WhatsApp & SMS Drip Campaign

Convert Prospects to Customers

Drip campaign is all about engaging customers through a series of automated messages which are relevant and personalised to each customer.


Why WhatsApp Drip Campaign ?


Increased Response Rates


Click Through Rates (CTR)


Increase in Sales Closure


Messages Read within 3 Seconds


Improvement in Sales Funnel


Saves Manpower Cost & Effort

What is Drip Campaign ?

Have you noticed that you start getting emails if you visit a website or open an app after a long time ? If you browse amazon for something and exit without buying you start getting similar and relevant product details and offers as email, beauty tips after ordering cosmetic items etc. They are not send manually but are automated series of emails that are sent based on specific timelines or user actions and is generally known as a drip campaign.

In short drip campaigns, messages are sent out to customers on a regular interval, based on their actions or timeline through a complete automated workflow.

Why WhatsApp Drip Campaign ?

Do you know that CTR (Click Through Ratio) & Message Read ratio in Whatsapp is 70% more than in emails. In this page we will show why Whatsapp Drip campaign is important and how to create a successful drip campaign (sequence message) for WhatsApp Using Picky Assist - Sequence Automation Tool.

Drip campaign is all about engaging customers through a series of automated messages which are relevant and personalised to each customer requirement. This will increase the sales closure ratio by 20% and 60% improvement in the sales funnel position.

Advantages of WhatsApp Drip Campaign

No to Yes

No's are quite common in a sales cycle. 70% of sales reps throw the lead away after they hear a 'No' from their customers. For example, customers who deny a WhatsApp Chatbot often give their reason as 'I don't have the time and resources to make the chatbot working.' What this customer is actually saying is that "I am interested to have a chatbot but at this moment I don't have any resources or time to build one.'

So instead of quitting, create a sequence which sends various articles and videos explaining how easy it is to build a chatbot, its advantages, overall savings in operational cost in the long run, 24 x 7 availability etc. Always remember to include a use case. An educational campaign with 8 message sequence send twice a week for a month may change the customer attitude and could nurture towards a sales.

Find the most common objections from your prospects and make changes in your message contents, don't forget to add customers into the right group of sequence campaign.


Never Miss A Followup

Do you know that recent studies have shown that

  • 48% of sales reps never follow up with their prospects
  • Only 10% of sales reps make more than three contacts with a prospect
  • Yet 80% of sales close between the fifth and 12th contact

A sequence of highly relevant messages help to automate the followup process and ensure that no customers are missed in follow ups. Make sure the messages are personalised and in a followup sequence, avoid including marketing contents, instead ask questions so as to get updates on last message as ,customers are more likely to respond to questions than marketing content.


70% Higher Engagements

On an average 80% of WhatsApp messages are read within 5 minutes and 98% of the young people read messages in just 3 seconds compared to the traditional email and an average 70%+ CTR can be expected, resulting in getting more than 70% customer engagements with WhatsApp Drip Campaigns compared to email.


Save Time & Effort

50% of followup time and effort can be saved by creating a fully automated WhatsApp sequence campaign. Sales reps can focus more on generating new leads.

A new study released by UK-based Juniper Research estimates that automations will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022

Increase Brand Recall

Even if the prospect doesn't end up buying from you, a series of highly relevant WhatsApp messages would make sure that they remember your brand name when they are in need of your services.

Industry Wise Success Stories

Now lets dig few industry wise case studies and success stories of how Picky Assist WhatsApp Sequence campaigns help in converting prospects to customers.



A Suzuki car dealer in Brazil used to collect feedback forms after test drives and showroom visits, after which the sales reps making follow ups of prospects every day through phone. But this resulted in a less than 2% conversion rate from test drive to sales. In another scenario, the dealer conducted a lucky draw contest for those who complete test drives. To participate customers are asked to send a WhatsApp message. The dealer then created 5 sequence messages to be sent on alternate days with Picky Assist.

  • 1st Day : Few images of the cars and specs, pricing details etc
  • 3rd Day : Test Drive video reviews by expert teams
  • 5th Day : Existing customer video testimonials
  • 7th Day : Blog Link of Comparison between other competitors, models and advantages
  • 9th Day : Sends extended warranty offer

--- Result ---


Increased Sales


Returning Enquires

80% of the customers usually explore other brands and go for test drives before buying. So perfectly timed relevant WhatsApp messages of Suzuki cars helped in stamping the product in the minds of customers



An authorised Franchisee of Gold's Gym in India drives an online membership campaign involving a video ad through Facebook. They have set WhatsApp as call to action. All enquiries generated through the ad get automatically subscribed to Picky Assist Sequence and the leads start getting relevant health and beauty tips on a daily basis for the next 2 weeks.

--- Result ---


Membership Increased


Increased Response Rates

Around half of the leads who received 8th drip message decided to become paid members.



A Singapore based global education consultant used to conduct seminars related to higher studies in various schools and colleges across the world. Students and parents were prompted to register for the seminar through WhatsApp & SMS. Those registered were sent engaging contents highlighting various higher studies options, advantages, cost etc

--- Result ---


More Admissions


Students Got Engaged

Students and parents were given the right information at the right time which made it easier for them to make decisions.



Indonesia based B2B e-commerce portal Cart Abandonment Ratio was 30% and Website Bounce Ratio was 40% and Sucess on Cross Selling was just below 5% until he meets Picky Assist.

