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Book A Test Drive through WhatsApp Chatbot

Demo Chatbot Made with Picky Assist for Automobile Industry

This is a demo chat bot made with Picky Assist API’s for automobile industries this chatbot can provide basic informations about a car model, capture customer email address, capture whether the customer required finance or not , schedule a test drive etc

Live Demo

Send a WhatsApp Message “#auto1” to 919737001155 or click this link https://wa.me/919737001155?text=%23auto1 to retest type DELETE111 and send

Following are the few task which can be automate using chatbot in the automobile industry


  • Scheduling A test drive
  • Fetching Vehicle details and special offers
  • Collecting information on whether customers required finance or not.
  • Sending quotation
  • Booking a new vehicle
  • Price search and compare vehicles
  • On-road price calculation
  • Call to Action included in all Advertisement “WhatsApp Or Call” your number


  • Service Appointment
  • Fetching service due dates and service history
  • Spare part availability check
  • Collecting customer feedback and suggestions
  • Collecting payment against service
  • Service status check


  • Request for roadside assistance
  • Request for a mechanic
  • Basic troubleshooting