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Plan Starting from $14/pm

The most Stable & Feature Rich WhatsApp Automation Platform in the World !

Automate Your WhatsApp to Send & Receive Messages by Just Pairing Your WhatsApp Web with Picky Assist Automation Tool.

A powerful tool to improve your overall productivity, sales and customer satisfaction without burning your pockets and going through the tedious WhatsApp Official Approval process.


How it Works


It’s take only 1 Minute to Get Started


Scan the WhatsApp Web QR Code to Pair Your WhatsApp


Start Sending & Receiving WhatsApp Messages in Your Server / Application

Unique Features

Supports Sending & Receiving Media Files

You can send and receive all type of media files including Images, Videos, Documents, Location, Audio , Voice Memo.

Dedicated Servers Hosted Near You

We will run your WhatsApp web in a dedicated server hosted near to your country in order to minimize the blocking chances.

Fallback to Phone Automation Bridge App

Our unique fallback mechanism ensures no downtime even if WhatsApp changes something on the WhatsApp Web, also all the contacts keep synching with WhatsApp through the phone which minimizes the blocking chances.

Inhouse Developed & Managed

The automation tool is fully inhouse developed and managed by our experienced engineers which ensure timely updates and the best performance.

100 Interactions Per Minute

Send & Receive upto 100 messages in a minute making it more scalable than our previous phone automation tool.

Get Display Name & Picture

Whenever someone sends messages get their public display name and profile picture

Get Real Time Delivery & Read Reports

You will get the exact and realtime delivery, read, play reports of the messages sent.

No Dependencies

Unlike in our Phone automation tools you don’t need to install any software or required a specific phone to work, you can simply scan the QR code to link your WhatsApp web from any phone you use including iPhones.

WhatsApp Group Automation (Beta)

Automatically create WhatsApp Group, get group invite url, add members , remove members , get user mentions, send and receive WhatsApp messages into the group. Lot of business use cases can be built using Group.

Auto Sync

Ability to track messages which are sent manually from your phone either by you or the agents, this gives full context of the conversation.

Feature Supports List

We have covered all the features and we keep updating new features regularly to enhance your experience.

Supported Features
  • Send & Receive Images with Captions
  • Send & Receive Videos with Captions
  • Send & Receive Audio Files
  • Send & Receive Voice Notes
  • Send & Receive Location
  • Send & Receive Documents
  • Receive Contact
  • Ability to Use WhatsApp From Phone
  • Actual Delivery, Read & Play Reports
  • Extract Display Name & Picture of the User
  • Ability to Sync the messages sent from the phone
  • Generating Link Preview
  • Set Status Message
  • Quote Reply
  • Create Groups, Get Group Invite, Add Members, Remove Members
  • Send & Receive Messages to Groups
  • Mention Users In Groups & Get Mentions
Not Supported Features
  • Ability to Use WhatsApp from your Computer
  • WhatsApp Native Broadcast Automation
Coming Soon Features
  • Simulate Typing or Voice Recording

Business Advantages

No Approval

You don't need to take approval from WhatsApp or wait to get started

Use Existing Number

No need to change your existing business number.

No Per Message Charges

You don't need to pay per message charges a flat monthly or yearly charges.

No Destination Based Charges

You can send messages to any country without paying any extra charges.

Go LIVE in 10 Minutes

You can complete the integration and GO LIVE within 10 minutes.

No Dependencies

Ability to pair WhatsApp installed in any phone and can use the physical phone normally.


  • WhatsApp Personal or Business App Installed.
  • Phone should be connected to Internet always.

What’s Not Supported?

  • Broadcast Automation


You can buy this as an Adon, you will be billed your current monthly plan + Adon Charges as mentioned below per month / year

Pay As You Go
  • $29
  • $24
  • $24
  • $19
  • $14
Unlimited Yearly
  • $149

All In One Communication Suite

Connect Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp , Website , SMS & Your Android Phone with Picky Assist & Enjoy A New Communication Experience.

Smart Replies

Engage Customers 24 x 7 without manpower through different Social Messaging Apps. Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Send Automatic Follow-up based on Events & Triggers, Create Drip Campagins


Send Personalized & Send Bulk Personalised & Segmented Messages with Just A Click Through Broadcaster

Social CRM

Manage Customers, Create Tickets , Add Reminders, Create Categories & Tags , Attributes & Much More with Social CRM.


Start A Call Conference or Click2Call with Telephony using your Android Phone As Gateway.

Live Chat

One to One personalise communication through a Unified Inbox for all Social Messaging Apps.


Communicate Where Customer's are


Get tightly integrated with the app you use

Legal Disclaimer

This is an unofficial tool Independently developed to support small and medium businesses to automate their business through WhatsApp and we don’t have any association with WhatsApp or its parent companies. Improper usage of this tool may be a violation of WhatsApp Terms & Conditions hence we are not responsible for any actions taken by WhatsApp. We don’t guarantee any uptime , business continuity for this tool so you may use this “as it is” we highly recommend to use our free 7 days trial to ensure that this tool suits your requirements. We shall put our best effort to maintain the tool as per the features mentioned in this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our phone automation tools work with an Android phone and automate the WhatsApp App installed in the phone with many limitations like not able to receive media files etc, wherein our new WhatsApp web automation doesn’t require an Android phone you can simply scan the WhatsApp Web and able to send and receive all media files, support actual delivery, read and voice memo play reports many new features.
Yes, this is available as an Adon you can purchase and map it into any plan by paying a fixed monthly or yearly rentals as mentioned on our pricing page.
It’s true that if WhatsApp changes some signaling systems or structure in their WhatsApp Web the automation likely to have an impact but we have developed this solution from the scratch and able to update with lesser time than others, we also have a fallback to phone automation in order to avoid downtime i.e in case WhatsApp web automation having any issues you can switch to phone automation by just a tap of a button which ensures business continuity.
No, you just need to change the application=10 that’s it the API structure remains the same and if you wish to get delivery, read and voice memo play reports you can setup the event webhook anytime.
There are many reasons why we do this but the primary reason is to avoid WhatsApp blocking, suppose if we run all the WhatsApp Web in a single server if any of the users are banned by the WhatsApp then there are chances all other users in the same server likely to get banned, in order to avoid this scenario we keep the dedicated server for each number and other reason is to provide more data security and privacy.
This is again to avoid WhatsApp blocking for example let’s say you are from India and the physical phone is connected in India so mostly the WhatsApp web also likely to connect from India. If your physical phone and WhatsApp web is too far then WhatsApp may detect it as a bot. This is just a precaution step and based on our experience so far WhatsApp not considering the location of the phone and WhatsApp web.
Based on our test in different scenarios, we have observed that its capable to send and receive up to 100 messages in a minute without any queues however keep in mind that sending too many messages may lead to blockage of your WhatsApp number. The ideal limit is to send only 10 messages in a minute and only to known contacts.
The activation is fully automated, a new server creation takes 3-5 minutes time and you are ready to go.
WhatsApp Web automation in an adon channel that you can activate in your existing project, once activated you need to pay a fixed monthly or yearly charges and all the messaging limits, subscribers limits are the same as your base plan.
Yes, you have to pay the adon monthly or yearly rental + Interaction Charges based on the messages you send and receive.
No, if the phone where the WhatsApp App is installed is switched off or disconnected from the Internet then automation stops working.

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