Introducing Remote Device Management

Introducing Remote Device Management

Now you can view and manage the picky assist mobile app remotely using our web console  for unattended devices, you can get following informations from Settings -> Device

On clicking the sync (refresh) icon you can fetch the current status of your phone

Battery Percentage : Percentage of battery remaining
Charging State : Whether the phone is currently connected to a charger or not
Wifi Signal Strength : Signal strength of the wifi network connected.
Internet Status : Cellular Internet Connectivity status like 2G/3G/4G
Message Queue Count : How many messages are in Queue.
Free Space : Free space available in your phone internal memory
Cloud Messaging Status : Picky Assist Cloud Messaging Service status

You can perform few actions also remotely as below

Refresh Picky App : This need to be performed only if picky assist app is not responding , this will refresh the picky assist app installed in the device.

Reset App : This will delete all Queue and database in the Picky Assist App, please note license key wont be cleared only database and message Queue will be cleared.

Please note remote device management will work only from the picky assist bridge app version 3.6 or above , download latest version of picky assist mobile application from this link


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