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Send WhatsApp to img 44 7441 953045 your messages will be shown in the below screen, you will also receive an auto reply !

Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454
Hi bot.. +18089756454

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This software is not based on any of the repositories available in Github or Internet which keep blocking by whatsup in long run. Picky Assist is developed from the scratch after many month of research and development which make use of some core Android & Web functionalities.

Supported Messaging Apps

Currently Picky Assist support automation of following OTT Messaging Application

Below OTT Messaging Application are under technical integration and soon available for customers






FB Messenger





How it Works

In simple we can say Picky Assist works similar to how Google Assistant , google assistant helps you to call a contact , send an SMS or whatsapp message, post a message to facebook and much more. Picky Assist also uses the similar technologies to automate all OTT messaging app installed in your Android Mobile Phone


Step 1

Install Picky Assist Mobile App in Client Mobile

Step 2

Configure Webhook / Chat Bot

Step 3

Start Sending & Receiving Messages

Smart Replies

A Virtual Agent works 24 x 7  for your business powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) , Lets your customer gets answers vIa WhatsApp using Picky Assist Smart Replies without any LIVE agent or employees. You can train the virtual agent by adding more questions, dialogue, keywords and their best answer, you can also upload FAQ from excel or csv sheet. More you train more accurate result it will give. Its powered with Machine Learning i.e the platform continue learning based on your customer engagements. It gives you an overview what your customers are really demanding and searching among your products or services

No Coding Required ! Get Started in 2 minutes


Works with
All Languages


AI Engine






Small Talks


Upload FAQ


Take Over


Send single, bulk and dynamic whatsapp messages right from your application / server using our JSON API’s or Use our Broadcast Tool , Send Images, Videos, Audios & Documents.with industry first cloud message distribution technology helps you to distribute the messages with 1000+ phones for sending high volume messages.


Cloud Message


Not Required


Smart Delay


Upload Excel
or CSV File


Sending Feature






Broadcast API

Broadcast API & Smart Replies are currently under Closed Beta Testing and available only for our existing customers who have subscribed to the Unlimited Plan ($35 per month) If you wish to get early access then please subscribe to Unlimited Plan and request early access by sending an email to support@pickyassist.com

"Try our Broadcast API for Free ! Get $2 Credits Give Wings to your applications today"

Use Cases

Developers can find infinite use cases for Picky Assist, below are just few examples;


Health Care Industry

Lets patients reach the clinic / hospital for checking doctor availability , booking appointment, reschedule appointment, lab test booking, getting lab test results , order medicines etc.


E-Commerce Industry

Allow client to place order through all messaging application and give option to track the order , collect feedback and suggestions , conduct interactive games and quiz, collect payment etc


CRM / Live Chat

Let customers contact the support / sales from their favourite messaging app , convert chat messages as tickets, get ticket status , create multiple chat agents and routeincoming chats to different agents, create sticky agents and much more


Automobile Industry

Lets your Customer Connect you through all messaging app for New Sales Enquires , Service Request , Service Status , Periodic Checkup Offers , Spare Part & Accessory Enquires


Grocery Shop / Restaurants

Allow clients to fill their cart and track orders through different messaging apps, Send Payment Link , Save Client address into the database/ERP/CRM automatically.


Education Industry

Lets students find the best course for them, get college details, fee details , allow parents to fetch their child performance , daily attendance report, mark sheet, upcoming holidays


Real Estate

Lets customers retrieve the project status and project details through different messaging applications


Travel Industry

Offer customer with wide range of travel services. Find best deals and offers, PNR Status Check, Availability Checks, Price Comparison, Building Custom Itinerary , Special Request etc.


Banking & Insurance

Request for Cheque Book, Balance Check, Lodge a Claim , Find product details, get mini statement , Generate Leads , Conduct Survey , Collect Feedback & Complaints.


Lead Generation / Call Back

Publish Whatsapp number in all your advertisement to collect leads and call back requests.


Make interactive communication with all messaging app through a Single account using our robust JSON API & Webhooks.

Integrate our API in Just 5 Minutes


Made for Developers

Picky Assist platform was first created only for developers by the developer for addressing the pain of developers especially when client demands unified and smart two way communication solutions across different messaging apps.

We understand deploying the 2 way communications across all messaging platform is a painful process for developers thus we created Picky Assist Webhooks.

Webhooks are still not open for the popular messaging app Whatsapp, Hike etc but with Picky Assist you can easily build and deploy web services across all messaging platforms without any much coding and understanding the API documentations of those available messaging applications.


Easy to Deploy


Easy to Setup


Lowest Charges


Supports all Apps

Don't have a developer ? Don't know how to code ?

Don't Worry… Picky Assist expert engineers will help you to bring your ideas Into a fully functional conversational chatbots or applications which saves 80% of your manpower and provides you with insight analytics.

All at a discounted price of $35 $20 per hour exclusively for our customers.

  • Chat Bot for Ordering a Product – Bot commerce

  • Chat Bot for Capturing Leads (All Industries)

  • Chat Bot for Capturing Requirements (All Industries)

  • Chat Bot for Book a Table – Restaurant

  • Chat Bot for Event / Venue Bookings

  • Chat Bot for Collecting Feedback – Hotel, Restaurants & Resorts

  • Chat Bot for Appointments – Hospital , Salon , SPA , CA , Astrologer

  • Chat Bot for Support Desk

  • Chat Bot for Laundry Pickup

  • Chat Bot for Car Service / Wash

  • Chat Bot for Book A Cab / Driver

  • Chat Bot for Book A Technician – House Cleaning / AC Repair Service

  • Chat Bot for Loan / Insurance Lead Generation

  • Chat Bot for Survey – Political Parties / TV / Radio

  • Chat Bot for Tour Companies

  • Chat Bot for Builders / Real Estate

  • Chat Bot for Real Estate Brokers

  • Chat Bot for Educational Institutes

  • Chat Bot for Automobile Showrooms – Lead Generation , Book Test Drive

  • Chat Bot for Quiz & Contests

  • Chat Bot for Logistic Companies – Track Order , Feedback

Supports Whatsapp Official Business API

WhatsApp recently released their Official Business API in few countries for large enterprises and we support fully managed integration for WhatsApp Official Business API with Picky Assist without changing your existing Webhook or API. If you are approved by WhatsApp then GO LIVE in less than 2 days with Picky Assist.
For More Details Click Here .

