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WhatsApp Location & Contact Use Cases

Let’s explore how Location & Contact can be effectively used in the business cycle.

  • Ecommerce
  • Rent A Car , Online Taxi
  • Hyperlocal Business
  • Laundry & Home Car Wash
  • Real Estate
  • Seminars, Exhibitions, Conferences
  • Travel & Tourism


  • Ask the location of the customer to deliver the product at the correct address. Update the location to the delivery agent on a real-time basis to the app or via WhatsApp
  • Allow customers to re-schedule the delivery to another address by just sharing the location of a new address.
  • While returning a product offer hassle-free pickup by prompting the customer to share the location.
  • Send Delivery Agent Contact details

Rent A Car, Online Taxi

  • Allow customers to book a taxi just sharing their current location, no 3rd party app required to accept the booking
  • Send the customer location to the driver instantly via WhatsApp or Driver App
  • Share Customer & Driver Contact details for a better co-ordination

Hyperlocal Business

  • Allow customers to request a product or service just by sharing the location and their requirements
  • Share Customer & Fulfilment Agent Contact details each other for a better communication


  • Let customers place a laundry pickup request by just sharing the location.
  • Share Customer & Pickup Agent contact details each other for a better co-ordination

Real Estate

  • Let customers search nearby projects by sharing their location.
  • Schedule a site visit by sharing your property location.
  • Share Owner / Care Taker / Broker Contact details with customers for a hassle-free site visit.

Seminars, Exhibitions, Conferences

  • Send the event location as WhatsApp location for participants
  • Share Organisers, Emergency Contact, Speakers Contact Details

Travel & Tourism

  • Let customer share the location to find nearby hotels to stay and find attractions
  • Share your property location for easy navigation from Airport, Railway Station or any other places.
  • Send Assembly Point, parking point locations to avoid astray.
  • Send Drivers, Tourist Guides & Other emergency contacts for the hassle-free tour experience.