Getting Start Guide

July 21, 2019

What is Intents in Smart Replies ?

Intents (beta) Available only for beta testers  Intent helps Smart Replies to identify the topic which your users are asking , add keywords which are most relevant to the specific topic in which questions are related in a category , dont add questions as intents. Now let’s see how intent works ? Do you have

June 6, 2019

Adding Widget Into WordPress

Adding Widget Into WordPress In this guide we will show how can add Picky Assist Chat Widget into a WordPress site in less than 5 minute. Watch Video Login into your WordPress Admin Account From the sidebar menu locate “Appearance” menu and click on it and from sub menu select “Editor” Editor may prompt for

May 29, 2019

Step By Step Getting Start Guide

Step By Step Getting Start Guide This guide will help you to get started with picky assist services , before getting start you must install and configure the picky assist bridge mobile app correctly in your mobile phone where the whatsapp, sms and call automation is required. You can refer following links , if you

May 28, 2019

Getting Start Guide Widget

What Is Widget ? Widget helps to integrate Smart Replies directly into Webpages / WordPress so that website visitors ables to get their queries answered 24 x 7 through Smart Replies. You can also connect with your customer through Click 2 Call , WhatsApp  & SMS. Widgets are powered with Smart Replies so Smart Replies

May 8, 2019

Social CRM Getting Start Guide

What is Social CRM? Social CRM offers you a true unified communication experience by integrating WhatsApp, SMS & Calls into a single inbox view enabling you to manage the business conversation across any channels. Social CRM is loaded with all the basic functionality required for a business to run manage customers effectively, below are the features

May 6, 2019

Getting Start Guide Tickets in Social CRM

What is Tickets / Task in Social CRM? Tickets / Task helps you to solve your customers issues / followup in a very organised way. Customers can raise concerns through WhatsApp / SMS / Call or any other channels. Agents can easily create tickets / tasks with different priority  level, due date, against each customer.

May 5, 2019

Getting Start Guide Notes in Social CRM

What is Notes in Social CRM Notes helps to take quick notes while chatting / during a call with a subscriber. You can take notes about a customer problems / requirements or any thing and save against each subscriber.  Possible to Attach Media Files Creating Note Note can be created only against a subscriber so

May 5, 2019

Getting Start Guide Tags in Social CRM

What is Tags in Social CRM Tags are similar to categories where you can tag a subscriber  with temporary status which are likely to change  like New Leads, Potential Lead, Not Interested, Contacted  etc. Using the tag value you can further segment subscribers and send messages from the broadcaster. Creating Tags To add Tags Go

May 5, 2019

Getting Start Guide Attributes in Social CRM

What is Attributes in Social CRM ? Attributes are custom data fields where you can save any information of your customers. For example Gender , Country , Date of Birth, Age, Address, Email , Website , Title or any informations which are related to your customers. Attributes are very powerful tool in the Social CRM. You

May 5, 2019

Creating Categories & Sub Categories in Social CRM

Creating Categories & Sub Categories Categories are useful to segment customers as per the business needs, using the broadcaster tool you can send customised messages to the subscribers in a specified category / sub category. Tags & Categories can be  used together for better customer segmentation and management.  Creating New Category To add Category Go

May 4, 2019

Telephony Call Conference Click 2 Call Getting Start Guide

What is Call Conference & Click 2 Call? Call conference service allows to make call conference with upto 5 numbers using your existing SIM Card & mobile phone , your Android phone will act as a gateway to facilitate the call conference service through picky assist bridge mobile app. Click 2 Call allows to connect

May 3, 2019

Sequence Automation Getting Start Guide

What is Sequence Automation ? Sequence Automation helps to automatically send series of messages to subscribers. i.e Picky Assist can automatically followup customers who made enquiry about any of your product or services. Let’s explain with an example , a car dealership got a sales enquiry through WhatsApp and obviously they need to followup with the

New Features

July 10, 2019

Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features In this section we will list all the upcoming new features which are suggested by our valuable customers as well as our research team , if you would like to prioritise development of any features then please keep in touch through email ( or using Live Chat in our website. Please note certain

January 23, 2019

New Feature Updates 23-01-2019

We are happy to announce new features updates in Picky Assist platform Call Conference / Click 2 Call service is moved from Alpha to Beta All bugs reported in the alpha version has been fixed and new version update is available from Picky Assist Bridge App 4.0 onwards , Click here to download the latest

December 21, 2018

Introducing Telephony Services Call Conference & Click2Call

Introducing Telephony Services Call Conference & Click2Call We are happy to release the alpha version of Call Conference/Click2Call services under Telephony Section in our Web Console. With call conference service you can easily make call conference with upto 5 numbers using your phone , your phone will act as a gateway to facilitate the call

October 24, 2018

Introducing Picky Assist Mobile App Version 3.7

Introducing Picky Assist Mobile App Version 3.7 We are happy to introduce the new beta version of Picky Assist Android Bridge App 3.7 with many new features and improvements as below; Integrated SMS & Missed Call Automation – More Details Remote Device Management from Web Console – More Details WhatsApp Contact Sync Method Optimised for

