WhatsApp & SMS Broadcaster

70% More CTR than Email

Start Engaging With Your Prospects through Broadcaster. Reach Mass Audience with Personalised Messaging through WhatsApp & SMS


WhatsApp Advantages


Increased Response Rates


Click Through Rates (CTR)


Increase in Sales Closure


Messages Read within 3 Seconds


Improvement in Sales Funnel


Saves Manpower Cost & Effort

What is Broadcaster?

Broadcaster means sending messages to mass people or groups either with personalized or general messages contents related to marketing, informational, transactional etc. Broadcaster eliminates the effort of sending messages one by one which save time. Business can segment their customers and broadcast messages with just few clicks.

In short, broadcaster helps businesses to send personalized and enhanced messages with images, video, pdf , audio etc in just few clicks

Why WhatsApp Broadcaster ?

There are many reasons why WhatsApp Broadcaster is more effective than any other communication medium. Lets go in deep why should businesses use WhatsApp Broadcaster

  • There are 1.5 Bn Active WhatsApp Users Around the globe and exchanging more than 90 billion messages in a day. So many of your customers or prospects probably using WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp have incredible engagement rates 98% of messages are opened and read, with 90% of them getting opened within 3 seconds of being received.
  • 10 out of 6 customers are likely to reply on WhatsApp message if message contents are relevant to them.

Compare WhatsApp Vs SMS Vs Email

Let's compare all the major communication channel to find the best engaging one.

Feature WhatsApp SMS Email
Open & Read Ratio 98% 80% 20%
CTR 70% 50% 3%
Read Timings 90% reads within 3 seconds 70% reads within 5 minutes 20% reads within 2 hours
Respond Time 30 seconds 90 seconds 90 minutes
Response Ratio 60% 20% 5%
Brand Recall High Moderate Low
Sales Closure Chances 60% 30% 5%
Rich Messaging Yes No Limited (Video not supported)
Forwarding Chances High Moderate Low
Customer Preference 80% 60% 30%
Young Audience 90% 70% 50%

Business Advantages

Rich Messaging

Increase customer engagement chances by 50% with Rich Media and Emoji messages.

High Brand Visibility

Your brand visibility will increase by 20% and good content may be forwarded many times.

High Sales Closure

Right message at the right time increases the sales closure chance by 30%


50% cost-effective than any other available communication mediums.

Picky Assist WhatsApp Broadcaster Features

Personalized Messaging

Send Personalised / Dynamic messages using the attribute value stored in Social CRM or upload an excel sheet with your own personalize contents.

Hello {{name}} your pending billing amount is ${{123}} and last date to pay is {{date}}. Click the link to pay now {{link}}



Powerful Segmentation with tags, categories, subcategories , age, subscribed date , gender, city , pincode, and all data saved against a subscriber for sending the right message to the right segment of customers at right time.


Even More Features

Offline Broadcaster

Picky Assist supports WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Personal & SMS so don't worry about your offline customers who are not using Whatsapp.

Auto Load Distribution

Send more messages in a minute by auto distributing the message loads with different numbers. Simply select multiple projects and rest our software will do.


Save custom data fields against each customers like Age, Country, Gender, DOB, Email, Address or any relevant informations which need to be stored for creating a segment list.

Upload Contacts

Upload excel, csv, txt files to send messages quickly.

Media Gallery

Store Images, Videos, Audios, Documents in our media gallery and reuse in a click.


Save frequently used text messages as template and reuse with just a click.

Remove Duplicate

In a click remove duplicate contacts from your uploaded list

Add / Remove Number Prefix

Easily add or remove prefix to a mobile number.

Schedule Messages

Send messages even when you are away using the scheduler.

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