Help customers to automate their business communication

Help customers to automate their business communication &
earn 30% recurring revenue
from each customer you refer to Picky Assist

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Anyone can earn
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Brand Advocates
Automation Experts
Personal Coaches
Content Creators
IT Managers

Picky Assist

Transparent tracking
30% recurring revenue
90 Days
Cooke life
Monthly & Timely Payouts
Dedicated dashboard
Payment through Paypal
Anyone can join from any countries
No higher capping on commission
No limit on

Recurring Earning

Your income don’t stop even you stop referring new clients with our recurring commission model,
calculate and find how much you can earn in a year

I can refer
new customers every Month
Average Yearly Income

Calculated based on average revenue per user per month as $49

How it Works?

One of the easiest way to earn consistent revenue by just spreading how Picky Assist
can help business to automate their business communications

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Become Picky Assist
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Share your unique
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Tips to earn more &
consistent revenue

What Not Allowed!

Brand Bidding

Using the Picky Assist name in any form of paid advertising.

Promotions via Adult Sites

Driving traffic through adult sites is prohibited.

Offering Discounts

Affiliates offering discounts to customers.

Cookie Stuffing

Using techniques that place tracking cookies without the user’s knowledge and consent to earn commissions.

Incentivized Traffic

Offering incentives to users for clicking on links or making purchases, such as offering points, rewards, or contest entries.

Illegal Content

Promoting Picky Assist products on websites or platforms that contain illegal content, including pirated software, copyrighted materials, or any other illegal activities.

Negative SEO

Engaging in negative SEO tactics against competitors or other affiliates.

Trademark Infringement

Registering domains or social media handles that include the Picky Assist brand name.

Negative Marketing

Using negative tactics such as creating fake reviews or derogatory comments about competitors to drive traffic.

Deceptive Practices

Using deceptive or misleading practices, such as fake reviews, fake news articles, or deceptive landing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate program?

The affiliate program is a referral program where anyone can recommend Picky Assist services to any needy customers across the world and earn up to 30% recurring commission for 24 months from each referral.

What are the eligibilities to become a Picky Assist Affiliate?

There is no specific eligibility, anyone can join the affiliate program from anywhere in the world except Picky Assist employees, their family and friends.

Can I send emails from my own email address?

Affiliate program is a referral program where anyone can recommend Picky Assist services to any needy customers across the world and earn upto 30% recurring commission

What does 90 days of cookie validity means?

When someone clicks on your unique referral link our system will store small piece of information in their computer which helps us to track source of the referral so that you will be attributed for any activities upto 90 days

Where can I get my unique referral link?

Please signup for a free affiliate account and navigate to your dashboard from where you can get your unique referral link.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid monthly, minimum accumulated earnings should be $50 or above to withdraw funds.

Do you make wire transfers directly to bank accounts?

At this moment we don’t offer wire transfers to bank accounts.

What will happen if a referral cancels their subscriptions?

You will not be paid for that customer further however if the customer reactivates their service within 3 months then you will continue getting commission from the data of reactivation

What does recurring commission mean?

Unlike other referral/affiliate programs that provide only a one-time referral commission, Picky Assist provides recurring commissions of 30% from each sale up to 24 months from the date of the first purchase of your referral customer.

How many customer's minimum i need to refer to get commission?

To qualify for commission as an affiliate, you are required to refer a minimum of three paid customers. This rule has been implemented to prevent individuals from signing up as affiliates and then creating paid customers for themselves. In other words, the intention is to ensure that the referred customers are genuine and not artificially generated by the affiliates themselves.

Are there any charges or fees to join the affiliate program?

No, there are no charges to join the affiliate program

Do you share any customer information with me to track my referrals?

Yes, we provide only the first name with you to track your referral however we will not share any contact or personal information with you.

If I orally recommended someone and they become a paid customer of Picky Assist, how will this activity be attributed to me?

There is no way to track this activity as we can track referrals only if they have clicked through your unique referral link so we recommend you always provide your referral with your unique referral link so that we can track them correctly.

How will you transfer the commission?

We will transfer the commission via PayPal and PayPal further settle this to your bank account or credit card linked with the PayPal

Are there any products or services which are exempted from affiliate commission?

Yes, the following products or services are exempted from the affiliate commission
1 : WhatsApp Official Template Charges
2 : Bundled Package Charges
3 : Adon Charges
4 : The amount added into customer Wallet
5 : Any custom services are given to the customer
That is you will be paid commission only for the fixed monthly/yearly renewals of their base plan

What will happen if referral downgrades or upgrades their subscriptions?

Your commission payout will vary accordingly, in simple we will pay you 30% of the base plan rent i.e. $49 you will receive $14.7 commission monthly or for $499 yearly plan you will receive $149.7 as your commission.

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