WATI Alternative

Picky Assist Vs WATI

Let’s compare Picky Assist Vs WATI to find the real difference between the services offered by these 2 companies

Both the companies are focused in business communication services where WATI is focused on on WhatApp only and Picky Assist gives more flexibility to connect many channels together with more advanced automations than WATI

WATI Alternative


Channels is where all the communication happens between
your business and customers

Channels Feature
PIcky Assist
WhatsApp Web Automation (Unofficial)
WhatsApp Cloud API (Own)
WhatsApp Official Fully Managed Service
Instagram Direct Messaging
Facebook Messaging
Email SMTP
Amazon SES Email
Sendgrid Email
Multi Channel in one account
Coming Soon
Google Business Messaging
Coming Soon
Google RCS
Coming Soon

Picky Assist offers more channels than WATI so you don’t need to search for another provider to automate your business communication in all the channels where customers are.

Conversation Automation

Conversation automation helps your business to automate
inbound messages without routing to human agents

Conversation Automation Feature
PIcky Assist
Answer Bots (Keyword based)
Intent & Context
Conversation No Code Flow Builder
Step wise Flow Analytics
Smart Actions on Answer Bots
ChatGPT Deep Integration
Auto Learn from Website / PDF Data

In the conversation automation Picky Assist gained more points when compared with WATI because of the capabilities of Intent & Context based conversation including the Deep Integration of ChatGPT and auto learn feature.

Shared Inbox

Shared Inbox is the feature that allows business to add their internal team members
so that you can share one number with many team members

Shared Inbox Feature
PIcky Assist
Shared Inbox
Chat Routing Rules
Broadcast Routing Rules
Round Robin Routing Rules
Manual Chat Assign
Out of the Box Chat Assign
Department Wise Chat Assign
Keyword based Chat Assign
Skill-Based Chat Assign
Assign Chat from any 3rd party Apps
Canned Replies with Media Support
Channel Wise Routing Rules
Route to Last Assist Agent / Sticky Agent
Route to Contact Owner
Deep Linking with 3rd party Apps
Open Conversation from any Webpages (Google Chrome Extension)
Live Event feeds from 5000+ Apps
Whisper / Private Notes
Missed Chats
Possible to hide mobile and email to agents
Deep linked Mini Apps

Picky Assist is more practical and feature packed when compared with WATI for the shared inbox feature, see the difference yourself. Explore Picky Assist Shared Inbox

Lead Nurturing Automation

Lead nurturing is a feature that helps you to send a series of automated messages
at regular intervals to influence your customer decision

Lead Nurturing Automation Feature
PIcky Assist
WhatsApp Drip Campaign / Sequence
Condition based advanced drip campaign
Add User into Drip Campaign from 3rd party Apps
Add User into Drip Campaign based on keywords
Manual Chat Assign
Email Drip Campaign
SMS Drip Campaign
Drag & Drop Email Builder

Both Picky Assist & WATI have similar features for nurturing leads however when it comes for advanced and dynamic lead nurturing Picky Assist have clear advantages with the capability to send dynamic drip campaigns and wide integration with any platforms.


Broadcaster helps businesses to send personalized mass messages
via WhatsApp like Promotional or transactional alerts

Broadcaster Feature
PIcky Assist
Segment Contacts
Delivery & Read Reports
Opt Out List (Topic Wise)
Dynamic Message from excel sheet
Message personalization
Schedule messages
Automated campaign from 3rd party apps
Recurring Dynamic Scheduler

Both Picky Assist & WATI offers same features for sending mass WhatsApp messages however if you are looking for automated campaigns from 3rd party apps like Shopify Store, Ecommerce or even your own list then Picky Assist have advantages

3rd Party Integrations

3rd party integrations helps business to connect their WhatsApp into the app which they use daily,
this is one of the must have feature to consider a vendor

3rd Party Integrations Feature
PIcky Assist
Mini App Builder, integrate any app into WhatsApp
Zoho CRM
Pebbly Connect
Google Products
Full Products
Zoho Products
Any Zoho Products
Zoho Desk
Facebook Leads
Google Leads
Active Campaign
API & Webhook

When it comes into integration with 3rd party Picky Assist is decades ahead than WATI or any other competitors out there in the market, Picky Assist Universal no code connector (similar to Zapier) allows businesses to connect WhatsApp virtually to any software they use.

