services , whatsapp blocks the number based on the below scenarios
  1. You are sending spam messages
  2. Your contacts are not engaging with your messages (not replying back)
  3. There is no 2 way communication with your contacts (Single side conversation)
  4. High Spam report by your contacts
  5. If new contacts exceeds 100 nos (average) in a week (sending messages to new contacts everytime)
  6. Sending too many messages in a very short span
  7. Changing mobile device frequently
  8. Login attempt from modded whatsapp versions like GBwhatsapp, Whatsapp + etc
  9. Login attempt from Virtual Devices / Blacklisted Devices
  10. Suspicious location change (if 1 hour ago login was from China and current login is from US)
We recommend to use whatsapp business as the blocking algorithm is slightly different in business application.

FAQs: Mobile App

It depends on your usage, if you have huge incoming and outgoing messages then we highly recommend to use the mobile phone exclusive for the automation for getting the best results.
NO, we don’t store any data in the picky assist mobile app or mobile phones however your messaging app may stores the data in your phone.
Our app is compatible from Android 5.0.0 (Lollipop)
NO, our license is based on per mobile device so once a license key is activated against a mobile phone its not possible to change it.
NO, as of now picky assist app don’t work with any cloned app.
In this situation you can email your license key to support@pickyassist.com and we allow you to activate the license key in your new phone. $15 is applicable to change the device/ reissue license.
This could be because of the app incompatible issue with you android version, request you to please report the issue to support@pickyassist.com with your license key, android version, mobile phone make and model, we will fix the issue and provide you with an updated app.
When the messaging app is opened by you in the phone further picky assist robot wont able to take control of the messaging app that’s why it stop sending and receiving messages.
Yes, Picky assist works with whatsapp personal and business under same license. Please note picky assist license is based on each mobile device not based on messaging app.
Yes, you have full control with you, you can turn off the access any time from the Picky Assist app against the corresponding messaging app. You can browser our privacy policy for more details https://pickyassist.com/support/privacy
No, it’s a very lightweight application (1 MB), which doesn’t required any special permissions.
Yes, currently it will work only for Android phones, we are researching for the iphone and will inform when we get a break through.
Yes, you can install all official updates , after installing the updates if you face any issues then please email to support@pickyassist.com
In order to configure the client mobile app with picky assist servers you need to get a license key. You can get license key from the picky assist console after creating a project.
You need to give only notification access permission and for licensing purpose we read some basic details about the phone.
You can attend phone calls without any issues but make sure that your internet connection is active during the call. We highly recommend to connect to a wifi whenever possible.
If you change your whatsapp number still picky assist works with your new whatsapp number without any additional settings or configurations. Developers need to take care the action set in case of any number changes as we are not verifying or authenticating any whatsapp numbers used in the project, our funcationly is to just push all th
Picky assist is not based on the SIM Card or Mobile Number so Picky Assist will continue to work based on the apps installed in your mobile devices. That means picky assist will automate whatsapp irrespective of the number configured with the whatsapp.
We will not catch Voice / Video calls logs, so you will not get any intimation, your phone will keep ringing for all voice and video calls as usual. We are developing a feature to auto reject the calls and push the information to you.
Picky Assist mobile application is the core module of the project which act as a middleware between your application and different messages application installed in your mobile phone. Picky assist mobile application is seamlessly connected with picky assist cloud servers to automate the messaging services, i.e whenever a new message received in your mobile application picky assist mobile app push the details to your server and reply will be posted back to the corresponding messaging app. Without installing the picky assist app its not possible to automate the messaging services. You can download picky assist mobile app from this link  https://pickyassist.com/support/picky-assist-app-version-releases/ You can also read how to configure picky assist mobile app with the picky assist servers https://pickyassist.com/support/configuring-picky-assist-mobile-application/
Phone screen will turn on only if you are using broadcast service to send messages , for receiving and giving instant reply through webhooks your screen wont turn on. Please note to use broadcast feature your phone must be properly configured as mentioned in this article http://pickyassist.com/support/configuring-picky-assist-mobile-application/

FAQs: Webhooks/API

You can configure webhook from the picky assist console, Login to Picky Assist Console – Click on Dashboard -> Click the “View More” Details in the Project -> Navigate to Global Handler -> Select Web Hooks (from drop down) and in the text box configure your URL.
Go to Settings -> API Tokens and generate API token, API access only available to Pay As You Plan & Unlimited Plan
You can extract application details from the variable “application” in the Webhooks, to configure webhooks Go to Settings -> Webhook Whatsapp Personal = 1 Whatsapp Business = 2 SMS = 3 Missed Call = 4
Yes, you can pass delay in seconds through “delay” variable along with the message, maximum supported delay is 3600 seconds.
Yes , we will push the type in the variable “type” you can also get the message type from the Inbox of picky assist console.
Picky assist use POST method.
If the incoming number details are already saved in the mobile phone contacts then picky assist will push the name instead of mobile number.