Getting Start Guide Attributes in Social CRM

What is Attributes in Social CRM ?

Attributes are custom data fields where you can save any information of your customers. For example Gender , Country , Date of Birth, Age, Address, Email , Website , Title or any informations which are related to your customers.

Attributes are very powerful tool in the Social CRM. You can further filter & segment customers based on attributes value and send customised messages using Smart Replies, Sequences & Broadcaster

Using the attribute value you can segment and target customers through broadcaster “Segment Subscriber” like Age between 25 to 50 , Gender is Male , Website is , Email Address isnt etc


Creating Attributes

To Create Attribute Navigate to Social CRM -> Settings -> Attributes (Tab) -> Add Attributes (Button) 


Give A name / label to the attribute to identify , then select the relevant type of attribute , below are the available types of attributes;

Text : Useful for saving Name, Address etc

Date : Useful for saving Date of Birth, Anniversary etc

Date & Time : Useful for saving a date which has a specific time like an appointment

Email : For saving email addresses

Website : For saving website or URL’s

Numeric : For saving digits like mobile number, age, postal code, fax etc

Choice : To select a choice from multiple data set like Male / Female – Product Interested , Country etc

Editing Attributes 

You can edit the attribute name /label  anytime but you cant change the attribute type. For the attribute type choice you can add new choices any time but not possible to change the existing value of choices.



You can also view the number of subscribers which has a particular attribute value from the attribute list “Subscribers” column as shown above

Updating / Adding Attributes Value

All the attributes are listed in the Social CRM -> Subscribers -Profile (Tab) -> Attributes (Menu) 


On Clicking “Profile” tab a popup will appear on the screen as shown below;


You can scroll to view all attributes added by you , on clicking the value column against each attribute you can update / save data.



Fall Back Value for Personalising Messages

When you use attributes value for personalising messages in smart replies, sequence automation and broadcaster you will be prompt to enter a “Fallback” Value. This value will be used if the system not able to find a value against the subscriber in the social crm , for an example if you have selected name attribute and few subscribers in your social crm dont have updated with name, in this case the date entered as “Fallback” will be used .


Personalising  Replies with Attributes in Smart Replies 

You can personalize the response in smart replies using  the attribute value which are saved in your Social CRM which will help you to to greet customer with their name or any value stored in the attribute against the customer like Age, Last Order Details, Current Plan, Address etc



Personalising  Replies with Attributes in Sequence Automation

You can personalize the response in the “Sequence Automation” using  the attributes which are saved in your Social CRM which will help you to to greet customer with their name or any value stored in the attribute against the customer like Age, Last Order Details, Current Plan, Address etc


Personalising  Replies with Attributes in Broadcaster 

You can send personalised messages to your subscribers from the broadcaster using the Attributes value



Subscriber Segmentation Using Attribute Value in Broadcaster

This tool helps you to segment the existing subscribers and send messages using broadcaster. Target subscribers easily with segment filters like Subscribed Date, Last Interaction Time, Name, Number, Category, Tag and Attribute Value like Age, Gender, Email, Website etc

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