Getting Start Guide

August 7, 2018

Official WhatsApp Business API  – A Quick Overview of API & How it Works

Official WhatsApp Business API - A Quick Overview of API & How it Works After the massive acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion now its time to show their stakeholders how facebook going to make money using Whatsapp Business Solutions. Few months back WhatsApp had launched a separate application called WhatsApp business in few countries

June 9, 2018

Sample Parrot Chat Bot in Core PHP

Sample Parrot Chat Bot Source Code & Example in Core PHP Below is a sample parrot chat bot source code written in Core PHP , it do the following actions when receiving a messages from a whatsapp number Extract the messages from the webhook. Construct a reply with current date and message then sends back

June 8, 2018

Sample Parrot Bot using Node.js with an Express server

Sample Parrot Bot using Node.js with an Express server Here it goes the example of how to implement a very simple “parrot” bot (that replies exactly what has been said to it) using Node.js with an Express server: The below sample code is shared by one of the picky assist customer based in Chile. We are

May 28, 2018

Using Whatsapp Officially API / Intent to Construct A Message

Using Whatsapp Officially API / Intent to Construct A Message with predefined Number & Message Whatsapp having a very basic official API / Intent for developers to integrate with their Website or Mobile Application in order to avoid typing the message or selecting the contact manually for whatsapp users. How it Works Whenever you want

May 28, 2018

Whatsapp Business API for Sending & Receiving Messages

We have been seeing many developers are actively searching for an API for WhatsApp especially those who are engaged in creating chat bots and other interactive application for their clients or companies but unfortunately  WhatsApp officially dont have an API for developers, they want to keep their messaging platform spam and cluttered free, however after

May 23, 2018

Picky Assist Sample Code for Sending & Receiving Messages 

Picky Assist Sample Code in Different Programming Languages for reference Below are the sample code for different programming languages for developers reference , please note we highly recommend to use POST method to extract data from the webhook, if you want to reply to the incoming messages then you must give reply in JSON format.

May 22, 2018

Creating a Project & Getting Licensing Key

Creating a Project Lets explore how to Create a Project and get license key. Login to Picky Assist Console – Dashboard -> Create New Project Step 1 Give a Project Name & Whatsapp number for your reference Step 2 Choose a Plan Which Suits your requirements and make payment via Paypal Step 3 After payment

May 22, 2018

Configuring Webhooks

Configuring Webhooks Lets learn how to configure Webhooks with Picky Assist Console in order to send & recevie messages from your server / application. Login into your Picky Assist Console ,Dashboard -> Click on Dashboard -> Click the “View More” Details in the Project  Navigate to Global Handler -> Select Web Hooks (from drop down) and

May 22, 2018

Configuring Picky Assist Mobile Application

Configuring Picky Assist Mobile Application Picky Assist mobile application is the core module of the project which act as a middleware between your application and different messages application installed in your mobile phone. Picky assist mobile application is seamlessly connected with picky assist cloud servers to automate the messaging services, i.e whenever a new message

Use Cases

July 28, 2018

Chatbot Usecase for Laundry Business

Chatbot Use Case for Laundry Business 2 months ago we had delivered a WhatsApp and Messenger chatbot for a Laundry having 128 outlets and today we are happy to share the usecase on how our customer saves $19,320 a year with 20% increase in sales and 30% increase in customer satisfaction all with a 50%

June 29, 2018

Chatbot Use Case in Education Industry

Chatbot Use Case in Education Industry Last week one of our customer approaches from a middle east country and demanded a chatbot for publishing their college annual result and conduct frequent evaluations tests through Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp. We have delivered the solution to our client considering the client privacy we could not disclose the

June 29, 2018

Gadget Search Chatbot with Google Sheets

Gadget & Home Appliance Chatbot integrated with Google Sheets This is a demo WhatsApp and Facebook messenger chatbot integrated with Google sheets This chatbot help customers to check price and offers for mobile phones, laptop and Home appliances This chatbots also provides features and technical specifications about a specific product, we have implemented Artificial Intelligence

June 13, 2018

Chatbot Use Case in Hospitality Industry

Chatbot Use Case in Hospitality Industry This article explains different use cases of chatbot in the hospitality industry; A Well trained chatbot can replace human agents to provide 24 x 7 assistance over any messaging application like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Personal & Business, Skype, Telegraph etc , Customers don’t need to install any 3rd party

June 12, 2018

Demo Chatbot Made with Picky Assist for Automobile Industry

Demo Chatbot Made with Picky Assist for Automobile Industry This is a demo chat bot made with Picky Assist API’s for automobile industries this chatbot can provide basic informations about a car model, capture customer email address, capture whether the customer required finance or not , schedule a test drive etc To get started with

June 12, 2018

Integrating Picky Assist with Google Sheet – Exam Result Publishing LIVE Demo

Integrating Picky Assist with Google Sheet – Exam Result Publishing LIVE Demo In this use case we will demonstrate how to fetch data from a Google sheet and provides dynamic reply to the Sender and store the conversation details into the same google spreadsheet. To make this demonstration more practical we can say that the

May 28, 2018

Signup User Verification Forget Password Newsletter Subscriptions through Picky Assist Using Whatsapp

Lets discuss how picky assist can helps a developer to build Signup , User Verification, Forget Password, Newsletter, Subscriptions through Whatsapp easily; Signup  Avoid lengthly forms and get more signups , tell your customers to simply send a message to your whatsapp number  as below SIGNUP <space> Name <space> Email <space> Password <space>Country If you