Configuring Picky Assist Mobile Application

Configuring Picky Assist Mobile Application

Picky Assist mobile application is the core module of the project which act as a middleware between your application and different messages application installed in your mobile phone.

Picky assist mobile application is seamlessly connected with picky assist cloud servers to automate the messaging services, i.e whenever a new message received in your mobile application picky assist mobile app push the details to your server and reply will be posted back to the corresponding messaging app.

Without installing the picky assist bridge app its not possible to automate the messaging services.

If you have not downloaded the picky assist bridge app for android then please download the latest version from this link

Video Tutorial (Android 6.0)

Getting Started

If you are an existing customer then please uninstall the existing version of Picky Assist and install the latest beta version from this link and login to to get your license key, Settings -> Device (Tab)

If you are new customer please visit and create a free account then create a project to get app license key, API token and Webhooks.

Install the Picky Assist Broadcaster App in your Android Phone , download the beta version from this link install the latest beta version from this link  

If you would like to use broadc API then please login through Select project from right side drop down then Go to Settings -> API Tokens and generate API Token.

To capture all incoming messages in your server please configure Webhooks through Select project from right side drop down then Go to Settings -> Webhooks and configure your webhook URL.

Disable Google Play Protect

In the updated Google Play Store , Google scans all apps even installed from outside google play for security threats, we have observed in few devices picky assist app may not  able to install again after uninstalling , if you face this problem then please follow the below steps


Phone & OS Recommendation

Operating System Version : Picky assist is fine tuned for Android 5.0 to 6.0 Versions however we support all OS above Android 5.0 and we highly recommend to avoid Android 7.0, 7.1 Versions and Go Edition.

Phone : Support almost all phones, in certain chinese manufacturers we have observed accessibility access gets deactivated automatically which prevents sending messages sometimes , recommended hardware specs is 1 GB RAM , 500 MB Free Storage. Thoroughly tested with Samsung, Lenovo & Asus Phones. We dont support phones with Android Go Edition OS.

Connectivity & Charging Recommendation

Connectivity : We highly recommend to connect through stable Wifi always and keep Cellular Data as backup. 4G/3G is recommended for best performance.

Charging : Charger should be connected to phone , dont allow battery goes below 40%, Use auto cut off charger or phone to avoid damage to battery/phone. In case battery or phone dont support auto cut off when fully charged we recommend to unplug the charger for few hours and when phone battery drop by 50% plugin again.

Low Brightness : Keep the phone brightness as low as possible , when you are sending message your screen will turn on for few seconds. Dont lock the phone.

Working with Emulators or Virtual Android Devices

If you are an advanced developer and having experience in virtual devices and android emulators then you can run picky assist app without a physical android device, a list of popular emulators can found in this link  in emulator we have observed sometimes notifications are not working properly.

App Permissions

The app required following permission to work smoothly , please ensure all permission are given to the app. You can Check the Status of Permissions from the Picky Assist Mobile App

Notification Access
Please give system notification access to the app when prompted, if any other app having notification access then please revoke the same.

Accessibility Access
Please give Accessibility access to the app when prompted , if any other app having accessibility access then please revoke the same.

Whatsapp Notification Access
Make sure Whatsapp notification is turned on , Go to Phone Settings -> Apps (Application Manager) -> Select WhatsApp  Notifications -> Enable ‘Show Notifications’ or ‘Allow Peeking’

File & Contact Access Permission
This permission is required to store media files in your phone and contact permission required to fetch mobile number of the whatapp user.

Change Phone Settings

You need to ensure your phone is configured to the below configuration

Disable Screen Lock
You need to disable the screen lock or phone lock the phone / screen lock should be “None”, automation will not work if screen / phone is locked.

Language should be English
Your phone and whatsapp language should be English, certain features may not work properly if language is set different than English.

Disable Battery Saver / Optimizer / Doze Mode
You must disable battery optimization or saver if enabled , if your phone feature allows to whitelist app to never restrict battery or background data usage then please whitelist Picky Assist App. Uninstall all 3rd party app related to battery optimization or saver , please whitelist Picky Assist app.

Starting from Android 6.0 , Android introduces two power-saving features that extend battery life for users by managing how apps behave when a device is not connected to a power source. Doze reduces battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps when the device is unused for long periods of time. App Standby defers background network activity for apps with which the user has not recently interacted.

You need to manually disable the Doze mode if your Android version is above 6.0 the option will be in the Settings -> Battery -> Battery Optimization -> Select Picky Assist App and Disable Optimization


Remove App Optimizer/Saver Anti Virus Apps
Uninstall battery/memory optimizing/antivirus/security apps like CleanMaster, CoolerMaster, NetGuard, memory saver, Security etc. on the phone. These apps may cause preventing Picky Assist to automate.

