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  • Contacts 2000
  • Interactions 150,000
  • Users/Agents 2
  • API Access
  • Multi Channel
  • Channels Included
  • All Products
  • Paid Adon
  • Free Adon No Access


  • Contacts 10000
  • Interactions 500,000
  • Users/Agents 5
  • API Access
  • Multi Channel
  • Channels Included
  • All Products
  • Paid Adon Extra Cost
  • Free Adon No Access


  • Contacts 20000
  • Interactions 1,000,000
  • Users/Agents 10
  • API Access
  • Multi Channel
  • Channels Included
  • All Products
  • Paid Adon
  • Free Adon
API Only Plan


  • Unlimited Messages
  • No Contact Limits
  • 3 Days Message history
  • No Access to Any Features
Enterprise Custom Plan

If you don't find a suitable plan for you, don't worry. We offer tailored plans according to your requirements, with enterprise-grade features

Please note WhatsApp Web Automation is not included in any of the above plans, it’s available as paid adon and should be purchased separately. 👉 You need to pay WhatsApp Conversation charges directly to WhatsApp when using WhatsApp Cloud API.


Contact means a record in the Contact Module, you will be billed extra once a allowed contact limit is reached


Interactions means total number of incoming and outgoing messages to your account from all connected channels


WhatsApp Web Automation, Zapier, Zoho CRM, Zendesk and all other Apps are Paid Adon’s

API Access:

Developers API which allows to connect Picky Assist with 3rd party Platforms

Adon Price Calculator

You can buy adon as per your business requirements, kindly note WhatsApp Web automation is offered as paid adon and not included in
any of the base plans

WhatsApp Web Automation
WhatsApp Cloud API
Zoho CRM
Facebook Leads
Base Plan Rent

WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Web Automation


Bundled Packages

Bundled packages allows you to buy more credits at a discounted price when your base plan limit is exhausted,
please note bundled package is only available for those who are using Ultimate Plan


2500 Contacts for $12 per month

5000 Contacts for $25 per month

10000 Contacts for $50 per month

25000 Contacts for $125 per month

50000 Contacts for $250 per month


100000 Interactions for $50 per month

250000 Interactions for $125 per month

10000 Contacts for $50 per month

500000 Interactions for $250 per month

1000000 Interactions for $500 per month


2 Agents for $10 per month

5 Agents for $20 per month

10 Agents for $40 per month

25 Agents for $90 per month

Connector Invocations

10000 Connector Invocations for $15 per month

25000 Connector Invocations for $37 per month

50000 Connector Invocations for $75 per month

100000 Connector Invocations for $150 per month


5 Connectors for $25 per month

10 Connectors for $50 per month

25 Connectors for $110 per month

50 Connectors for $200 per month


50 Sequences for $25 per month

100 Sequences for $45 per month

250 Sequences for $150 per month

500 Sequences for $250 per month


10 Scheduler for $10 per month

25 Scheduler for $20 per month

50 Scheduler for $35 per month

100 Scheduler for $65 per month

Smart Replies

1000 Smart Replies for $10 per month

2500 Smart Replies for $20 per month

5000 Smart Replies for $35 per month

10000 Smart Replies for $65 per month

Enterprise Custom Plans

If you don't find a suitable plan for you, don't worry. We offer tailored plans according to your requirements, with enterprise-grade features as below;

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Why Choose Picky Assist ?

We know there are competitors in the market and winning the customer’s heart is possible only by answering
“Why Picky Assist?” below are the answers for you,

All In One Solution

You will get a complete business communication solution with Picky Assist, don’t need to spend more for other softwares

Trusted by 2000+ Customers in 73+ Countries

Start your business journey with confidence 1000+ customers in 73+ countries trust Picky Assist as their modern communication partner

Facebook (Meta) & Google Partner

Direct Integration with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Google My Messages (Coming Soon) Picky Assist is an authorized Facebook (Meta) & Google Partner.

Free Onboarding Support & Step by Step Tutorials

We know the process better so we will help you to onboard and get started without asking any extra charges for the first few sessions. You can always do it yourself by referring to our details step by step tutorials

We Build What You Need?

We don’t build products simply because others are building, we build products and features when we see a gap

Friendly and Round the Clock Human Support Team

Our friendly support team via Email (24 x 7 ) & Live Chat always available to you assist when you lands in trouble

More Reasons to Consider Picky Assist

  • 5 Years in Global Market (Since 2018)
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified Company
  • Open Bug Bounty Program for Community Driven Security Audits
  • New Features & Improvements in every month
  • Driven by Serial Entrepreneurs having 18+ Years Of Experience
  • Automation First Approach Saves Times & Money

Payment Method

Our payment partners are Paypal & RazorPay so you can securely and confidently make payments from anywhere in the world.

