Introducing Picky Assist Mobile App Version 3.7

Introducing Picky Assist Mobile App Version 3.7

We are happy to introduce the new beta version of Picky Assist Android Bridge App 3.7 with many new features and improvements as below;

  1. Integrated SMS & Missed Call Automation – More Details
  2. Remote Device Management from Web Console – More Details
  3. WhatsApp Contact Sync Method Optimised for Broadcaster
  4. Message Processing Flow Optimised for Broadcaster
  5. Option to Stop, Resume & Delete Message Queue from Web Console – More Details
  6. Android 7.0 or above replacing incoming number with “You” is fixed
  7. Integrated Debug Mode for Remote Troubleshooting
  8. Broadcaster Dynamic Messaging Country Prefix adding issue fixed
  9. Messages Unique Contact Filter export feature optimised.

Click Here to Download the New Beta 3.7 Picky Assist Android Bridge App !

If you are facing any issues then please report the same to

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