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Manage your Facebook Leads in one platform with Superb Automation like Instant Lead Alert, Auto Tagging, Auto Start Drip Campaigns, Auto Thank you message, Smart Replies, Broadcaster and more


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How it Works

When someone fills your Facebook lead ad-form the details will automatically feed into your Social CRM in the Picky Assist, you can also configure Smart Actions like instant alerts on WhatsApp, SMS & Email or even you can send a thank you message or start a drip campaign with the customer instantly using our automation tools.

Why Instant Engagement Matters?

When customers are engaged instantly it increases the buying chances upto 50%, the right time to contact a customer who submits a form is within 10 minutes. This is the time they are looking for a product or thinking to have a product that you offer, so connect with them instantly is very important to win the customer in this competitive market.

Unique Features which makes your task easy

Connect Your Facebook Ad in 30 Seconds

You can connect your existing Facebook ad account in just 30 seconds using Picky Assist seamless integration with Facebook Lead Ad Forms, once connected you will able to see all the lead ad forms your created with the ability to setup automation.

Get Instant WhatsApp, SMS Alerts

Our powerful automation tools allow you to take various actions when a lead form is submitted like you can send customers an instant WhatsApp, SMS, Email or inform your team members about the new leads via WhatsApp, SMS or Email and much more without any manual intervention at all.

Start WhatsApp Drip Campaign

Emails campaigns are now dead, get 10X more CTR than email through our Unique WhatsApp Drip Campaign, automatically enroll leads into your WhatsApp Drip campaign and increase your sales closure chances by 50%.

Nurture Leads In Social CRM

Our Social CRM helps you to nurture the leads more effectively than before, create attributes to map the form fields with CRM fields, auto-tag the leads, automatically categorize leads, add tasks, comments and more features like Segmented broadcaster, smart replies make your lead nurturing process easier than never before.

Achieve Highest Automation Possibilities with Connector
20+ Action


It all happens when New Facebook Form Submits

Filter By

Filter any form values and create actions accordingly to the form values like if country is USA then assign chat to USA team

  • Country
  • Language
  • From a Specific Form
  • Contains Specific Word in Enquiry
  • Deal Amount
  • Product / Service Wise
Take Action

Take 20+ Instant Action whenever a form is submitted, instant engagement means more conversation ratio

  • Send WhatsApp Message
  • Send Email
  • Start Drip Campaign
  • Add to WhatsApp Group
  • Trigger HTTP API
  • Add / Remove Tags
  • Add / Remove Categories
  • Assign to Human (Teambox)
  • Schedule one or Many Actions


  • Facebook Ad Manager with Lead Forms
  • Picky Assist Account with Valid Subscription
  • WhatsApp, SMS Channel Optional

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