New Feature Updates 23-01-2019

We are happy to announce new features updates in Picky Assist platform

Call Conference / Click 2 Call service is moved from Alpha to Beta

All bugs reported in the alpha version has been fixed and new version update is available from Picky Assist Bridge App 4.0 onwards , Click here to download the latest Picky Assist Bridge Mobile App

Telephony -> Call Conference 


Picky Assist Bridge App Version 4.0 Released

  1. Call Conference moved from Alpha to Beta with all issues fixed
  2. Logout Option added to change the project without uninstalling the app
  3. Device ID can be copied by just tapping on it
  4. App permission shortcut added to App home page “Set Permission” Call Conference moved from Alpha to Beta with all issues fixed
  5. Logout Option added to change the project without uninstalling the app

Download Picky Assist Bridge App Version 4.0 


Broadcast API Version 2.0 Released

  1. Supports Call Conference / Click 2 Call API
  2. Fetch Device Details of a Project
  3. Remote Device Management Through API’s
  4. Base URL Path to be used

Download API Version 2.0 


Webhook Now Supports pushing data in JSON Format

Now developers can get the incoming message events in JSON format , please tick the “Push Data In JSON Format”

Settings -> Webhooks 


Webhook Response media can be included and can specific application

You can now give instant reply back with media url , pass the medial url “media-url”


Broadcaster – Introduced Subscriber Segment based filters

Target subscribers easily with segment filters like Subscribed Date, Last Interaction Time, Name, Number, Category, Tag and Attribute Value like Age, Gender, Email, Website etc

Broadcaster -> Compose -> Select Subscribers -> Segment Subscribers 


Broadcaster Personalise the outgoing message

Personalise the outgoing messages with attribute values like Dear {{name}} your plan is going to expire on {{expiry-date}}

Use Fall back in case any of your attribute dont have value for an example you are not capturing all subscribers name in this case you can use a fall back as “Customer” and those who dont have value in attribute will replace with Customers

Updates in Smart Replies – Instant Call Back 

Now offer instant call back with your agent when someone chatting through SMS / WhatsApp , configure call back conditions based on keywords in smart replies like call me, help, connect to customer care etc.

Personalised Smart Replies with Attribute Values 

Personalised smart replies by configuring attributes , greet your returning customers with name or any value stored in the attributes.

Missed Call – Now response can be send through SMS / WhatsApp Personal / Business

When a new call come after busienss hours reject the call and give a response message back via SMS / WhatsApp Personal / Business

Settings -> Call -> Popup


Configure Instant Call Back as Event in Missed Call 

When a new call comes to your number you can reject the call and send an SMS / WhatsApp Personal / Business message as instant response , you can also configure call back to the customer by configuring an agent number.

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