Creating a Project & Getting Licensing Key

Creating a Project

Project helps you to organise your clients or devices effectively , to get started with Picky Assist you must have an active project , in this article we will explain  how to Create a Project and get license key.

Login to Picky Assist Console – Click the “Create New Project” from the left sidebar drop down as shown below


Step 1

Give a Project Name & Whatsapp number for your reference, please note the number entered in the Whatsapp Number dont have any relation with automation

Step 2

Choose a Plan Which Suits your requirements and make payment via Paypal, if you wish to subscribe to automatic plan renewal then subscribe to Paypal Recurring Payment using 

Step 3

After payment you will get project license key

Copy the license key and download the picky assist bridge app and paste it there, please note without picky assist bridge mobile application automation wont work, once the installation is complete in the mobile app click on the Verify My Installation to complete the steps

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