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Picky Assist Billing Explained

Let’s understand how Picky Assist Billing Works and when and how you will be charged.

Billing Components & Terminology

We have the following billing components and terminology

WalletWallet is kind of a bank account where you can add money into the Picky Assist Wallet and can be used to avail of any services we offer. You have the option to set auto-renew a service by utilizing the available balance from your Wallet

Wallet Amount is non-transferable and there will no refund processed for any unused funds in the Wallet. Wallet don’t have any validity or expiry date
Pay As You Go PlanThis plan is suitable for testing the services where you will be billed for each interaction i.e sending and receive a message consider as 2 interaction and will be billed accordingly

Adon’s are not available with Pay As You Go Plan so if you would like to get Adon’s like WhatsApp Channel then you need to pay monthly rental as mentioned in the pricing page
Base PlanThis is a plan where you need to pay a fixed monthly amount and you will get benefits like Free Contacts, Free Interactions, etc

Our popular Base plan is Unlimited which costs you $35 per month with 5000 contacts and Unlimited Messages between contacts
Adon’sBase plans offer only limited channels and features like in the base plan only Facebook Messenger is available as a channel, so if you would like to add more services into a base plan then you have to make use of our Adon’s

Our most popular Adon’s are WhatsApp Web Automation & Zoho CRM
Contacts / SubscribersIn the base plan, you are limited to the number of Contacts / Subscribers in a month.
Interactions Interactions mean how many messages you are sending and receiving from any of the connected Channels, each message will be billed separately.

When you subscribe to any base plan you will get a free interaction every month and the Unlimited plan offers Unlimited interactions between your contacts
Additional ChargesAdditional charges will be debited from your Wallet like when a base plan free messaging limit is exhausted then to send or receive further messages it will start debit the amount from your Wallet

You have the option to upgrade the plan to avoid Additional Charges
ChannelsChannels mean the messaging channels which you can connect to Picky Assist like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc

Only Facebook Messenger is free to connect, all other channels are paid

Most popular Channel is WhatsApp Web Automation
AppsApps are 3rd party services that you can connect with Picky Assist like Zoho CRM, Zendesk, etc

All App’s are paid and consider as Adon Services which attracts monthly, yearly or one time charges

Base Plans

You can see the base plan details from our website https://pickyassist.com/pricing

All base plans have a fixed monthly rental and provide certain features as shown above

Compare Plans

You can compare all plans details from this link https://pickyassist.com/compare-plans

Adon Charges

Adon charges vary depends on the plan you opt for, the cost of the adon will go down when you opt for a higher plan, for example if you want to get WhatsApp Web Automation service with Unlimited Plan ($35) then it costs you only $14 per month wherein the Small Plan ($5) it costs you $24

You can see the Adon charges against each plan in the above plan comparison image.

Pay As You Plan Vs Base Plans

Pay as you go plan is suitable for testing the services so it doesn’t include any Adon’s so if you would like to make use of Adon’s like WhatsApp Web Automation, Zapier then it costs you extra per month apart from the Interactions Charges

So if you would like to Activate WhatsApp Web Automation and Zapier in the Pay As you go plan it costs you $29 (WhatsApp Web Automation) + $20 + $0..005 per message you send or receive so if you want to send and receive 1000 messages in a month then it costs you the total as below;

WhatsApp Web Automation Adon$29
Zoho CRM Adon$29
Billing for 1000 Interaction 1000 x $0..005$5

When you send / receive more messages your billing will increase in this plan

Base Plan offers you with free interactions every month and Adon charges are discounted based on the base plan you opt for, let’s see the below example for better understanding;

ItemSmall PlanLarge PlanUnlimited
Monthly Rental$5$25$35
WhatsApp Web Automation Adon$24$19$14
Zoho CRM Adon$24$19$14
Free Interactions & Contacts500 Contacts / 2500 Free Interactions2000 Contacts / 25000 Free Interactions5000 Contacts / Unlimited Interactions

As you can see the difference between each plan is not much and the Unlimited plan offers you more value when you want to activate more Adon’s

Those who would like to connect with any 3rd party using API’s then only Pay As You Go Plan & Unlimited Plan support API Access

Yearly, Life Time & Combo Plans

We offer a discount for Yearly plans and Combo Plans like Base Plan + Adon’s

Except WhatsApp Web Automation Adon all other Adon’s can also be purchased for a lifetime as long as you have a valid subscription with any of the Picky Assist base plan, you will not be billed for the Adon’ monthly or yearly once you subscribed for a lifetime

Life Time Charges for Adon’s

This is an optional where you will be billed for the Adon’s only once however you should have any base plan active in order to use Adon’s

AdonLife Time Charges
Zoho CRM$499
Facebook Lead Adon$299

Now let’s demonstrate an example how the Life Time Purchase works, if you brought Zoho CRM for life time by paying $499 then you can buy any of the base plan or even pay as you go plan and you will not be billed for Zoho CRM Adon monthly or yearly, you need to pay only the base plan charges.

Yearly Plans

Yearly plan is supported only with Unlimited Plan as a base plan and Adon’s will be billed as below

Adon / PlanYearly Charges
Unlimited Plan for a Year$299
WhatsApp Web Automation Adon$149
Zoho CRM Adon$149
Zapier Adon$99
WhatsMail Adon$99
Zendesk Adon$149

When you opt for a yearly plan there will not additional costs for a month you just need to pay the yearly rental as mentioned in the above table, suppose if you want to go with Unlimited Plan along with WhatsApp Web Automation adon then it costs you $299 + $149 = $448 per year / per number

Combo / Customise Plans

When you want to activate many Adon’s together for many projects and numbers we offer you with a Combo or Customise the plan to suit your requirements, please send an email to [email protected] to know more about the Combo / Customise plans

Billing Currency & Payment Gateway

USD (United States Dollar) is the default billing currency of Picky Assist however based on our regional presence you may have the option to pay in Local Currencies and get Invoices, even if you are paying in local currency all transactions will be displayed in the USD in your Picky Assist Portal.

Currently, we support only USD & INR payments

We make use of Paypal & RazarPay for collecting payments and for INR payments we also accept UPI & Net Banking

We also support direct Wire Transfer if the amount is more than $1000, please send an email to [email protected] to know more about Wire Transfer.

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