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Broadcaster Integration into Teambox

We are happy to announce the broadcaster product integration into Teambox, now you will able to give the option to send mass messages from broadcaster to your team members with restricted access and track the messages send by the users.

Enabling the Access

By default for existing customers this feature is turned off, so you need to go Organisation -> Roles then click on any roles to edit and find the Broadcaster privilege as shown in the below image;

Available Privileges

We have many privileges to choose and based on your business requirements you can provide the access to your team members

Send Message – Upload Files
Ability to send mass messages by uploading excel sheets. Please provide this access carefully as your team members can make use of any channels to send any messages to anyone

Send Message – To Own Contacts
Ability to send messages only to user contacts.

Send Message – Full Access
Ability to send messages to any contacts. When this permission is granted your users will able to send messages to any contacts in your platform even they are not owned by them.

WhatsApp Filter
Ability to upload and filter WhatsApp numbers.

Reports – Own Reports
Access the reports which are send only by the users.

Reports – Full Access
Access to reports send by any users and systems. Please provide this access carefully as your users will able to see sensitive informations like OTP, Account details or any message exchanged between your business and the connected channels.

Once you updated the Roles with necessary permission the user needs to sign-out from their account and login again to see the changes

Tracking Messages Sent by Users

Admin or users having “Reports – Full Access” able to see the messages which are send by the users from the Broadcaster -> Reports and you will able to see the Application & User Name as shown below

Exporting Message history is currently only available for Admin account

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