Configuring Webhooks and API

Configuring Webhooks & API

Lets learn how to configure Webhooks & API with Picky Assist Console in order to send & receive messages from your server / application.


Webhook helps you to receive incoming messages , webhook will trigger  whenever a new event occurs in your connected phone / device like a New WhatsApp Messages arrives , A New Call Comes, A New SMS Arrives etc , whenever a new event occurs in your connected phone / device we will push the details into your server through the URL configured by you.


API helps you to send messages out, API can use to start a conversation with your customer, it supports sending text and media files, voice api allow you to start a call conference or click 2 call using your connected device.

Menu Location to Configure Webhook & API Tokens

Select Project from the Left Side Bar

To configure Webhook -> Go to Settings -> Webhook -> Update your URL Here

webhook configuring

To generate API Token – > Go to Settings -> API Tokens -> Generate API Token


Please note if Smart Replies is Online then Global Webhook will not work , you should configure Webhook under Smart Replies -> Settings -> Webhooks


API Documentation

API Documentation can be download from this link

API Test URL Page 

Production URL for Push

Watch the Video Tutorial


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