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Usecase for Media Companies

Media companies play an important role in social reformation, wide internet coverage and high smartphone penetration empowers common man to get the information they needed. This blog discusses how media companies can effectively use social media messaging to engage their audience in many effective ways.

Audience Engagements – Top News Headlines

Audience are the key for any media companies whether its an offline publishing house or an online travel blog, you should always keep your audience engaged by providing high-quality content they wish to read or watch.

No doubt Social Messenger platform like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger can help you to engage your audience in a great way than any other mediums, they can simply ask what they want like

Top Trending 10 News
Sports News
Global News
Local News

If you are offering a free service to the audience then you can even append advertisement along with your news or send it as a separate message like as shown below

Citizen Reporters

Citizen reporting is one of the powerful reporting tools where the selected or any citizen can send you the news or even breaking news

You can get this news directly seeded into your software for approving or editing the same.

Conduct LIVE Polls / Surveys

News Channels always needs to know what their viewers thought about the topic or discussion, Live Polls & Surveys helps to showcase the poll results LIVE on TV Screen which prompts more audience to participate in the poll or survey.

Audition & Screening for Reality Shows

Entertainment channels can make use of WhatsApp to screen the participants for the reality shows by asking the interested participants to send their short video, audio or images and all the entries can be organized so that the selecting committee can effectively tag, categories, take notes and add comments against each participant, which easy the selecting process and applying process.

Video or Audio dedication On Air

Audiences just love to be featured on a TV or Radio, let audiences dedicate a song, scenes to their loved ones through Video or Audio, play the audience dedication video/audio before playing the song or scenes.

Just inform the audience to share their video through WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger and broadcast it ON AIR.

Provide On-Demand Contents

Let the audience demand the contents what they needed in case they missed their favourite show or news bulletins

  • Request an episode of the reality show
  • Request the youtube link of the telecasted show like news bulletins, cookery shows, education programs, stock market etc
  • Request for top trending news category wise like sports, finance, global, technology etc

Run Virtual Programs & Shows

Virtual programs and shows are a unique concept where the host will be the Chatbot and the audience can ask the chatbot through WhatsApp to do various tasks as below

  • play a song
  • conduct a quiz
  • play comedy scenes
  • get top headlines

The chatbot will decide the action to be taken based on the highest number of requests received during the specified period, for example, if 1000 persons responded and out of 200 people demanded to conduct a quiz then the chatbot will start an interactive quiz.

Interested audiences can participate in the quiz by giving the answers via WhatsApp and in the end, 3 winners can be selected based on the highest score, winners details with a photograph can be displayed on the screen LIVE.

Media companies can send a video/image / text advertisement to all participants after the quiz is completed, this will be a unique advertisement option and attracts more advertisers .

Call to Action for Advertisers

You can offer a keyword to each advertiser on your dedicated WhatsApp Shared Number and display the same in various advertisements, the audience can send an inquiry by sending the message to your number followed by the advertiser keyword like Test Drive | Call Back | Get Offers etc

  1. It’s a unique offering for your advertisers where they can measure the effectiveness of the campaign, it’s more than just showing advertisement in fact you are generating customers for them.
  2. Can place in TV Ad, Hoardings, News Paper, FM, Online Websites / Blogs etc
  3. Showcase ROI to advertisers in a more effective way than your competitors
  4. Optionally you can charge extra for getting a dedicated keyword on your number for lead capturing.

Experience the Innovation (Demo)

Send a WhatsApp Message #media1 to 91 97370 01155 or Scan the below QR Code or Click Here to Open WhatsApp to See How It Works