Remove Unwanted Application
We highly recommend to keep only Whatsapp & Picky Assist application in the phone to get the best performance.

Remove Dual or Clone Whatsapp
Please remove all dual or cloned whatsapp application including whatsapp business, currently we support only whatsapp personal and we will be rolling out whatsapp business in our next release.

Basic Troubleshooting

Based on our beta testers feedback we have created the below troubleshooting methods for various situations

Problem Solution
Incoming whatsapp messages are not showing in my web console or not pushing to my webhook Please make sure you have given System Notification Access to Picky Assist App, you can check the same from Picky Assist App -> Check Notification Status -> It will open a new window and make sure permission is granted to Picky Assist AppWhatsApp notification also should be turned off in order to process incoming messages so please ensure whatsapp notification are set to be showed. If you configured webhook please check first whether the incoming messages are showing in your web panel under Messages. If its showing it means incoming messages are fetching from the device and you will have to troubleshoot your webhook URL.
When i trigger the API call / send message from broadcaster i see no action in the phone / whatsapp Check whether the screen / phone is not locked Check whether notification access is given to the Picky Assist AppCheck whether internet connection is active in your phone.If all the above 3 points are checked and still not working then please “Reset the App” Open Picky Assist App -> Click Reset the App in the dashboard.If the above step dont solve the issue then please uninstall and install the app once again.If none of the above steps does not work then please try to install the app in  another mobile device and send an email to  
While sending text message it open the whatsapp and pre-fill the text against the correct contact but not sending to the contacts Go to Picky Assist Mobile App -> Click on “Check Accessibility Status” , it will take you into a new window then make sure the Accessibility permission is granted to the Picky Assist App, if its already showing as turned on , then turn off and turn on it again.
While sending media it open the whatsapp and stuck with a popup Share with <number> and not processing the messages Go to Picky Assist Mobile App -> Click on “Check Accessibility Status” , it will take you into a new window then make sure the Accessibility permission is granted to the Picky Assist App, if its already showing as turned on , then turn off and turn on it again.
When i trigger the API the phone showing 2 whatsapp apps and prompt me to select one and get stuck Please uninstall all whatsapp other than whatsapp personal and business
If i pass an invalid whatsapp contact the whatsapp get stuck for a while This is mainly because whatsapp looking for the contact, till we get a response from the whatsapp we could not process next message, so avoid invalid whatsapp contacts for smooth messaging
In some situations i observed while sending messages the picky assist app get crashed If you can replicate the issue would be great for us to troubleshoot, so please explain us at what situation the app getting crashed.Please send the details to
I observed few of the messages are not getting send (missing) This could be a phone specific issue , please report the issue to

An App Reset may temporarily fix this issue but please report the issue to us to get it fixed.

Media sending option not working in sometimes but text messages are correctly sending. Go to Picky Assist Mobile App -> Click on “Check Accessibility Status” , it will take you into a new window then make sure the Accessibility permission is granted to the Picky Assist App, if its already showing as turned on , then turn off and turn on it again.This could be phone specific issue, please report this issue to
Why i am getting authentication failed response in the API You are passing wrong API Token.IP Address is not whitelisted.API access is not enabled in your account.You project dont have a valid subscription to Unlimited Plan ($35 per month)Your project is currently disabled or not active.You are passing junk values in messages
Is it necessary to keep the phone screen always on and keep the charged connected ? No need to keep the screen on always, but you should not lock the phone/ screen.It’s not mandatory to keep the charger connected always but need to ensure the phone battery dont goes below 40% for optimal performance.
I am seeing name in the number field instead of whatsapp incoming number This is possible if the incoming number is already saved in the phone contacts with a name and have multiple numbers added into the contacts where the picky assist app in installed We highly recommend to clear your phone contacts list to get all numbers captured correctly by picky assist app, as sometimes numbers saved in the phone contacts may not have country code and broadcast feature will not work without country code.

LIVE Troubleshooting

If none of the above methods dont solves your issues then we offer a LIVE Troubleshooting window for paid customers using Vysor & Teamviewer/Anydesk (recommended)

Please install and configure with your phone and computer , watch below videos to learn how to configure the Vysor with your Mobile Device.

Once the Vysor is configured correctly then install latest version of Teamviewer or Any Desk in your computer 

Now schedule a LIVE troubleshooting window by sending an email to , please include your teamviewer / any desk username and password and make sure you are able to mirror your android phone with your computer screen using Vysor or any other similar softwares.

Please report all bugs to along with the necessary details to reproduce the same at our end, in case if the app is not working smoothly in particular mobile phone or Android version then please include your phone manufacturer details and android version.

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