WhatsApp Multi Agent Platform

Your Team & Customer’s United

Communicate Smartly with Customer’s on WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger with a Unified Inbox for your entire team.

Perfectly Blended

We know how important a conversation matters to a business. Teambox is blended after doing extensive research in the market that offers similar products and services in order to ensure that we have covered everything for the businesses who want to go the extra mile to provide the best communication experience for customers and easy collaboration tool for the teams.

The Picky Assist Teambox Impact

Solve Issues 10X Faster

Through Team Collaboration

Close Sales 5X Faster

Through Instant Communication

Reduce Call Traffic by 50%

By Switching Customer to WhatsApp

Save Manpower Cost by 25%

Using Smart Replies Powered by AI

Increase Agent Efficiency by 15%

Using 10+ Inbuilt Unique Features

Increase Customer Happiness

With Our Intelligent Chat Routing

10x More Productive

Bring Your Team

Bring all your team members into a single unified platform to manage the customer queries received in WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger (More Channels coming soon)

Create Departments to make the team organised and route specific chat to a department based on the message context or customer attribute values like user asking for a sales queries of a particular product route to the right department or to a user

Be Where Your Customer’s Are

Omni Channels

Attend Chat from WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook Messenger in a single unified inbox without switching to the windows, (Web, Google Business Messages & Telegram is Coming Soon)

Make it the Way You Needed

Intelligent Routing Rules

Route the Chat to the Right Team or User with our Choice of Routing Rules with Industry First "Out of the Box Smart Routing" Rule gives you the power to Route the Chat the Way You Needed with Live Feeds from 3000+ Apps

Contextual Chat Routing works with our Smart Replies Powered by AI, based on the customer conversation you have the ability to route the chat to a specific department or assign a user who is expert in the topic for example if a customer asks “I want to renew my car insurance” then you can assign the chat to a department who deals with Car Insurance similarly a chat can be assigned to an individual user who is specialized in certain skills like language, technical skill etc.

  • Right Chat to the Right User
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Use Multiple Rules for different Keywords

Broadcaster allows businesses to notify all the team members in a department/organisation when a new chat comes, when any of the user attend the chat the notification will be dismissed for all other users. Something similar to parallel ringing in your traditional office PBX system.

  • No More Missed Chats
  • Works with Contextual Routing Rule Also

One of the Most loved features for business to keep all the users engaged, round robin routes the incoming chats to the users one after another which ensures chats are getting distributed equally among the team. Our auto reassign mechanism ensures that if a user is not attended the chat within the time specified by the admin then the system automatically route to the next available user to ensure that no chats are missed.

  • Distribute Chats to All Users Equally
  • Intelligent Auto Re-Assign Methods
  • Limit Number of Rotations

Manual Assign is something like a telephone operator who attends the call then enquires about the query and routes the call manually to the right person, when manual assign routing rule is enabled all chats will be assigned to a single user and further can be transferred to a team or a user.

This is one of the great feature to save time of your users and customers as the last assisted user is aware about the context of the conversation and able to extend help in much easier way than a new agent, so when this is enabled the chat will be allocated to the last assisted user if available else it will fall back to the default routing rule.

  • Save Time of Users & Customers
  • Auto Fall Back to Default Routing Rule
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

First Time in the Industry Picky Assist Introduces "Out Of the Box Smart Routing Rule" which gives you the power to route the chat or any event that happens in your application or any 3rd party applications which you use, for example let’s say Google Feedback form is submitted with a negative feedback, assign the chat instantly to the Customer Grievance Officer along with the details filled in the form, the grievance officer or the team can instantly contact the Customer Via WhatsApp and solves the issue for a better customer experience. Create Conditions, Setup Delay and Perform Multiple Actions..

Smart Routing From

3000+ Apps

Custom App



Create Routing Conditions

Live Event Feeds

Get real time event feeds from 3000+ App or even from your Custom App. Imagine your user assisting a customer through WhatsApp and the customer made a new purchase in your Shopify site, the agent will be notified instantly about the new purchase right into the Teambox Conversation Window, No need for switching the app to track the events.

Works with 3000+ Apps

Integrate Your Own App

Setup Filter Conditions

20+ Smart Actions to Automate Anything

Watch How Out of The Box Routing &
Live Event Feed Works

Team Collaboration

Solve customer’s problems faster than ever with team collaboration, invite other team members into a chat and let all team members see the conversation and reply accordingly, each team member’s reply will be tracked.

