At Picky Assist we believe that our products and services should not overrun your budget. So we always adopt a fair pricing by keeping our margins as much lower as possible.

$ 5 /pm
  • All In One Communication Suite
  • 500 Subscribers
  • 2500 Broadcast Messages
  • ×No API Access
  • Connect Your Android Phone
  • WhatsApp Shared Number
  • Facebook Messenger
  • +$24 - WhatsApp Web Automation
  • +$15 - Facebook Lead Adform
  • +$24 - Zoho CRM Integration
$ 10 /pm
  • All In One Communication Suite
  • 1000 Subscribers
  • 8000 Broadcast Messages
  • ×No API Access
  • Connect Your Android Phone
  • WhatsApp Shared Number
  • Facebook Messenger
  • +$24 - WhatsApp Web Automation
  • +$15 - Facebook Lead Adform
  • +$24 - Zoho CRM Integration
$ 25 /pm
  • All In One Communication Suite
  • 2000 Subscribers
  • 25000 Broadcast Messages
  • ×No API Access
  • Connect Your Android Phone
  • WhatsApp Shared Number
  • Facebook Messenger
  • +$19 - WhatsApp Web Automation
  • +$12 - Facebook Lead Adform
  • +$19 - Zoho CRM Integration
$ 35 /pm
  • All In One Communication Suite
  • 5000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Broadcast Messages
  • API Access
  • Connect Your Android Phone
  • WhatsApp Shared Number
  • Facebook Messenger
  • +$14 - WhatsApp Web Automation
  • +$10 - Facebook Lead Adform
  • +$14 - Zoho CRM Integration
Save More with Monthly Packages
Pay As You Go Plan

Pay $0.005 Per Interaction

  • All In One Communication Suite
  • No Monthly Charges (Adon Charges Extra)
  • API Access
Calculate Price for Pay As You Go Plan

Enter Number of Interaction

X$0.005 =

Save More with Unlimited Plan


$299 $420 Per Year
  • Unlimited Interactions
  • 5000 Monthly Active Subscribers
  • All In One Communication Suite
  • API & All Feature Access
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Save $121 (29%)

While Label Bridge App

Re-brand Picky Assist Bridge App to your brand name with just one time cost. Only Mobile App will be rebranded the web app will remain branded to Picky Asssit. This feature is suitable for developers who would like to build solutions based on Picky Assist Services.

  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Project Managment API
  • 10 Days Delivery


One Time Charges

Create A Free Account & Get $2 to Test Our Services.

No Credit Card Required and Access to All Features.

Feature Medium$199 Large $299 Unlimited $399
One Time Setup Charges $199 $299 $399
Monthly Rental $199 $299 $399
Yearly Discounted Rental with No Setup Charges $1999 $2999 $3999
Free Session Messages Per Month 150000 300000 Unlimited
Additional Session Message Charges (Flat to any Country) $0.0007 $0.0006 Free
Template Charges to UNITED STATES Change $0.0102 Download $0.0098 Download $0.0094 Download
Throughput Per Second (TPS) 10 TPS 15 TPS 20 TPS
Additional 10 TPS $70 $70 $70
API Access
All In One Communication Suite Access Upto 5000 Active Monthly Subscribers
Calculate Monthly Bill - UNITED STATES - Change
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
Monthly Rental $199 $299 $399
Estimate Monthly Bill $199 $299 $399

WhatsApp Billing Components As Below

WhatsApp Templates

Templates are pre-approved messages from WhatsApp which used to send outbound messages like OTP, Shipping Alert, Transaction Alert, Appointment Alerts. Marketing or Promotional Messages are not allowed. Templates need to be used only if you want to send a message after 24 hours from your last user interaction. You can send any messages including marketing or promotional within 24 hours of last user interaction time. All outbound template messages are charged as per the destination country. Currently only Images & Documents are supported through templated messages i.e after 24 hours. All templates must be approved by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Session

All inbound and outbound messages to your WhatsApp number is called Session. A session will start when the user initiates a message with your number and the session lasts for 24 hours from the last messages received from the particular user, which means the session time will get resets whenever a new message receives from a user. When a user session is active you can send any type of messages including marketing, promotional, media, contact, location etc. Session messages are billed at a flat rate mentioned in the pricing section.


The billing will be done on prepaid basis and its real-time, you can add funds to your account and all charges will be debited from your account automatically.

Setup Charges

One time setup charges for setting up your Official WhatsApp Business Account

Monthly Maintenance Charges

This is a recurring fixed monthly charge to maintain the high availability docker service


Save 29% Across All Plan with Yearly Payment. No Setup Charges


Limited Availability

WhatsApp Official Account Activation is Subjected to Approval From WhatsApp and Service is offered as per the Terms & Conditions of WhatsApp


  • Approval From WhatsApp (We will take)
  • Facebook Business Account and should be in Verified Status

What’s Not Supported?

  • Supports only text, image & document after 24 hours window.
  • Sending Promotional / Marketing Messages after 24 hours

Free Communication Suite

Every Plan Comes with Access to Free Communication Suite, based on the plan there will be certain limitations. Please Compare the plans to find the limitations.

Smart Replies

Engage Customers 24 x 7 without manpower through different Social Messaging Apps. Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Read More


Send Personalized & Send Bulk Personalised & Segmented Messages with Just A Click Through Broadcaster

Read More

Social CRM

Manage Customers, Create Tickets , Add Reminders, Create Categories & Tags , Attributes & Much More with Social CRM.

