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Trello Integration with WhatsApp

We will learn how to integrate a Trello Board with WhatsApp through Picky Assist Connector Using Trello Butler (Automation)


  1. WhatsApp Channel Enabled in Picky Assist Account
  2. Access to Picky Assist Connector
  3. Trello Account (Free or Paid)

About Trello

Trello is very popular Task / Project Management Platform known for it’s easy to use Board, List & Card features

Capabilities with Picky Assist Connector

When you connect your Trello account with Picky Assist Connector you can achieve below-mentioned capabilities to enhance the business communication with your customer’s

  1. Automatically Send A WhatsApp Message to A User when a Card is moving from One List to Other like “Order Processing” to “Order Delivered”
  2. Automatically Alert an Internal User when a Card Moves to a Specific List, like when a card is moved to a list named “Completed” Send a WhatsApp Message to the Owner of the card informing that the task is done
  3. When a Card Label got changed or updated Send A WhatsApp message to a specific user like when a label is changed from “In Progress” to “Done” Send a WhatsApp Message to a specific member
  4. When A List is Added or Marked As Completed Send A WhatsApp Message

Kindly note that through this integration it’s not possible to Update a Card or take any specific action when a new incoming WhatsApp Messages comes to your number , please contact us for doing this as a paid custom work.

Supported Triggers

Below are the complete list of Supported Triggers in Trello Automation (Butler) where you will able to take different actions using Picky Assist Connector.

Card Moves

  1. When A Card is Added to A List
  2. When A Card is Added to a Board
  3. When A Card is Archived / Unarchive
  4. When a List is Created
  5. When a List have more than x Number of Cards

Card Changes

  1. When a Label is Added / Removed in a Card
  2. When a Attachment is Added / Removed in a Card
  3. When a Specific User is Added/Removed from a Card
  4. When a Vote is Added / Removed in a Card


  1. When a Due Date is Marked As Completed / Incomplete


  1. When a Checklist is Added / Removed to a Card
  2. When a Checklist is Marked as Completed / Incomplete
  3. When an item in a checklist is Checked / Unchecked
  4. When an item is added / removed in a Checklist

Card Contents

  1. When the name / description of the card starts / ends / contains a specific value
  2. When a comment is posted into a card
  3. When someone is mentioned in a card


  1. When All the Custom fields are completed
  2. When a Specific Custom Field Value Change / Update

How It Works?

Picky Assist Connector makes use of the inbuilt Automation Feature of Trello called “Butler” you can create simple or advanced automation using Butler and in the Action you can send a “HTTP Request” from Trello to Picky Assist Connector further in the Picky Assist Connector you can create various Actions like Send A WhatsApp Message, Add User into a WhatsApp Group etc

Watch Video How Butler Works

You can find more Videos in Youtube to learn more about how Trello Automation Platform Butler works https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trello+butler

Getting Started

The first step is to go to Picky Assist and create a Connector URL and get ready with the Connector URL – Read More on How to Create a Connector

Create A Automation in Trello Butler

Kindly refer the above video’s on how you can create an Automation with Trello Butler, what we will show here how to Set an Action in the Trello which post an event to Picky Assist Connector using the Trello builtin HTTP Request Action

Once A Trigger is Created in the Automation you have to Set an Action, kindly follow the below steps to set a “HTTP Request” as action;

Click on “Content” then move to last option as shown below;

Now Click on “get” and it will show and option “post to” and enter the Connector URL as shown below;

Passing Trello Data Values

In order this automation to work you need to pass the Trello data values in variables appended to the Connector URL or for advanced Users can use JSON as Payload, we will discuss here how to pass the trello values through variables along with the Connector URL

Let’s assume your Connector URL is https://pickyassist.com/beta/url/410474eb24ec757b5545d7c17eaec992c18b

and you need to pass following details to the Picky Assist Connector from your Trello Board

Card Name
Card ID

So we will construct a query as card_name={cardname}&id={cardid} if you wish to add more values you can add & then give a variable name = {bulter variable name} i.e in simple separate a value with &

Now this query needs to be appended to your Connector URL, add ? at the end of the Connecting URL followed by the query as shown below;


So what it do is that whenever an automation triggers the Trello will replace the {cardname} with the actual value and assign this to the variable named “card_name” and post to the URL.

Complete List of Trello Variables

You can get Complete List of Variables Supported by Trello Here https://help.trello.com/article/1157-variables

Kindly Note that in order to Send A WhatsApp Message the WhatsApp Number should be saved in your Card along with the Country Code. You can save this as a Card “Title” or in a “Custom Field” Please make sure that the field you save the WhatsApp Number don’t contains any other informations.


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