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Omni Channel Chatbot for Hospitality Industry

Chatbot Use Case in Hospitality Industry

This article explains different use cases of chatbot in the hospitality industry;

A Well trained chatbot can replace human agents to provide 24 x 7 assistance over any messaging application like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Personal & Business, Skype, Telegraph etc , Customers don’t need to install any 3rd party app,  call your phone number or search over your website to gather information about your property instead they can directly interact with your chatbot anytime.

Automating the Sales Process

Customers are the backbone of any industry so let’s get started with the use case that how can picky assist helps to automate the sales process ;

Marketing manager are responsible to market the products they generally use various methods as below

  1. Exhibitions
  2. Road Shows
  3. Social Media Promotions
  4. News Paper Advertisement
  5. TV / Radio Promotions
  6. Bulk SMSing
  7. Bulk Emailing
  8. Flyers / Brochures

Customer engagements can be increased by 50% from all social media / digital campaigns by deploying a chatbot across all your marketing activities.

Purpose of the above promotion is either to create brand awareness or to generate leads, A WhatsApp business number or Facebook page powered by an AI chatbot can be included in all type of promotions and asking your customers to send just hello (or any keyword set by you) to know more about your property or book the property.

What Chatbot Really Can Do ?

Following task can be effectively handled by a chatbot 24 x 7 which keep engaging your customers in a much better way;

  1. Giving information about your property
  2. Giving information about the attractive places nearby your property
  3. Building a custom itinerary based on the customer preference
  4. Giving Information about the activity and other happening places nearby your property
  5. Sending videos and images of your property
  6. Sending testimonials of other customers stayed with your property

Understanding Natural Conversations

Now let’s take a practical situation, one of your prospect customers sends you a message in your WhatsApp business account as below ;

I am from Netherlands and looking to explore India by next month , may i know the best package for 6 adults for 2 weeks in a sea facing property

The AI Powered Chatbots understand the customer enquiry as below

  • The customer is from Netherlands
  • Looking to explore India
  • Next month is the approximate visit date
  • 6 adults are coming
  • 2 weeks is the stay duration
  • Theme is Sea facing property

Now the chatbot search for the above criteria and suggest the best property to the customer.

Further customer can ask various questions related to the property as below;

  • Where is the property in India
  • Nearest airport
  • Main attractions nearby
  • Facilities of the property
  • Average cost per person per night etc

Sending Promotions & Greetings

You can use picky assist platform to send promotional messages , videos, links and images to the potential customers whatsapp or facebook messenger.

Send greeting messages to the customers who have visited your stall during an exhibition.

Service Starts Even Before Check-in

We have discussed about presales now let’s consider that the customer has booked the property and required a wheelchair while checking in , by quoting the booking ID the customer can simply send a WhatsApp message to the hotel number and place the request.

Similarly customer can confirm the booking status, make special requests, get directions to the property etc

During the Stay

During the stay guest can place various requests as below;

  • can request for room service,
  • can request water or beverages,
  • can request to pick up laundry,
  • can place request for room cleaning

Also all room services which were offered through a phone call can be offered through whatsapp or facebook messenger.

This will be a very unique and exciting experience for your guest which they will never forget as they can handle everything right away from their mobile phone.

After Checkout

Now it’s time for the guest to checkout, but the business doesn’t end here your customer can bring more customers and those customers can further bring more and more customers to your property so it’s very important to understand how was their experience with your property.

Guest generally don’t show much interest towards the traditional long feedback form or email surveys, collect the feedback from your guest in an interactive way either with a small game or quiz which can conduct by a chatbot and on completion of the game/quiz/feedback you can offer some discounts for their next visit so that they choose your property again or pass the coupon to any other customers.

The business doesn’t ends here, increase the loyalty by sending them a birthday or anniversary wish directly to their WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with an attractive image. Your greetings will certainly takes them into those golden memories they have spent in your property.


We know the article was long than usual but hope its worth reading , Let’s look at glance what all Picky Assist can automate using AI Powered Chatbot for hospitality industry;

Pre Sales

  • Handles your customer queries
  • Helping customers to find nearby attractions
  • Sending customers the location to reach your property
  • Handles the booking request
  • Collecting the payment or booking amount
  • Handling a special request/arrangements before the guest reached your property
  • Sending promotional images and videos.
  • Sending automated follow-ups and reminders

During Stay

  • Place order from restaurant
  • Request to collect laundry
  • Request to clean the room
  • Request for a Wi-Fi password
  • Request for a wake up call
  • Request for water or beverages
  • Request for the city map


  • Send all invoice and bills
  • Send a payment link to collect the payment
  • Collect feedback through an interactive small game or quiz
  • Send birthday and anniversary greetings