October 23, 2018

Introducing Remote Message Queue Management

Introducing Remote Message Queue Management From picky assist mobile app version 3.7 onwards you can stop, resume and delete messages queue in your phone right from the picky assist web console. Go to Settings -> Devices (Tab) This feature is useful if you accidentally broadcast messages or want to use the mobile phone  temporary  for

October 12, 2018

Introducing Remote Device Management

Introducing Remote Device Management Now you can view and manage the picky assist mobile app remotely using our web console  for unattended devices, you can get following informations from Settings -> Device On clicking the sync (refresh) icon you can fetch the current status of your phone Battery Percentage : Percentage of battery remaining Charging

October 11, 2018

Introducing SMS & Missed Call Automation 

Introducing SMS & Missed Call Automation We are happy to launch the Alpha Version of SMS & Missed Call Automation , now using Picky Assist you can send & receive SMS , Reject Incoming Calls after x seconds and get all the details into your Server or Picky Assist Console. Now customers who dont have

October 10, 2018

Introducing Media File Sharing in Smart Replies

Introducing Media File Sharing in Smart Replies Now you can give reply with media files using smart replies , you can simply attach the media file against your reply and same will be send to the customer. Please note there will be some delay to send media files – it wont be fast as sending

September 17, 2018

Introducing Smart Replies & Broadcaster

Introducing Smart Replies & Broadcaster After many months of extensive research and development we are very much excited to launch the closed beta version of the much awaited two features of Picky Assist Broadcast API & Platform Send single, bulk and dynamic whatsapp messages right from your application / server using our JSON API’s or


June 27, 2019

Picky Assist WhatsApp Automation Limitations & Disclaimer

Picky Assist WhatsApp Automation Limitations & Disclaimer Picky Assist WhatsApp Automation tool is one the most stable, reliable and affordable WhatsApp automation tool available in the globe with more than 200+ developers and 1000+companies across the world make use of this tool for automating various tasks on WhatsApp. This project is not only able to

October 10, 2018

Most Frequent Troubleshooting FAQ – API Token / Webhook

Most Frequent Troubleshooting FAQ – API Token / Webhook In this article we will show the most frequent asked troubleshooting questions and its solutions Useful Links Webhook Location -> Settings -> Webhook -> Configure URL API Token Location -> Settings -> API Tokens API Documentation : API Test URL : Configuring Webhooks : JSON

Use Cases

July 28, 2018

Chatbot Usecase for Laundry Business

Chatbot Use Case for Laundry Business 2 months ago we had delivered a WhatsApp and Messenger chatbot for a Laundry having 128 outlets and today we are happy to share the usecase on how our customer saves $19,320 a year with 20% increase in sales and 30% increase in customer satisfaction all with a 50%

June 29, 2018

Chatbot Use Case in Education Industry

Chatbot Use Case in Education Industry Last week one of our customer approaches from a middle east country and demanded a chatbot for publishing their college annual result and conduct frequent evaluations tests through Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp. We have delivered the solution to our client considering the client privacy we could not disclose the

June 29, 2018

Gadget Search Chatbot with Google Sheets

Gadget & Home Appliance Chatbot integrated with Google Sheets This is a demo WhatsApp and Facebook messenger chatbot integrated with Google sheets This chatbot help customers to check price and offers for mobile phones, laptop and Home appliances This chatbots also provides features and technical specifications about a specific product, we have implemented Artificial Intelligence

June 13, 2018

Chatbot Use Case in Hospitality Industry

Chatbot Use Case in Hospitality Industry This article explains different use cases of chatbot in the hospitality industry; A Well trained chatbot can replace human agents to provide 24 x 7 assistance over any messaging application like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Personal & Business, Skype, Telegraph etc , Customers don’t need to install any 3rd party

June 12, 2018

Demo Chatbot Made with Picky Assist for Automobile Industry

Demo Chatbot Made with Picky Assist for Automobile Industry This is a demo chat bot made with Picky Assist API’s for automobile industries this chatbot can provide basic informations about a car model, capture customer email address, capture whether the customer required finance or not , schedule a test drive etc   Following are the

June 12, 2018

Integrating Picky Assist with Google Sheet – Exam Result Publishing LIVE Demo

Integrating Picky Assist with Google Sheet – Exam Result Publishing LIVE Demo In this use case we will demonstrate how to fetch data from a Google sheet and provides dynamic reply to the Sender and store the conversation details into the same google spreadsheet. To make this demonstration more practical we can say that the

May 28, 2018

Signup User Verification Forget Password Newsletter Subscriptions through Picky Assist Using Whatsapp

Lets discuss how picky assist can helps a developer to build Signup , User Verification, Forget Password, Newsletter, Subscriptions through Whatsapp easily; Signup  Avoid lengthly forms and get more signups , tell your customers to simply send a message to your whatsapp number  as below SIGNUP <space> Name <space> Email <space> Password <space>Country If you