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Covid Contact Tracing through Missed Calls for Shops & Offices

After long lockdown businesses are now restarting, offices are back to normal, shops are opening and at the same time regulations are on high, majority of the local government across the world instructs the shop and office owners to keep a register of all their visitors in order to trace the contacts.

The Problem Statement

Businesses have to deploy dedicated manpower in order to comply with this regulation and at the same time, customers also have to write their name and contact number in a physical register using a pen which is generally used by 100’s of persons in a day which leads to high chances of getting infected.

The Solution

Now business can simply track the visitors just asking them to place a missed call in a number displayed at the shop or office using Picky Assist bridge app Missed Call feature.

How it Works

Once the number is displayed in the shop or office when a customer calls to the number the call will automatically reject after 5 seconds (you can configure the time) and a WhatsApp or SMS (You can configure) will be sent back instantly to the customer informing the precaution needs to be taken while shopping.

Live Demo

Place a missed call to +91 94000 55074 from a WhatsApp number and you will get a reply WhatsApp message instantly.

Advantages to Businesses

  • Simple & frictionless contact tracking
  • No manpower needed
  • Ability to get correct contact details
  • No physical register or pen required
  • Digital records of all calls which can export any time
  • Can be used for marketing or promotions, business can include current running promotions in the reply back SMS/WhatsApp
  • Can track how many visitors are visiting in a day including the time
  • Ability to run a SMS / WhatsApp drip campaign to give in-store offers while customer’s are shopping
  • Use your existing number , no costly gateways or subscriptions needed, all you need is an Android phone and Mobile Number
  • Get started for free in just 5 minutes

Advantages to Customers

  • Easy & 100% Safe to Use
  • Just take a few seconds to acquire the visitor pass
  • No contact to Pen, Register or Papers which is shared by 100’s of persons
  • No app download , no need to send any SMS or fill forms
  • Works with any types of phones

Getting Started

If you are new to Picky Assist then simply follow the below steps to get started in 5 minutes and the first 400 calls ($2) is free then select pay as you go plan or monthly plan starts from $5.

  1. Create A Free Picky Assist Account
  2. Create A New Project
  3. Download Bridge App & Configure
  4. Enable Missed Call feature in the Bridge App
  5. Configure Reply Back SMS / WhatsApp

Helpful Free Tools to Generate Call QR Codes

QR Code is a great tool to avoid manually typing of a number, while displaying the number businesses can consider displaying a QR code through which the customers can easily scan the number to be called which avoids manually typing the number.

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