Picky Assist WhatsApp Automation Limitations & Disclaimer

Picky Assist WhatsApp Automation Limitations & Disclaimer

Picky Assist WhatsApp Automation tool is one the most stable, reliable and affordable WhatsApp automation tool available in the globe with more than 200+ developers and 1000+companies across the world make use of this tool for automating various tasks on WhatsApp.

This project is not only able to automate your WhatsApp but it can even send and receive SMS , Reject Incoming Call and push the details to your server (Known as Missed Call Service) , Initiating  Click 2 Call or Call Conference.

This tool is not based on the official WhatsApp Business API and not part or associated with Whatsapp or its Parent company Facebook but it provides the same functionalities of WhatsApp Official Business API with below mentioned limitations.

You can compare the advantages and disadvantage here WhatsApp Official API Vs Picky Assist Automation API


Not Scalable

The major set back of the tool is that its not scalable  that means its not possible to effectively handle concurrent messages , below are the limitations

Incoming Messages (Webhooks & Instant Replies)

12 to 20 messages in a minute , 3-5 seconds required to process an incoming message with instant text message as reply.

If the reply is a media file then the system automatically switch the reply using broadcaster and it required 10 seconds to give a reply. If you start receiving more than 20 messages in a minute then there are possibilities that incoming messages may miss.

For incoming message and instant reply (only text) we use a technology which doest required the phone screen and WhatsApp to be opened, the entire process will happen in the background. So we highly recommend this method if you want to give an instant reply back to the user instead of triggering a Broadcast API

Our New Bridge App 4.3 is Coming soon with 30 to 40 incoming messages in a minute. For Details Here 

Outgoing Messages (Broadcast)

5 to 6 messages in a minute , 10 seconds required to process one message without any errors irrespective of message type , all message will automatically queued and process one by one with an interval of 10 seconds each. If the media file is large and phone internet speed is poor then the queue will start only after downloading the media files

When you send a message using broadcast module the phone screen automatically turns on and opens WhatsApp then send messages automatically , all clicks and share will do automatically by the picky assist app. In this case the phone screen should not distributed with any other actions and the phone should not be in locked status.

If you have large customer base  then we highly recommend to segregate your customers like state wise, category wise etc and give them with different Whatsapp number to interact with your business , this will more effectively handle the messages.  We highly recommend to make a phase wise roll out plan and do proper testing before mass rollout.


Not Suitable for One Way Communication

We  get 100’s of queries in a day regarding the possibilities to make use of this tool as a marketing / promotional gateway, technically its possible to send bulk whatsapp messages using picky assist app but we dont recommend to use this tool as a marketing gateway because of the WhatsApp Strict Number & Device ban/spam policies.

Whatsapp dont know the content of messages you are sending so even if you send alert / transactional messages to known contacts in large number in a very short span and very less response rate from your users  or high spam reports then WhatsApp may block your number , so we highly recommend to inform the users via SMS or Email to save your number in their phone contact and subscribe to your WhatsApp number by sending a message first. Read Our Best Practice Guide Here

We have customers who have been using the services without blocking for more than a year with 30,000+ subscribers and millions of messages in a month.

Whatsapp make use of machine learning and reports from users to decide when a number should be blocked so there is no standard guidelines available to prevent blocking rather than making your customers subscribe to your number by sending a message.  Official Explanation of Whatsapp for Blocking Numbers

Need Android Phone

This project make use of your existing android phone and WhatsApp number installed in the phone to send and receive WhatsApp messages. All phones and android versions may not fully compatible with our app since the app is not build based on the Android Official API’s instead we make use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Reflex Technology (accessing the hidden system level API’s of Android) which are very complex and each phone and OS have its own behaviour and security layers, even though we support 90% of the phones and OS still an update or small change in the phone OS or hardware may lead to problems.

We support all major phone manufactures powered by Android 5 or above versions. Please note phones powered by Android GO Edition (Stripped Android) is not supported by Picky Assist (broadcast will work but incoming messages can’t be processed in Android GO Edition)

Even though we supports 90% of the phone and OS still we highly recommend to test all the functionality  you need to achieve  using your phone and OS before making any payment. In case any of the features are not working dont worry please report us by sending an email or using our LIVE Chat option and we guarantee to patch the issue after troubleshooting your phone and OS behaviour.


No Incoming Media Supports

Currently we dont support processing incoming media from WhatsApp but we can inform you the type of media received like image , location , pdf, audio,, contact etc based on this you can send a unique url as an instant reply so that the user can upload the media file.

We are in the closed alpha testing of processing incoming images and the beta version will be available very soon.

We also dont support sending location coordinates  and Push to Talk (PTT) but you can send mp3 file and share location map as link.


No Group Supports

Currently we dont support sending messages to groups but you can always extract the incoming message to the group and able to send an instant reply back. (Only Text Reply Supported to Groups)

We are doing research on automating group and broadcast list features and will keep update when we have some breakthrough.



Based on your phone specification, performance and number of concurrent message etc you may need to restart the phone periodically  for smooth functioning . Your Phone ,Whatsapp Personal & Business apps are not designed to handle huge concurrent messages so it may stop responding sometimes and required a restart. If you are sending and receiving more than 5000 messages in a day we recommend to restart the phone once in a week for best performance.

Latest Android OS supports Schedule Restarts when your phone is in idle  for improved performance, please search “Auto Restart” in your device settings to locate the menu. 

We have observed that If the WhatsApp has more than 900 open chat contacts in the app, WhatsApp takes more time to open and close this may slow down sending messages using broadcast module. So we recommend to check and periodically delete the chats from WhatsApp. Dont worry all your subscribers details and conversations are available with Picky Assist Web Platform as per your plan.



Even though Picky Assist research and development team puts all the best effort to make the tool error free and stable but due to 1000’s+ phone manufactures and custom Android OS we dont guarantee error free operations of the picky assist service in all mobile phones so  ANY USE OF THE SERVICES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE APP MAY CONTAIN BUGS, ERRORS. WE DO NOT WARRANT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE SERVICES, THAT THE SERVICES WILL OPERATE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE, OR THAT THE SERVICES WILL OPERATE IN ACCORDANCE WITH ANY ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION

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