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How Gold Gym Generating 30% ROI

A perfectly planned Social Media Campaign can help to increase sales by 30%, Read how Gold’s Gym increased their ROI by 30% with Picky Assist Family of Products.

The Beginning 😎

An authorised Franchisee of Gold’s Gym in India drives an online membership campaign through Facebook Ads. They have put their WhatsApp Number as “Call to Action” in the ad. When interested users click on the ad they are redirected to the WhatsApp with a pre-fill message “Send me more about this offer https://goldsgym.in

Following Smart Actions are created in the Smart Replies against the keyword “Send me more about this offer https://goldsgym.inbelow actions will be automatically executed when a new user clicked or engaged with the Facebook Ad.

  • Subscribe User into “Health Tip” Sequence
  • Tag User to “New Lead”
  • Add User into “Membership Drive” Category
  • Send “WhatsApp Message” to Sales Member alerting new lead

Goals Achieved

  • Conversion Recorded
  • User Mobile Number Captured
  • Auto Subscribed User to “Health Tip”Sequence
  • Auto tagged User to “New Lead”
  • Add User into Category “Membership Drive FB”
  • Lead Allocated to Sales Team through WhatsApp

The above goal helped Gold’s Gym to exactly measure how their Social Media Ads are performing and ensure all leads are segregated well and automatically engaged.

The Wining Message Series 🏆

Gold’s Gym created 14 messages in the Sequence Automation containing Video, Health, Beauty Tips, Importance of fitnesses along with user testimonials and included a special offer in 3rd message in the series;

Gold’s Gym have created a Smart action in the Smart Replies for the Keyword “Give me Free Access” and set following Smart Actions

  • Remove the tag “New Lead”
  • Add new tag “Free Access Interested”
  • Open A New Task with Subject “Free Trial Requested”
  • A WhatsApp Message sent to the Sales Rep to scheduled a visit.

40% of Users who received the 3rd message took an action by sending reply.

Goals Achieved

  • 40% of the leads show interests
  • Tagged user autonomically to advance the sales funnel
  • WhatsApp Message Sent to Sales Rep

The Sales Cycle Starts 💰

On receiving the WhatsApp Message Sales Rep immediately initiated a call back and schedule a free access , then updated the following details manually in the Social CRM against the specific User

  • Changed User Tag to “Free Trail Started”
  • Updated the CRM with basic profile details
  • Unsubscribed the user from the last subscribed sequence “Health Tip”
  • Added User into another sequence “Free Trail Reminder” which sends reminder daily to the user for next 5 days
  • Update the meeting details into the open Task “Free Trail Requested” and created a follow up date after 5 days. Set a reminder in the CRM for himself to avoid missing the followup.

30% of the users who attended the free trail session becomes paid member within 2 weeks

Goal Achieved

  • 30% User becomes Paid Members

The Sales Never Stops ✅

Still 70% of the users who attended the free trail not become paid members , the sale manager decides to send them an offers as last effort to close the sales.

Sales manager created below message in the broadcaster and sends to users whose tag is “Free Trail Started”

Goals Achieved

  • 1 User out of 15 get converted along with their friend
  • More brand visibility by referring friends

Broadcaster 🔊

Sales Manager make use of the broadcaster segmentation tools to send monthly offers plans to all those who have enquired about the membership but not become members.

Operation Manager sends holiday alerts , event updates and reminders to existing club members using broadcaster.

Personal Trainer sends weekly report, workout plan , diet and heath tips to club members.

Account team sends payment reminders , due alerts , receipts etc

Goals Achieved

  • 1% sales closure from the broadcasted message
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Products Used

  • Facebook Ad
  • Sequence Automation
  • Smart Replies
  • Broadcaster
  • Social CRM