Using Whatsapp Officially API / Intent to Construct A Message

Using Whatsapp Officially API / Intent to Construct A Message with predefined Number & Message

Whatsapp having a very basic official API / Intent for developers to integrate with their Website or Mobile Application in order to avoid typing the message or selecting the contact manually for whatsapp users.

How it Works

Whenever you want to start a conversation with a whatsapp user simply trigger the below API from your application;

In the “phone” pass the mobile number of the whatsapp user without 0 or + , including country code 

In the “text” pass the message you wish to send

You can read more from the whatsapp official site

See in Action

In the desktop and mobile if the whatsapp is installed then it will listen to the intent and open the chat conversation window with the text you have passed to the API , your user need to simply click on the send button.

Click Here for the demo, it will open the whatspp number of Picky Assist Demo with “Hi Picky” message pre-filled in your Whatsapp Desktop App or Mobile App


If you wish you can make it your own URL or use any URL shorten platform to rebrand and track the Clicks 


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