WhatsApp Official Business API Vs Picky Assist

WhatsApp Official Business API Vs Picky Assist Solution- Advantages & Disadvantages

Lets make the Advantages and Disadvantages very clear to our beloved customers, we believe in providing solutions so keep the disadvantages in mind while using our WhatsApp Automation and make sure the disadvantages dont affect you/clients business.

Please note we support Integration of Official WhatsApp Solutions also. Read More Here 

Advantages of Picky Assist WhatsApp Solution

Official Solution Picky Assist
Works only with New Numbers Works with Any Existing Personal or Business Number
3-4 weeks to GO LIVEGO LIVE in Few Hours
Currently available only for Medium & Large Business Available to all category of Customers
Message templates need to be pre-approvedCan send any contents
Messages sent after 24 hours will be billed between $0.0473 to $0.07 varies from country to countryUnlimited Messaging with Unlimited Plan
Strict Compliances need to be followed and Complex On boarding process No Terms & Easy Onboarding
Required Dedicated Server & Complicated System Architecture, Integration will take minimum 2-4 weeksSimple JSON API & Webhooks - Integrate in Just 10 minutes - Only an Android Phone required
Mandatory Subscription required before sending messagesSubscription not required
High Technology & Recurring Cost ($100 to $250 )Plan starts from $5 and highest plan is $35
Only one number per verified businessCan use any numbers (Charges as applicable)
Limited Support (Paid Support through Solutions Partners)24 x 7 Direct Support through Email & Chat

Disadvantages of Picky Assist WhatsApp Solution

Official SolutionPicky Assist
High Scalability - 10 messages per second by defaultNo Scalability - 12-20 messages in a minute
High Availability & Uptime Based on your Phone Network Conditions
Supports Send & Receive all type of messages Sending Location & Contact Not Support, Possible to receive only text messages - We are working a solution and in few months it will be LIVE
Business Account gets verified badgeNo Verified Badge
Works with Dedicated Server & NodsWorks with Android 5.0 or above phones
Liberal Blocking Algorithms Standard Blocking Algorithms
Message Delivery & Read Acknowledgments Not Supported
Whatsapp Active Number Checking ToolUnder Development

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