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Frequently asked questions

Is WhatsApp Channel included in all plans?

YES, all plans included one WhatsApp Cloud API channel and the usage of the same is subjected to WhatsApp Terms & Conditions, you may be billed extra by WhatsApp for conversation charges, we allow you just to connect the WhatsApp Cloud API with Picky Assist products

Is Email channel included in all plans?

YES, you can connect your own email services with us, kindly note we don’t offer any email channel or delivery of email messages, you need to connect your existing email address using SMTP or can use Amazon SES or Sendgrid services

Can I try all channels and services before I start paying?

YES, you can connect and try all our channels and features for 7 days.

What are bundled packages and is this available for all plans?

Bundled packages help you to save cost by buying contacts, interactions, connector invocation credits in bulk for example you can buy 2000 contact for just $10 instead of paying $0.010 per month
Bundled package is only available for those who are using “Ultimate” plan other customers must upgrade to another plan when the plan limits are reached.

Is there any minimum contract period ?

NO, you can cancel the subscription or close the account any time but any unused credit or benefits can't be transferred to other accounts.Also you will not get any refunds for the unused credit in your account.

How Adon Billing Works?

Adon’s are billed over the top of your base plan and the adon cost varies depending on the base plan you opted for. Adon will have the same validity of your base plan.

What will happen once the contact limit is reached ?

New Contact will not be added into your account, however you can communicate with all your existing contacts based on your monthly plan. You can upgrade to next plan to get more contacts or if you are using Ultimate plan then you can buy bundled package

I want to integrate the API with my application , which plan should I choose ?

If you just need API only access then you can consider our API Only plan which you will not be able to use any of our features like Teambox, Multi Channel, Zoho CRM, Email etc. Our Pro & Ultimate plan offers API Access if you need API access along with all other features.

How many WhatsApp numbers can be connected under one subscription?

You can connect upto 50 WhatsApp number into a single project and each WhatsApp number will be billed separately, connecting more than one WhatsApp number is supported only in Ultimate plan and each number costs you $19 per month or $199 per year

Is it possible to switch a plan before my next billing cycle ?

Yes, it's possible to switch but existing plans' benefits will not carry forward to the new plan

I am from India, do you offer billing in INR & GST Input?

Yes, we provide GST Input and INR payment for Indian customers. Please Connect +91 77158 33404

Do I need to pay extra for WhatsApp when using WhatsApp Cloud API?

Yes, you need to pay the conversation charges directly to WhatsApp by configuring your credit card in your Facebook Business Manager also you need to directly contact WhatsApp for all supported related matters as we will be just facilitating the services

1000 Conversation is free every month from WhatsApp so you will be billed only after you reached this limit

We do have fully managed services where we will manage your WhatsApp account, billing, support etc, Read More

Is WhatsApp Web Automation Channel included in all plans?

NO, WhatsApp Web Automation is offered as a paid adon and not included in any of the plans, based on your selected plan the adon costs will vary.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Web Automation & WhatsApp Official or Cloud API?

WhatsApp Web Automation is a service offered by Picky Assist which makes use of your existing WhatsApp Web to automate the messaging while WhatsApp Official or Cloud API Solution is offered by WhatsApp directly, both work in similar ways however WhatsApp Official is more scalable, reliable than WhatsApp Web Automation. Read More

Do you have any refund policies?

Sorry, at this moment we don’t have any refund policies since we offer a free trial to try all our services before paying. Refer our Refund Policies

Do I need to pay extra for using the Adon’s?

YES, WhatsApp Web Automation is offered as paid adon and not included in any of the plans however adon likes Zoho CRM, Zapier, WhatsMail, Zendeks,Facebook Leads etc are included free of charges in Ultimate Plan and in the Pro plan you can buy by paying extra and in the Basic plan no access to any other adon’s than WhatsApp Web Automation

How is the Contact counted?

Contacts are calculated based on the number of records you stored in the PIcky Assist Contact Module during a billing period, you will be billed for all the contacts which you create even if you delete a contact in the same billing cycle, however deleted contact won’t be counted in the next billing cycle.

What will happen if interaction counts reach the limit?

You will not be able to send or receive any messages further, you need to upgrade to another plan which offers more interactions or if you are using Ultimate plan then you must buy Interaction bundled package

If WhatsApp Blocked My Number what will happen to my subscription ?

You can activate another number and continue using the service.

How interactions are counted for billing?

Each message is considered as one count and both outgoing as well as incoming are counted. There is no character limit or count. Suppose if you have received 10 incoming messages and you send 5 outgoing messages then the total bill count would be 15 messages.

How is my storage calculated?

The storage is calculated based on the total media files saved in your project, whenever you are sending and receiving media files via different channels these are getting stored in our server these will be counted towards the storage, also files stored in your media gallery also considered towards the storage.