Read More


Send Automatic Follow-up based on Events & Triggers, Create Drip Campagins

Read More


Start A Call Conference or Click2Call with Telephony using your Android Phone As Gateway.

Read More

Live Chat

One to One personalise communication through a Unified Inbox for all Social Messaging Apps.

Read More


Channels help to connect the bot with multiple social messaging app and enjoys unified communication

Facebook Messenger

Engage Customers through Facebook Messenger

Read More


Engage your website visitors through Widgets

Read More

Telegram (Coming Soon)

Interact with Customers on Telegram



Engage with 1.5 Bn Active Customers in 180+ Countries

Read More


Engage Offline Customers with SMS



Offer Missed Call & Call Conference

Read More

Paid Ad-On’s

You only need to pay one time charge and can use with any plan of picky assist either phone automation or WhatsApp Official.


Connect WhatsApp, SMS & Facebook As a Channel in Zendesk

$499 One Time
Read More


Send & Receive WhatsApp, SMS & Facebook messages right from your email

$399 One Time
Read More

Google Sheets

Get, Delete, Update Data In & Out from Google Sheet

$299 One Time
Read More


Automate Your Sales through All Popular Messaging Application

$599 One Time

Zoho CRM

Send & Receive WhatsApp, SMS & Messenger right from Zoho CRM

$499 One Time

Facebook Lead

Capature Facebook Leads & Allocate Instantly through WhatsApp, SMS

$299 One Time


Interconnect Picky Assist with 1500+ Application through Zapier. Unlimited Possibilites

$399 One Time


Collect Payment right from the WhatsApp/SMS/Messenger by sending secure payment link

$199 One Time

Track URL’s

Track URL’s like never before and set Smart Actions when someone Click on the URL

$899 One Time

Custom Integration

Don’t see your faviourte app in the above list? Dont worry we will integrate it for you.

$25 Per Hour

Paid Consulting

Confused with what need to be done ? Avail Our Paid Consulting which offers almost all

$15 per Hour
Minimum 5 Hours Required
Read More


Anybody who sends a message to picky assist connected Channels like Whatsapp , SMS , Call, Messenger & Web will be recorded as a Subscriber.

  • Billing Only for Active Monthly Subscribers
  • Billed Only After Free Limits Are Exceeded
  • Unlimited Interaction Between Subscribers

All About Subscribers

You will be billed only for Active Subscribers i.e if someone sends a message last month and no interaction in the current month then it will consider as inactive subscriber and will not count for billing. All plans except “Pay As You Go” comes with certain free subscribers and you will be billed only after the free limit is exceeded in a month. There is no free subscribers in Pay As You Go Plan since you are billed for each interaction. Interaction between Subscribers are Unlimited subjected to fair usage policy of 100k interaction per day / per project.


We are a self funded startup with many innovative ideas to assist our customers in all ways possible. Being a self funded startup, we have strict budget limitations and can't release all of the features in one go. Hence every 2 weeks we release new features which are frequently requested by our customers. If you need any new features, please request the same and help us by subscribing to the Yearly Unlimited Plan $299 and get the feature developed for you at free of cost*

*If Scope of work exceeds $200 then we will charge $20 per hour towards development charges

Payment Methods

Our payment partner is Paypal so you can securely and confidently make payments through Paypal.


Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing

NO, we are allowing our customers to test the service by giving $2 Credit so there is no refund policy.
NO, you can cancel the subscription or close the account any time but any unused credit or benefits can't be transferred to other accounts.Also you will not get any refunds for the unused credit in your account.
NO, Unlimited plans allows you to send and receive unlimited messages across any channels and access to all features. Please note sms, call and data charges are applicable as by your telecom provider.
If you find any other company offering the services and features below than our price, then we guarantee to match the price.
One Interaction means either IN or OUT message irrespective of message type , each message will be billed as one count and amount or credit will get debit basis on the plan you have subscribed. Unlimited Plan ($35 monthly) offers unlimited interactions.
You will not able to send or receive any messages further.
Anybody who sends message to picky assist connected Whatsapp , SMS , Call & Web will be recorded as a Subscriber.
New Subscribers will not be added into your account, however you can communicate with all your existing subscribers based on your monthly plan. If your account balance is available then we will keep adding subscribers and debits your account as per your plan.
API Access is available only in Pay As You Go & Unlimited plans we highly recommend you to subscribe Unlimited Plan
Our subscription and license is issued against the mobile device.So you can activate another number and continue using the service in the same mobile phone.
As our license are issued against device you can connect 2 WhatsApp i.e WhatsApp Personal & WhatsApp Business under one subscription / project. Please note that we dont support cloned WhatsApp
Each message is considered as one count and both outgoing as well as incoming are counted. There is no character limit or count. Suppose if you have received 10 incoming message and you send 5 outgoing messages then total bill count would be 15 messages.
Yes, its possible to switch but existing plans benefits will not carry forward to new plan , we also dont adjust the amount on pro-rated basis.
If your credit got exhausted and you don’t have any active subscription then you will not able to receive or send messages.
NO, you don't need to have a credit card to start the service we support all payment options supported by Paypal.
Yes, we process INR payment through our channel partner in India. Please Connect +91 77158 33404
No, currently our business dont need to collect tax. You can see all your billing details from your account Profile -> Billing.
Yes, we required 100% payment in advance to start the custom development for you. If the project value is more than $2500 then we offer milestone based payments..

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