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Increase your revenue with targeted and highly personalized emails, send highly
engaging automated emails at right time to the right persons

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Email Automations

Send email which matters most to your customer at the right time to influence their decision, send data-driven highly personalized emails with our powerful automation which can trigger emails based on events that happen in any 3rd party software.

Customer Onboarding
Sales Journey
Abandon Cart


No more blind campaigns to wrong contacts or no more guess works, our powerful segmentation helps you to deliver right email to the right contact, combine one or many filters together to segment your audience and send the most relevant email to each segment than generic email to all

Value Based
Behavior Based
Date Based
Send Email from any Webpage

Send Email
from any Webpage

Seriously, next time you see an email in any of the webpage send them an email proposal, add them to an email list, segment contact with a tag by just clicking a button, YES, in a button click take 25+ actions in the background with our Google Chrome Extension , no need to open your email, crm, software etc

Integrates & Works with any CRM


Not all customers are same so personalize your email with the relevant data which is stored in any 3rd party platform with our simple HTTP Module, pull data from any 3rd party and use them in your email to send a highly personalized and relevant email to the customers

Easy Personalisation
Dynamic Reply to Email Address
Email Iteration
Pull data from any App’s

Customers tend to quickly reply to the email if they are interested in your services or offer, Set a dynamic reply to an email address based on the customer data

Customers tend to quickly reply to the email if they are interested in your services or offer, Set a dynamic reply to an email address based on the customer data

Email iteration is one of advanced features which allows you to automate complex dynamic scenarios with the customer journey. It has a wide use case in many industries however e-commerce is one of the industries which make use most of it.

We know that businesses use many apps for their dynamic needs and the data may not be stored centralized, that's why we have an HTTP module which can pull data from any platform.

Drag & Drop
Powerful Email Builder

Creating stunning and dynamic email’s won’t take more than 10 minutes now with our easy-to-use drag and drop email editor, your imagination is the limit here.

Mobile Responsive
Super Easy to Build
Dynamic Personalisation

Templates Gallery

Get some inspiration from our growing template gallery, pick any of the professional build templates and customize as per your requirements or build from scratch

verify email address Email Template
welcome email
ecommerce invioce email template
invioce email template
payment invoice email template
Welcome email template
expiry email template

List Management

Respect the privacy of others, include unsubscribe links if they don’t wish to receive marketing or promotional email from you,
create as many as unsubscribe lists and add customers to various lists to ensure you are not sending
emails which customers are not interested in.

Unsubscribe List Management

Important Disclaimer

Picky Assist doesn’t provide
any email delivery services,

We offer you to create beautiful email templates using our drag-and-drop email builder Connect and send the email through any SMTP, Amazon SES & Sendgrid using Picky Assist Connector.

We don’t support extracting the email insights like delivery reports, click reports etc (coming soon)

We don’t support sending mass emails from our broadcaster (coming soon)

We don’t integrate email into our Teambox (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay extra for using this email feature?

No, this feature is included in all our plans, just choose any plan and you are good to build and send highly personalized emails

Can I send emails from my own email address?

Yes, you can send emails from any SMTP account including your Gmail, Hotmail, etc, apart from that you can also link professional email service providers like Sendgrid & Amazon SES for high-volume email deliveries

Do you offer mass email marketing or campaigns?

NO, but this feature is under development and will get integrated into our broadcaster feature soon

Can you pull information from a 3rd party software before sending an email?

Yes, we support pulling information from any 3rd party software using our HTTP Module, you can just trigger the HTTP API module and fetch relevant information, and can create a filter condition to decide whether the email should be sent or not.

How are you different from the email service providers like Sendgrid, Amazon SES, or Mailchimp?

These platforms provides you with the necessary connectivity and handle the delivery of your emails whereas Picky Assist is focused to assist you to building powerful automation and highly engaging personalized emails

Do you manage the email server or deliverables?

No, we are not an email service provider, we just help you to create beautiful emails using our drag-and-drop editor, create powerful automation and segmentation and connect with any of the email providers and send them.

Do you offer insights of the email click delivered, read, clicked etc?

NO, at this moment we don’t give this information but you can check your email service provider for these stats, we are also in the process of developing this feature in the coming months.

Do you support attachments in email?

Yes, we do supportmultiple attachments in our email upto 20 MB

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