Birds Eye View

No more app or page switching, get all the relevant information about a customer within the Teambox, see the tags, categories, sequences which are they in, attribute values, CRM Data saved like address, age, dob, current time in customer country etc.

Next Gen Quick Replies

Quick Replies are also known as Cannoned Response, templates etc but Teambox Quick Reply is not going to be the conventional one which you have known or used till now, we have gone an extra mile to add media file support along with quick replies so next time customer asks for latest offers, price list, quotation, product video etc don’t go and mess with your entire computer just a click and customers gets the relevant file – All hassle free right?

Mask Sensitive Data

Work from home culture is more evolving and companies are really worried about the leakage of their customers data, we have solved this issue with the Mask features which allows the business to mask the sensitive data like Mobile, Email or any other attributes conditionally to a department or specified agents.

  • No More Data Leakage
  • Increased Privacy
  • Full Mask or Partial Mask Options

Beyond Shared Inbox

A Shared Inbox view is good but sometimes businesses want to share only certain conversations or customers with a certain group of team, Teambox is built keeping this in mind which enables administrators to set what chats to be assigned to the which teams which ensure more data privacy at the same time offers a clutter-free experience for you teams as they gets only the most relevant chats to them.

Open Your Business 24 x 7

Smart Replies

Beyond human touch you can assist customers even your team is sleeping with our Smart Replies powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML)

  • Automate FAQ’s
  • Cut Tickets, Calls by 30%
  • Smart Actions
  • Context & Intents

Away & Offline Message

Admin can set “Away” message if no user is accepted the chat within the time specified by the admin or if all users are “offline” then instantly the offline message will be sent to the Customer and chat marked as Missed

Agent Collisions

When the shared inbox is enabled there will be a situation that multiple agents can attend and reply to a chat , in order to avoid this we have added an agent collision warning if another agent is going to Reply or Whisper to the chat.


Whisper or internal comments a feature that helps to take a quick note while a chat conversation is in progress, this feature can be used in many ways like adding an internal note within the conversation for more contextual reference, another user can train a new user by giving instructions what to reply.

Never Miss a Chat or Message

Sound & Notification

Never miss any chats or messages when you are away from the Teambox Window, we will notify you of all new incoming chats and messages with a browser notification followed by a sound

Care Your Team, They will Care You

The Ergonomically Designed All New UI

We have invested a considerable amount of time and effort in designing the all-new user interface as we know that users used to spend quite a lot of time with it.

Ergonomically Designed

It’s ergonomically designed to give less strain to the users, layouts are carefully drafted

Eye Shields

We have avoided using blue color to minimise the impact on the eyes when working for a long time

Keyboard Shortcuts

Works faster than ever with 10+ keyboard shortcuts

More Features Are On the Way….

The feature list never ends, a team of dedicated engineers always works under the hood to improve the Teambox experience beyond the way how industry works now...We Promise that over the time we will cover all the features that assists you to communicate & collaborate effortlessly.

Automated Followup

Timely Follow Ups increase the sales closure chances. Schedule Automated Messages for Timely Follow Ups

Topic Management

Segregate each Chats as Topics for Quick references making a greway to to track the conversations in few clicks

Predictive Replies

No more typing skills needed, we suggest the best reply powered by our Machine Learning technique.

Telephony & SMS Integration

Integrate your favourite SMS & Cloud Telephony providers right into Teambox for easy collaboration.

Calendars & Meetings

Quickly Schedule Meetings through Google Meet / Zoom / Zoho within the Teambox

Accept Payment

Sell over the fly, send and receive payment right integrated into Teambox with any Payment Gateway’s

Audio, Video & Screen Sharing

Start a Quick Video , Audio or Screen sharing with customers to close the sales faster or provide hassle free support right from the Teambox

Embed Anywhere

Embed the agent section into any 3rd party software or mobile app with our one click embed technology

Multi Window

Do multi tasking with our unique multi-window , open upto 12 chats conversation on a computer screen and handle the chats like a hero.

Auto Translate

Beyond the borders, automatically detect and translate chats into 100+ languages

Android & IOS App

Assist customers even when you are on go with our Android & IOS Mobile Apps

Trusted by 2000+ Customers from 80+ Countries