Guidelines to broadcast messages to WhatsApp 

Guidelines to broadcast messages to WhatsApp Using Picky Assist Broadcaster Service

Please follow the below guidelines while using the broadcaster feature of picky assist to ensure that you will not get blocked by WhatsApp.

Send messages only to contacts who are OPT-IN to receive messages from you / your business , build a Subscription list by sending SMS / Email and requesting your contacts to subscribe your WhatsApp number by sending a message. Always give an option to unsubscribe from your list at any time by sending a keyword like “UNSUB” “OPTOUT” “STOP” etc

Encourage Customer to Save your Number
If customers are saving your business / personal number in their phone contacts then blocking chances are considerably less. So always encourage customers to save your number into their phone contacts.

Make Interactions
One of the best method to avoid blocking is to make customer engaged by establishing a 2 way communications , especially if the recipient  replies back to your message or if the conversation initiated by the customer then chances of getting blocked is very less.

Conduct some game or quiz with a reward / discount coupon to make your customer engaged with your WhatsApp Number. 

Dont Spam
Dont spam contacts by sending frequent and irrelevant messages , avoid sending promotional or marketing messages from 9pm to 9am, if contacts reports spam to WhatsApp then blocking chances are quite high.

Set A Delay between Messages
Set a delay between each messages in picky assist app , the recommended delay is 10 seconds , more delay means less chance to get blocked.

Use WhatsApp Business Account
If WhatsApp Business Account is available for your country then use the same to communicate with customers, since blocking algorithm is slightly different in WhatsApp Personal & Business.

Mind Unique Contact Count
Always mind the unique contact count while sending messages, this parameter is very crucial if you are continuously  sending messages to contacts who are not send any message to your number earlier or your number is not saved in their phone book then blocking chances are high.

Please note this article explains only the best practice to avoid blocking , WhatsApp blocking algorithm keep changing and Picky Assist dont have any control and not responsible for any harm to your business.

The above guidelines are applicable for both customers who are using official and unofficial solution.


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