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2019 A Quick Walk Through

Thank you for being with us this year ❤️and its been a great year for us because of the trust and confidence showered by our below customers like you. At Picky Assist every day starts with an ocean of opportunities to serve our customers with innovative products and services. Just have a look at what we have together accomplished in 2019…

99.999% Uptime – Only 5 Minutes Downtime

50 Million+ Interactions Handled

500+ New Paid Customers Added

50+ New Features Released

Introduced Facebook Messenger

Introduced WhatsApp Official


  • Call Conference / Click 2 Call is moved from Alpha to Beta
  • Picky Assist Bridge App Version 4.0 Released
  • Broadcast API Version 2.0 Released
  • Introduced Subscriber Segment based filters
  • Introduced Personalisation in Broadcaster & Smart Replies
  • Integration of Click 2 Call with Smart Replies
  • Missed Call Action to send Automatic SMS / WhatsApp / Calls


  • Introduction of Yearly Plan for Phone Automation $299 per year


  • Introduction of Widgets which helps to integrate Smart Replies into a Website or Blog
  • New Partner in India and Supports Local Currency Billing (INR)


  • Only one scheduled downtime in the 2019 , lasts for 5 minutes to upgrade servers
  • Picky Bridge Mobile App Version 4.3 Released
  • Introduced WhatsApp Filter , Link Preview & Delivery Reports
  • Introduction of Smart Actions in Smart Replies
  • Introduction of WhatsMail Adon Service



  • Introduction of Zendesk App for Picky Assist.


  • Introduction of LIVE Chat Basic Version
  • Smart Replies Supports All Major Languages
  • Smart Replies Option to Ad Question Variations
  • Introduction of Intent & Context in Smart Replies
  • Smart Replies – Handling Media Files, Option to Set Static Reply when receiving media files
  • Smart Replies – Option to Turn off Reply to Groups
  • WhatsApp Incoming Media Handling, Option to send a URL back when receives a media file from user.



We are all set to Welcome 2020 and always committed to tailor-made our Products to meet your business requirements.

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