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Introducing Email Parser

Extract data from the email

Email parser helps you to extract information from an email like Sender Name, From Address, To, Body, Attachments, etc, and make it in a structured way so that can be used for automation like sending a WhatsApp message or analyzing the email using ChatGPT, etc, below are the few business use case the email parser would be useful

Automate the HR recruitment process where candidates CV’s can come from various job portals that don’t have webhooks, like Linkedin, Indeed, etc you can simply forward your email to our email parser to extract the job application and perform actions like adding into your CRM, Assign to a User in Teambox, Summarise CV via ChatGPT, etc

Leads automation, if you are using a system who don’t have webhook or API access to access new leads but they send an email whenever a new lead is contacted, then you can extract the lead details from the email and further process the way you need in our connector.

Monitor Sales Employees, you can tell your sales team to BCC all the emails they are sending and further you can add these emails as events against the contact, you can even use the counter feature to track how many emails are sent by each employee and can associate the email details right inside the Teambox or Contact CRM inside Picky Assist

Order processing, you can extract order request emails and further add them to your e-commerce platform or add them into Contact in the Picky Assist to track or sync the order

.Price Update, if you are receiving daily price updates from vendors via email then you can parse them and update them in your system or send them as a WhatsApp message to segmented customers using the broadcaster in the connector

We recommend email parsing only if your service provider doesn’t support API or Webhook to extract information, so before starting automating with email parsing please ask your provider whether they support Webhook or API If you are automating anything with an email parser a structural change may affect the automation and you need to adjust your regular expression code accordingly

Kindly note there will be a delay of 3-5 minutes for processing emails i.e emails sent to our email address will take 3-5 minutes to receive in the connector

Getting Started

The first step is to create a connector with “Event Source” as email so while creating a new connector then select the “Event Source” as email as shown below

Getting the Unique Email Address

For every connector whose event source is email, we will provide you with a unique email address and you need to forward all emails to this email address in order us to extract the email details, keep in mind that there will be a 3-5 minutes delay in processing emails so after an email is received it may take up to 5 minutes to receive in the connector

For security reasons we recommend not to share the email address with unknown persons also do a source validation like from address, signed by, and mailed by to check spoofed emails, you may use the connector filter feature to do this and process any actions only if the email is received from a trusted source

JSON Format of Email

We will convert all emails into JSON format so that you can easily configure automations as per your requirements, see the variables in the JSON available

from_emailArray​From which email address the email is received
toArray You will get all email addresses that are kept in the “To” field
ccArray List of email addresses which are kept in the CC of the email
subjectThe subject of the email
received_timeTimestamp as per your profile, this is the exact time of email received not the time we processes the email
reply_toArray ​If any reply to the email address is configured
signed_bySigned by which domain/host useful for authenticating the source of the email
mailed_byMailed by which domain/host useful for authenticating the source of the email
html_bodyBody of the email in the HTML format
plain_text_bodyBody of the email in the plain text format
attachmentsArray All attachments in the email will be automatically converted as public URL which can be further used to automate Maximum 20 MB total size
urlsArray If any hyperlink URLs are detected in the email body we will extract the same

Tips & Best Practices

  1. Always make sure the email is coming from the right source, and validate the mailed and signed by using the filter in the connector
  2. If you would like to analyze the body of the email using ChatGPT or similar platforms then always pass the plan text body
  3. If you would like to analyze the attachments like CV’s or any PDF files then make use of formatter “PDF to Text”
  4. If you are expecting chained or conversation threads then always use the delimiter to extract the current messages, you can use the formatter “Data Parser -> Split Text” to extract the messages above the delimiter
  5. We will process a maximum of 20 MB attachments in an email so make sure that your attachment size is less than 20 MB

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