Seeing is Believing! Interact with our Demo Chat Bots

Lead Generation

Booking Test Drive, Car Selection,
Basic Detail Collection

Language: English

Demo Chatbot

  • img
  • img

Education Industry
Exam Result

Fetching Exam Results from
Google Sheet and reply via Messaging App

Language: English

Demo Chatbot

  • img

E-Commerce Industry
New Iphone Ordering

Ordering an Iphone through
chat with payment collection

Language: English & Hindi

Demo Chatbot

  • img

Support Bot
Home Appliances

Product Registration, Compliant Registration, Check Compliant Status, Find A Service Centre

Language: English

Demo Chatbot

  • img
  • img

Loan Bot
Banking Industry

Lead Capturing , Gold Loan Rate Finder , EMI Calculator , Eligibility Checker , Personal Loan , Vehicle Loan

Language: English & Malayalam

Demo Chatbot

  • img
  • img

Home Service
Laundry Pickup & Drop Service

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Bot, Customers can place a laundry pickup request in less than 30 seconds

Language: English

Demo Chatbot

  • img

Gadget Search Bot
Gadgets & Home Appliances

Mobile Phone & Gadget Price Search and Feature Search powered by AI & NLP Technologies integrated with Google Sheet

Language: English, Hindi & Malayalam

Demo Chatbot

  • img

We can also build and deploy Advance AI (Artificial Intelligence) & NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered Chatbot with Google Dialogflow


We support Google Drive, Google Form Integration with Picky Assist Chatbot, i.e our chatbot can read , edit, insert, delete data from your Google Drive and perform dynamic actions.


Please send your detailed requirements to sales@pickyassist.com include as much as details you know and don't forget to mention some practical use case for better clarity.

"Need a free consultation on how chatbots can help your business and save 50% of manpower cost?"


At Picky Assist we believe that our product and services should not overrun your budget so we always adopt a fair pricing by keeping our margins as much as lower as possible.

Pay As You Go

Per Message
  • No Monthly Rent, No Free Message
  • $ 0.005 Effective Message Charges
  • $ 0.005 Per Message after Free Limits


  • 2,500 In & Out Messages per month
  • $0.0035 Per Message after Free Limits
  • $0.002 Effective Message Charges


  • 8,000 In & Out Messages per month
  • $0.0025 Per Message after Free Limits
  • $0.00125 Effective Message Charges


  • 25,000 In & Out Messages per month
  • $0.0015 Per Message after Free Limits
  • $0.001 Effective Message Charges


  • Unlimited Messages & Early Acess to New Services.
  • Our most popular plan

Payment Methods

Our payment partner is Paypal so you can securely and confidently make payments through Paypal.


Data Security

Your data is always yours , we don't share , read , access your data even if you give permission.

Fully Encrypted

All the chat conversation details are fully encrypted even we could not read what messages you and your customer are exchanging, we encrypt & decrypt the data using the industry standard encryption algorithms.

Delete Forever

If you want us to erase the data permanently after processing then we can enable this features, please note we will not able to show any analytics or messages details to you. Messages will be immediately deleted from our server.

128-SSL (End to End Encryption)

We exchange data between servers over internet through 128 Bit SSL Encryption , which prevents network intruders to steal your data.

Periodic Security Audits

Our Internal Periodic Security Auditing minimize the gap between various departments and employees thus ensuring all IT Polices are properly in place and being followed.

13+ Years of Experience

Managed and developed by seasoned professionals having 13+ Years of experience in building innovative and secure communication products across many industries. (including Banking & Insurance)

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

YES, Using our Broadcast Feature you can Send Text, Images, Videos, Documents & Audio through JSON API's or Picky Assist Console
YES, Using our Broadcast Feature you can Send Text, Images, Videos, Documents & Audio through JSON API's
NO, there is no chance for getting your number blocked if you give reply only when someone messages you,
YES, we will develop a custom chatbot/application based on your requirements and host the same in our server at an additional cost.
We provide 24x7 chat and email support in English. If you are not comfortable with English then our Online Chat Software
YES, its legal since we are just automating different messaging application installed in your mobile phone, Picky Assist app
NO, picky assist solution is not based on WhatsApp web automation, you don't need to open any WhatsApp web or install any
YES, We have JSON API for Sending & Webhook for Receiving Messages
YES, you can send text with emojis, images, videos, audio and documents
YES, we support one click integration for those who have got approval from WhatsApp. For more details contact support@pickyassist.com or Click Here
YES, picky assist works globally but make sure that you have an Android phone with 5.0 or above version installed.

About Picky Assist

A Self Ignited Startup founded in February 2018 by a group of Seasonal Professionals having 13+ years of Entrepreneur Expertise in Chat Bot, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advance Robotics, Internet of Things (IOT), Web & Mobile Technologies

200+ Paying Customers in 20+ Countries , Handling 5 million+ Interactions monthly & Growing 500% Monthly