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WhatsApp Marketing An Ultimate Guide

Businesses need more leads in order to close more sales and the majority of marketers and business owners think sending mass messages to Unknown WhatsApp Number generates more leads similar to Email & SMS marketing and to some extent, it’s true that if we manage to reach the potential customer via WhatsApp sales closure chances are quite higher than any other marketing channels but unfortunately, till now WhatsApp doesn’t have any official advertisement platform similar to Google or Facebook to scale up.

There are plenty of Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software which makes use of WhatsApp Web automation, Phone automation like Picky Assist or even the recently launched WhatsApp Official Business API but none of them able to effectively send large number of marketing messages to unknown contacts.

Sending too many messages to unknown contacts leads to blockage of your number within few days sometimes in few hours, As per WhatsApp report they are blocking approximate 2 millions numbers every month who sends unsolicited messages either manually or using some automated softwares like Picky Assist phone automaton.

Even though these are the facts still there are many ways to effectively use WhatsApp as a great marketing tool for your business, let’s dive more into how you can leverage WhatsApp for your marketing strategies

Read our best practice guide to minimise the chance of getting blocked

1. Integrate WhatsApp Widget Into Your Webpage

Integrating WhatsApp into your webpage increase the chances for the visitors to interact via WhatsApp, include a WhatsApp number along with Shorten URL so that users can simply click on the URL and start a conversation without manually saving your contact details into their phone book.

2. Integrate WhatsApp as Call to Action links in your Social Media Campaigns

This is one of the most effective ways to engage the user rather than sending them to a webpage where the bounce ratio is more than 80%, instead, you can create a WhatsApp link as Call to Action and capture the mobile number then send them a targeted message along with a link to your webpage.

This method also considers as an OPT-IN since the user initiated the conversation.

3. Include WhatsApp Number in your Offline Promotions

You can include the WhatsApp number in your offline promotions by generating a QR Code and print in banners, hoarding, flyers, TV Ad, etc

4. Tag & Segment Leads for Personalised Conversations

This will help to identify which marketing source is performing well and able to give relevant and more personalized messages, users are more likely to respond to a personalized message than a generic message. Try to include their name and messages which are relevant to their interests rather than trying to sell your interests.

5. Create A Good Drip Campaign

A perfectly designed WhatsApp Drip Campaign will increase the sales closure ratio. A highly relevant campaign with 8 message sequences send twice a week for a month may change the customer attitude and could nurture sales. Always give an option to OPT-OUT from your campagin.

6. Add A Human Touch For Conversations

Customers will start ignoring if you send too many automated messages, so please draft the messages in a way that a human is available at another end to take care of them.

7. Respect Customer Preference

Sending too many messages won’t change customers’ mindset instead it creates more frustration among your prospects. So always include an option to OPT-OUT messages from you and remove non-engaging subscribers from your messaging list periodically,

8. Include Product Catalogs

WhatsApp recently starts allowing you to create product catalogs to showcase your products & services within WhatsApp Business App as Catalogue. Create A Product Catalogue that allows your customers to find more details about your product & services.