WhatsApp Zoho CRM Integration

Make your Zoho CRM interactive with WhatsApp Integration by Picky Assist

Send and receive text messages, images, documents, and videos from WhatsApp messages with contacts in Zoho CRM modules, without having to use WhatsApp Web.


Watch Zoho CRM In Action

Nobody Integrates WhatsApp seamlessly and tighter than us with Zoho CRM. Watch How Zoho CRM & WhatsApp together in action to make your business conversation organized and automated through WhatsApp

Unique Features

Seamless Integration

Send WhatsApp / SMS to contact in any module of Zoho CRM by just tapping a button, if there are any previous chat conversation you can also see the same within the Zoho CRM. No more redirection to WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

Live Chat

Interact with your Zoho contacts in real-time basis using our integrated live chat system, you can send and receive text, media, documents in real-time without leaving the Zoho CRM.

Send Personalised Bulk Messages

Select multiple contacts to send personalized mass messages through WhatsApp / SMS, just select the contacts then type your message or select from the saved templates to send mass messages in just a tap.

Support WhatsApp Official API & Templates

Those who are approved by WhatsApp Official through Picky Assist can connect their account with Zoho CRM to send and receive messages including WhatsApp approved template messages.

Quick Replies

No more manual typing of the message , just save message templates for easy reuse with dynamic variables from your Zoho CRM modules for sending personalized messages in just a tap. Our unique feature supports saving templates with Image, Video, Documents, and a keyword shortcut “/�? to insert quick replies.

Automation & Work Flows

Send WhatsApp / SMS automatically when some events happen in your CRM like a new lead created, a record is edited or updated or any other conditions as set by you in your workflow automation.

Sales Signal (Notifications)

Get notified within the Zoho CRM using Sales Signal when someone sends you a WhatsApp / SMS the lead owner will get a notification in the Zoho CRM.

Create Leads or Contacts Automatically

When a new contact who is not in your Zoho CRM sends you a message the extension creates the record automatically this ensures all your WhatsApp contacts become your leads in the CRM for easy management.

Proactive Messaging

Start a conversation right from your Zoho CRM , send pre-approved WhatsApp templates or session messages, no more redirection to WhatsApp Web or Desktop App.

Custom Development

There are 100+ ways the Zoho CRM can be used by businesses and all use cases can’t be built as standard features so we offer customisation as per your requirements, like writing custom functions, integrating into other Zoho Product's or any features you specifically need to automate your business.

Free Google Chrome Extension
for Zoho Products to Integrate WhatsApp & Teambox

Now Deep Link Your WhatsApp into Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Bign & Picky Assist Teambox like never before with our new Google Chrome Extension for instant business communications.

Integrate in 10 Seconds
No Authorisation
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Features of Chrome Extension

Works with All Zoho CRM Modules where Data Field set as Mobile or Phone

Integration into Zoho CRM Sales Signal Notification for Quick Navigations

Deep Linking with Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Bigin & Picky Assist Teambox

Feature to add Country Code Prefix and minimum length validations if the Zoho CRM data is not added with Country Code for the same country

Mobile number sanitization like removing 0 from the beginning, stripping spaces, hyphens, etc from numbers

Works with WhatsApp Web & WhatsApp Desktop App (IOS & Windows)

Compatible with


  • Picky Assist Valid Subscription
  • Zoho CRM Adon Activated
  • Zoho CRM Standard or above account


Offered as Paid Adon Starting From $14 per month

You should always have a valid Picky Assist Plan to use Adon

Getting Started

Please find the below step by step process to get started with Picky Assist & Zoho CRM


Create A Free Account

Create a Free account https://pickyassist.com on verifying the email address your account will be credited with $2 for testing the services.


Create A Project

Then create a project from the Picky Assist Web control panel and connect a Channel .From the Left Sidebar Drop Down & Click "Create New Project" then buy and activate the Zendesk Adon


Login Into Zoho CRM Account

Login into Zoho CRM Account and visit Marketplace search for Picky Assist App and Install


Connect Picky Assist Project with Zoho CRM

Connect Picky Assist Project with Zoho CRM and configure the Zoho CRM Picky Assist Integration

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