Sample Parrot Chat Bot in Core PHP

Sample Parrot Chat Bot Source Code & Example in Core PHP

Below is a sample parrot chat bot source code written in Core PHP , it do the following actions when receiving a messages from a whatsapp number

  1. Extract the messages from the webhook.
  2. Construct a reply with current date and message then sends back to the sender.
  3. Sending all the parameters extracted from the webhook to the email address configured.

The below sample code is contributed by our exclusive Channel Partner based in India , Achariya Techno Solutions.


About Contributor 

Achariya Techno Solutions ( is a Telecom VAS company providing complete solution for all your communication needs , we can provide tailor made chat bots based on the customer requirements , below are the list of chat bot we have delivered to our clients.

  1. Chat Bot for Ordering a Product – Bot commerce
  2. Chat Bot for Capturing Leads (All Industries)
  3. Chat Bot for Capturing Requirements (All Industries)
  4. Chat Bot for Book a Table – Restaurant
  5. Chat Bot for Event / Venue Bookings
  6. Chat Bot for Collecting Feedback – Hotel, Restaurants & Resorts
  7. Chat Bot for Appointments – Hospital , Salon , SPA , CA , Astrologer
  8. Chat Bot for Support Desk
  9. Chat Bot for Laundry Pickup
  10. Chat Bot for Car Service / Wash
  11. Chat Bot for Book A Cab  / Driver
  12. Chat Bot for Book A Technician  – House Cleaning / AC Repair Service
  13. Chat Bot for Loan / Insurance Lead Generation
  14. Chat Bot for Survey – Political Parties / TV  / Radio
  15. Chat Bot for Tour Companies
  16. Chat Bot for Builders / Real Estate
  17. Chat Bot for Real Estate Brokers
  18. Chat Bot for Educational Institutes
  19. Chat Bot for 2 & 4 Wheeler Showrooms – Lead Generation , Book Test Drive
  20. Chat Bot for Quiz & Contests
  21. Chat Bot for Logistic Companies – Track Order  , Feedback

We can also build and deploy Advance AI (Artificial Intelligence) & NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered Chat Bot with Google Dialogflow 

We support Google Drive, Google Form Integration with Picky Assist Chat Bot, i.e our chat bot can read , edit, insert, delete data from your Google Drive and perform dynamic actions.

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