Social CRM Getting Start Guide

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM offers you a true unified communication experience by integrating WhatsApp, SMS & Calls into a single inbox view enabling you to manage the business conversation across any channels. Social CRM is loaded with all the basic functionality required for a business to run manage customers effectively, below are the features at glance;

CategoriesSegregate Customers into Categories & Subcategories like Non Vegetarians, Pizza Lovers, Frequent Buyers, Loyal Customers etc

TagsClassify Customers by applying relevant tags like Order Pending, Delivered, Payment Pending, Custom Order etc

TicketsCreate Tickets, Set Reminders, Add Due Dates, Set Priority, Track Progress, Add Comments

NotesTake important notes and save against each customer, add media files, make the note as sticky and more..

AttributesCreate Custom Data Fields like Date of Birth, Next Billing Cycle, Gender, Location or save any data.  


Getting Started With Social CRM 

You can access Social CRM from the left side menu of the web console – Social CRM and it has 3 sub menu’s

  1. Subscribers
  2. Settings
  3. Tickets


Under this menu all the subscribers and their conversations are listed. A Subscriber means any persons who sends an SMS , WhatsApp or Missed call to your configured channel. You can seggegrate subscribers by creating Categories & Sub Categories and can also apply different tags for them.



In the settings section you can create “Attributes” , Auto Subscription of Categories & Tags etc


Tickets allows you to manage and track your customers issues add followups, reminders , meet support SLA’s etc , more details about Tickets can explore from here

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