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Smart Replies - Future of Business Conversations

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) ! Give automatic replies to Customers through WhatsApp, SMS & Website


What is Smart Replies?

In business, relationships are everything. And every relationship starts with a conversation. This has been true since the dawn of commerce. But today, people and businesses are increasingly connecting through a powerful, personal new medium: messaging well social messaging

Smart Replies are answer bots which helps businesses to give automatic replies to users queries through WhatsApp, SMS & Websites without deploying any employees at backend and Its future of friction less and instant business communication..

Why Smart Replies ?

Facebook Research tells us that 7 in 10 businesses surveyed think they are communicating effectively with customers - yet just 2 in 10 consumers surveyed agree. But messaging is increasingly helping to bridge the communication gap.

People's use of mobile messaging apps has been on a meteoric rise. By the end of 2019, 80% of the world's smartphone users will message every month. And the growth is only expected to continue: By 2021, it's predicted that the global user base for mobile messaging apps will have risen by a further 23%.


Of Consumers

have switched brands because of poor customer service


Expect Business

to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions

1.5 Bn

On Whatsapp

4.5 billion photos, 1 billion videos and 80 million GIFs shared per day

OMG.. Customers Prefer Messaging

As per the facebook survey majority of people surveyed who message businesses do so throughout their consumer journey, seeking store hours, product details and gift ideas. People are booking dinner reservations and plane tickets, receiving boarding passes, sharing feedback and more, all through messaging apps.

For Inquiry

People surveyed who message a business to ask about products or services









For Purchases

People surveyed who message businesses to make a purchase or reservation









For Support

People surveyed who message businesses to get support for a product or service








Beyond this, facebook research shows that once people try messaging businesses, it often becomes their go-to medium. Across four markets, more than half the people who message businesses say they do so across all stages of their journey - from seeking product information to sharing product feedback.
Source Facebook Survey Read Full Survey Report.

Advantages of Smart Replies

Instant Engagements

Most consumers don't actually want a "journey" - they want instant gratification. People want products and services and the more effortless and immediate, the better. In fact, people globally now value convenience so highly that 60% of people surveyed across 23 markets say they would actually pay more for convenience.

Messaging is an anywhere, anytime, single-thread platform with a unique ability to shorten the distance between wanting and owning. Given consumers' shifting preferences, the era of messaging could not be more timely.


Customers Expects Instant Reply From A Business


Customers Says their issues are solved by a bot


Customers Says they can pay more convenience

If a seller keeps me waiting longer than 10 minutes,
I'll move on to another seller.

Ligia, 25, Brazil 24


Convenience is powerful, but ultimately, people want to get stuff done. And the combination of speed, quality of advice and personal care that people can experience when messaging is making it an irresistibly effective medium. People's expectations of messaging are reaching a tipping point, as messaging continues to supplant other ways of communicating with businesses.

People feel more confident messaging businesses than using more traditional customer service channels.


Prefer Messaging than Calling a Business


Prefer Messaging than Filling Out A Form on a Website


Prefer Messaging than Sending an Email & Wait for Response

Save Time & Money

A new study released by UK-based Juniper Research estimates that Answer bots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022. Bots have the ability to improve the efficacy and productivity of workers in businesses by providing quick answers and solutions to customers with simple queries. As a result, they reduce operational costs, manpower and time.

Source: Juniper Research Read More


Savings In Technology Cost


Savings in Manpower Cost


Reduce in Call Centre Traffic

24 x 7 Availability

Do you know 30% of the working class people make purchases after their office hours and their after office hours becomes many of the businesses closing hours and this will result in losing 30% of customers. You can keep your businesses open 24 x 7 , 365 days without any employees with Smart Replies


Customers Wants 24 x 7 Service & Support


People prefer shopping after their office hours


Customers need instant reply and solutions

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Key to ensure recurring revenue is to keep customers satisfied always , customers love instant gratification and smart replies can be there to provide it for your frequently asked questions. An instant reply can definitely increase your customer satisfaction levels.

Smart Replies Features

AI & NLP Powered

It takes less than 2 minutes to get started with Smart Replies, simply add questions and answers or upload the existing FAQ. Our Proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) will do the rest of the magic for you.


Intent & Context

If your customer ask "whats price of iphone 10" it replies with "iphone 10 price" and then your customer asks "whats camera" then bot should know that your customer is asking for iphone 10 camera, this is context. Context is added to remember the purpose or topic of chat and also what it said in last message. Remembering previous conversation or the topic which customers is called context management. Context intelligently change based on the progress of conversation.


Smart Actions

Actions are a set of commands which can seamlessly work with Smart Replies , on receiving specific messages you can instruct the picky assist smart replies to take multiple actions based on your business requirements. Like Make A Call Back Back , Add Customer into a Category , Remove A Tag , Add Customer into a sequence, Create a Support Ticket and more..

Available Smart Actions

Trigger Webhook

Give dynamic replies from your application like updated balance, updated score etc

Send Email

Send an email informing your agents about user interactions. Include message history also.

Send Message

Send SMS or WhatsApp message to agents about the conversations till now

Click 2 Call

Offer an install call back to the user immediately.

Pause Replies

This will temporary pause smart replies for the time set by you, useful for human takeover and live chat

Add Tag

This will add a tag to the subscriber

Remove Tag

This will remove tag from the subscriber

Map to Category

This will map subscriber to a category

Remove From Category

This will remove subscriber from a category

Create Ticket

Create a support ticket against the subscriber

Subscribe to Sequence

Auto subscribe customer into a sequence for drip campaigns

Unsubscribe from Sequence

Unsubscribe customer from a sequence

Update Note

Add a note / update against the subscriber


This will add the incoming number to blacklist.

Customisable Widget

Widget helps to integrate Smart Replies directly into webpages so that website visitors ables to get their queries answered 24 x 7 through Smart Replies. You can also connect with your customers through Click 2 Call , WhatsApp & SMS through Widget.

Fully Customisable

Customise Color and appearance of the widget to match your webpage theme.

Attention Bubble

Upload your own attention bubble image or text for higher engagements

Greeting Text

Welcome Visitors with a Greeting Text

Quick Integration

Just copy and paste a small code into your website and you have done.

Even More Features

WhatsApp, SMS & Web

Automate WhatsApp, SMS & Website conversations. Train once and deploy everywhere. More Channels are coming soon.

Upload FAQ's

Easily upload existing frequently asked questions from an excel sheet and avoid manual data entry works.

Send Media Files

Go beyond text messages , reply customers with images, videos, pdf , audio for a truly enhanced communication experience.


Segregate and group question and answers by category to organise more effectively. Contexts can be effectively mapped to each category.

Inbuilt Small Talks

Small talks are collections of casual conversation. This feature can greatly improve the user experience by covering common questions that may not pertain to your core FAQ.

Learn Module

Questions which are not answered by the bot will be listed under learn module. You can manually review the questions and add the best answer so that next time your customer will get the most relevant answer.


Personalize the response using the attributes which are saved in your Social CRM which will help you to greet customers with their name or any value stored in the attribute like Name, Age, Last Order Details, Current Plan, Address etc

Fall Back

Fall Back response is useful when the bot is unable to find a relevant answer to the customer query , set various actions like send an email , send a message , pause replies, add tag etc so that a human can immediately take over the conversation.


Stats module gives an overview of what the customers are really demanding and searching among your products or services. Get question wise counts asked by your customers between any dates.

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