They decided to experiment Whatsapp Drip Campagin by replacing their email Drip Campaign with Picky Assist WhatsApp Sequence Campaign and the result was just amazing with 70% increase in CTR ratio compared to email campaign, 10% more conversions through WhatsApp Campaigns and 10% Increased Cross Selling

--- Result ---


Increased CTR than Email


More Sucess on Cross Selling


Increased Sales

Abandonment Cart Follow Ups , Price Drop Alerts , Last Minutes Deals , Sending Searched Matching Products , Product suggestions based on recent orders or activities etc are replaced with Whatsapp Drip campaign.


Online Learning

A retired English professor in India designed a quick way of learning english in just 30 days from the comfort of home through WhatsApp. He were sending messages manually till he founds Picky Assist. With Picky Assist professor created 90 sequence messages consisting of text messages, links, videos and audios which were sent 3-4 times a day for 30 days to the paid students.

--- Result ---


Manpower Cost Saved


Revenue Per Month


Technology Cost

200 to 250 new students every month and an earning of $1000+ without managing any website, members areas or technology. He just focused on creating good content and little social media marketing. New students were automatically getting subscribed to the sequence who start getting the daily course material in their WhatsApp number without any manual intervention by the professor



An insurance aggregator based in Egypt keeps running exhibitions and roadshows to sell their different insurance products , but they are unable to measure and manage the responses of each product from their campaigns.

With Picky Assist they have created 3 Sequence for each product Life Insurance , Vehicle Insurance , Medical Insurance and created keywords for each product in the Smart Replies & Set Action to Subscribe to Sequences. Then they start urging customers to send WhatsApp message with the product they are interested to get an Instant Quote + 10% Offer on premium.

Now if someone messages with the keyword specified by them the customer gets automatically added into the corresponding sequence and start getting relevant messages which are related to their enquiry. They have included an OPT-OUT keyword as "Stop" so that customer can opt out the sequence from anytime.

--- Result ---


More Lead Captured


Instant Customer Engagements


Increase in Sales

Right Messages at the Right Time helps the customers to take a better decision.


Electronic Retail Store

A Nigeria based authorised dealer of Samsung Electronics used to get 15 to 20 walk-ins for LED TVs daily but the conversion was very low due to high competition and price war. Inside his shop, the dealer put a banner offering the customers a Free LED TV to be won by sending a message to the shop WhatsApp number. Sales reps ensured that walk-ins send the message before leaving the store.

Store Manager created 5 sequence message about Samsung LED TV explaining its unique features , advantages , customer service network and warranty. Customers who send message start getting these sequence messages daily which created a positive vibe in them regarding the product resulting in a 10% increase in returning footfall leading to purchase.

--- Result ---


Increased Footfall


Increase Sales

10% returning footfall leading to 5% purchase


Real Estate

An Indian based renowned builder launched a new project and used to run events , campaigns, road shows, ads in printed ,visual media and exhibitions in order to attract more prospects. They included a centralised number in all their campaigns for SMS, Missed Call, Call Back & WhatsApp. On receiving any query through SMS, Call & Whatsapp, Picky Assist did the magic for them.

Builder created 10 messages in picky assist sequence and the interested customers started getting highly relevant messages like Project Video , Images , Facilities , Approval letters, bank loan options, emi, offers etc

--- Result ---


Increase in Sales Closure Chances


Increase In Customer Confidence

This resulted is increased customer satisfaction, no missed follow ups , high brand recalls even after many days of enquiry, increased sales closure chances by 25%


Travel & Tourism

An India (Kerala) based travel agent continuously runs ads in social media and FM Radio for promoting their Kerala Houseboat package getting 10 to 20 leads a day but conversions were not happening because of high competition. The agent got worried about the ROI.

As an experiment the tour company included a WhatsApp number in all their campaigns. Leads generated then were getting auto subscribed into a sequence campaign which consisted of 10 series of messages giving 10 reasons on why to choose that particular houseboat and how such a holiday would be different.

--- Result ---


Leads Got Engaged

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Enhanced Customer Experience


Increased In Sales

Out of 100 leads 10-15 got converted and 10-15 forwarded the message to their friends. The agent also used the sequence campaigns for sending daily activity details when their customers are on trip , like each day's schedule and must visit places along with relevant information about their trip.


1) Don't add customers into sequence manually, let them subscribe by sending a message to your WhatsApp number.

2) Always give an option to Opt out from a sequence, else customers might block or report your number as spam.

3) Make sure the message contents are highly relevant to the product / services enquired by the customer. Irrelevant messages end up only in irritating customers and higher rates of unsubscription.

4) Whatsapp is more personal than email so don't bombard customers with messages. Always set a fair interval between messages (weekly 2-3 messages is recommended )


Message Content Drafting Tips

1) Don't draft your messages like a marketer. Make it sound like you are speaking to a close friend. Keep the communication casual and friendly and treat them like an actual person.

2) Emojies help draw attention. But be careful not to overuse them.

3) Avoid lengthy messages as people never read long messages. So we recommend to keep your messages less than 250 characters with a call to action link.

4) Don't add more than one call to action link or phone number which could create confusion among the customers.

5) Try to end the message with a question as customers are more likely to reply to your message. eg "Do you wish to avail this offer ?" , "Do you feel motivated ?" , "Do you wish to schedule a demo?" etc

6) Use an image in your campaign which will have 50% more engaging ratio than text messages. Keep the images neat and clutter free without much text.

7) Create urgency by setting a deadline like "This offer ends in a week" , "Only limited Stocks Left" etc

8) Don't directly highlight your products/services features instead explain how your product / services can help customers. Include some real use case links as call to action or include a youtube video of a customer testimonial.

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