Chatbot Use Case in Education Industry

Chatbot Use Case in Education Industry

Last week one of our customer approaches from a middle east country and demanded a chatbot for publishing their college annual result and conduct frequent evaluations tests through Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp.

We have delivered the solution to our client considering the client privacy we could not disclose the entire use case here , but chatbots can be effectively used for education industry and can accomplishing below task easily without a human intervention ;

Lead Generation & Marketing
Generating leads for new admissions you can deploy chatbots to handle the leads generated from different social media’s, you can provide details about the school like result, testimonials , history, advantages etc

Screening Students
If schools have a screen test before the admission then chatbot can do the screening process without installing any 3rd party applications.

Sending Important Alerts
Schools can send important alerts to the parents or students using bulk broadcaster.

Fetching Syllabus
Students can easily search the updated syllabus through chatbot they can download it into their mobile phone without spending much time on the school website

Paying fees
Students are their parents can pay the fees by just interacting with the chatbot chatbot will Fetch the payable amount and ucl link to make the payment.

Holiday Alerts
Holidays announcement can be broadcasted to all students and parents, Parents cancel also download the holiday calendar

Attendance Status
Parents can check the attendance status of their children’s by sending the request to the chatbot

Conduct Voting / Polling
Want to understand and trend of the recent recently implement policy then conduct a voting or polling among the students or parents through chatbots

Suggestions and Feedbacks
Parents and students can send their feedback to the school or university from any of their messaging platforms.

Conducting Quiz & Games
Quiz & Games can be effectively conducted using chatbot in a very interactive way.

Conducting Mock Tests
Schools can effectively conduct mock test before the real exam starts

Exam Schedules
You can send or student can fetch the exams schedules including reminders and special instructions using chatbots

Getting Exam Results
Student or parents can get the exam results by just sending their roll number or registration number to the chatbot, a detail mark-sheet also also be send back to the student.


Picky Assist can help you to make custom chatbots based on your requirements which can seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM / ERP / Google Sheet / Excel Sheet etc and works with your existing whatsapp number and facebook page.

See A LIVE DEMO integrated an Exam Result with Google Drive and deployed into whatsapp and facebook messenger chatbots;


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