Advanced Automation Features

Automation helps you to save a lot of time if properly configured and can save your operating cost,
increase your employee productivity, increase customer success ratio and much more

Advanced Automation Features
PIcky Assist
Advanced Automation Builder
No Code Automation Builder
No Code Workflow Builder
Cancel Delay
Math Calculations
Data Formatter
Line Items Extractor
Data Parser
Data Extractor
Regular Expression
Route to Another Connector
Macro Buttons

If you want to grow your business and put them into autopilot then you must consider Picky Assist advanced automation capabilities which helps you to put your business into auto-pilot mode and save high cost.

CRM Features

WhatsApp CRM offers companies to manage their WhatsApp contacts effectively with the platform

CRM Feature
PIcky Assist
Contact Management
Modular CRM
CRM Workflow Builder
Categories & Subcategories
Blacklist Number
Fully Managed Opt Out List
Media Gallery Organizer
Custom Attributes
File Upload in Custom Attribute
Multiple Notes against one contact
Attach Media in Notes
Create Notes from 3rd party apps
Create Contact from 3rd party Apps
Sync Contact from existing WhatsApp
Yes (manual upload)
Import Contacts into CRM via Excel
Dynamic attribute mapping while importing contacts
Android & Ios Mobile App
Dynamic Contact & Attribute Sync from any 3rd party apps
Create Custom Filters
Mass Update Attributes
Edit contact like excel
360 Degree view of contact from any page (mini apps)
Export Contacts
Roles & Privilege management for Users
Data Mask Mode to hide sensitive information to agents
Quick Messaging

Picky Assist offers wide more features and capabilities than
WATI when compared the CRM features

WhatsApp Commerce Feature

WhatsApp recently launched commerce feature for its WhatsApp Business API which helps business to send
product catalog or send one or many items via WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp Commerce Feature
PIcky Assist
WhatsApp Commerce Feature
Under Integration
Full Commerce management including product, orders, abandoned carts, feedbacks, shipping
Under Integration
WhatsApp Inbuilt Payment for India
Coming Soon
Full e-commerce store experience on WhatsApp
Coming Soon
Dynamic Product Suggestion
Under Integration
Auto Product Suggestion
Under Integration
Auto Sync Inventory & Product from your existing store
Under Integration

At this moment WhatsApp Commerce is in its early stage and WhatsApp makes random changes Picky Assist is already started to integrate with the available solution and can expect a full fledge WhatsApp e-commerce by end of 2023

Pricing & Billing

This is where businesses generally take a decision after
comparing all the features with competitors in the market,

Pricing & Billing Feature
PIcky Assist
Lowest Plan Monthly Rent
$35 per month
$14 per month
Feature Limitations
Based on plan type
All features available to all plans
Free Agents
Upto 5
Upto 10
Extra Agent Charges
$20 per agent
$5 per agent
API & Webhook
Limited as per plan
No Limits
Supports USD
Supports INR with GST Input
Supports Paypal (Globally)
Supports Net Banking for all Indian Banks
Charges for Green Tick (Verified Badge)
Shopify Integration
Extra Cost
Dedicated Account Manager
Extra Cost
Dedicated Account Manager
$500 per month
Paid Consulting Feature
Yes $35 per hour

Picky Assist is more pocket friendly compared with WATI. Picky Assist is the best choice for Indian customers with GST as it can give GST input on all bills along with a wider range of payment options than credit cards.
We also don’t limit any features in any plans so you can even enjoy advanced automation features in the starting plan $14 per month


Support is a very crucial factor for business when things go wrong,
so let's understand how Picky Assist & WATI differ each other

Support Feature
PIcky Assist
Chat Support (Human)
WhatsApp Chat Support with Human
One to One onboarding
Quarterly success calls
24 x 7 Email Support
Self Service help desk
Remote Troubleshooting
Dedicated Account Manager
$500 per month
Daily Live Webinars
Paid Consulting Feature
Yes $35 per hour

Picky Assist offers more ways to provide support than WATI
so that you can be sure that you are backed by us when you are in trouble.

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