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WhatsApp Message Drafting Tips

Content is the King of Marketing, a short well-drafted message that can influence the customer than a long email, we have combined few tips for drafting great WhatsApp messages which can create more customer engagements.


  • Make sure the message contents are highly relevant to the product/services enquired by the customer. Irrelevant messages end up only irritating customers and higher rates of unsubscription or spam reports
  • Whatsapp is more personal than email so don’t bombard customers with messages. Always set a fair interval between messages (weekly 2-3 messages is recommended)
  • Always give an option to OPT-OUT from your messaging list.


  • Don’t draft your messages like a marketer. Make it sound like you are speaking to a close friend. Keep the communication casual and friendly and treat them like an actual person.
  • Emojis help draw attention. But be careful not to overuse them.
  • Avoid lengthy messages as people never read long messages. So we recommend keeping your messages less than 300 characters with a call-to-action link to your website.
  • Don’t add more than one call to action link or phone number which could create confusion among the customers.
  • Try to end the message with a question as customers are more likely to reply to your message. eg “Do you wish to avail this offer ?” , “Do you feel motivated ?” , “Do you wish to schedule a demo?” etc
  • Use an image in your campaign which will have a 50% more engaging ratio than text messages. Keep the images neat and clutter-free without much text.
  • Create urgency by setting a deadline like “This offer ends in a week” , “Only limited Stocks Left” etc
  • Don’t directly highlight your products/services features instead explain how your product/services can help customers. Include some real use case links as a call to action or include a youtube video of a customer testimonial etc


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