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Scalable, Reliable & Affordable Fully Managed WhatsApp Official Messaging Solution, we take care Onboarding, Support, Billing and fully managed services

Facebook Approved ISV

All About Official WhatsApp Business Account

Loved by 1.5 Bn Active Users from 180+ Countries makes WhatsApp the largest ad-free end to end encrypted messaging app. Acquired by Facebook for $19 Bn in 2014 and released Business API for sending transactional messages and chatbots. The docker based approach ensures end to end encryption and template based messaging ensures spam free messaging.

  • 1.5 Bn Active Users
  • 180+ Countries
  • Customer Spends Daily 30 Minutes
  • 90% of Message reads within 30 seconds
  • End to End Encryption & Ad Free

Why Official WhatsApp Account?

Truly Reliable & Highly Scalable Official Messaging Solution

Use Your Number

User your existing landline, toll-free or mobile number

Highly Scalable

250+ Through Put Per Second (TPS) with 99.5% Uptime

Rich Messaging

Supports all type of media files including contact, location

Message Insights

Get Delivery & Read* Reports and Configure Fall Backs

Proactive Messaging

Start Conversation with Users using WhatsApp Approved Templates

100% Official

Your number is Officaly Authorised by WhatsApp. Liberal Blocking

*Read receipt will not generate if users privacy is on

Message Content Types

WhatsApp Supports wide range of messaging types to interact with customers in a more intuitive way than regular WhatsApp



The classic only text messages combined with emoji’s



The best way to visually represent your brand with Images



Tell the story in a much better way with Videos



Speed up the conversation with audio files



Provide instant quotation and invoices as attachments, supports wide range of formats



Let customers reach you quickly to your offices, exhibitions centre or any location.



Hassle free contact sharing with anyone



Add fun into the conversation with your own branded creative stickers


Quick Reply Buttons

Present users with upto 3 quick reply buttons to get more engagements and seamless experience. As per WhatsApp survey that a user is 30% more likely to engage to a message having buttons

Read More

Call 2 Actions Buttons

Configure upto 2 Call 2 Actions buttons which allows users to take actions like Tracking A Order which redirects to your tracking page or any web application or reach your call centre using the Phone Number button

Supports Only through Templates

Read More

List Menu

Using list message business can send a menu as message with upto 10 lists or choices separated by optional section and header, a great feature to showcase product category, recent orders, saved card details, faq etc

This type of message offers a simpler and more consistent way for users to make a selection when interacting with a business

Read More

WhatsApp Chatbots

Build Advanced Conversational WhatsApp Chatbots with our easy to use and scalable API’s or make use of our inbuilt Smart Replies powered by AI to automate your business communication through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Multi Agent

Share your WhatsApp number with your entire team through “Teambox” a next generation modern unified platform made for team collaboration with many industry first features as below.

Industry First Out of the Box Routing

Live Event Feeds from 3000+ apps

Message Types

User Initiated Session Messages

A session will start when the user initiates a message with your number and the session lasts for 24 hours from the last messages received from the particular user, which means the session time will get reset whenever a new message is received from a user. When a user session is active you can send any type of messages including marketing, promotional, media, contact, location etc. Session messages are billed at a flat rate mentioned in the pricing section.

  • 24 Hours Validity from the Last User Message Time
  • No Content Restriction, Can send any type of Contents
  • No Destination Wise Charges
  • Not Possible to Send Freehand Messages After 24 Hours

Business Initiated Template Messages

When the 24 hour session is expired or a Business wants to initiate a message then need to make use of Template Messages. Templates are pre-approved messages from WhatsApp which used to send outbound messages like OTP, Shipping Alert, Transaction Alert, Appointment Alerts. All outbound template messages are charged as per the destination country.

  • Supports Quick Replies & Call 2 Action Buttons
  • Initiate a Message , Proactive Message
  • Possible to Send Full Funnel Promotional Messages
  • Supports only pre-approved messages
  • Charges as per destinations country

Now Send Full Funnel Promotional Messages through WhatsApp Pre-approved Templates to Opt-In Customers.

Why Picky Assist ?

We know there are competitors in the market and winning the customer’s heart is possible only by answering “Why Picky Assist?” below are the answers for you,

Approved ISV

Picky Assist is an WhatsApp Approved ISV (Independent Software Vendor) working directly with multiple BSP (Business Solution Provider) to onboard business across the world as per the terms of services and commerce policy of WhatsApp


One of our unique feature “Delete Forever” ensures best in class data security which deletes all messages including media files after a specified period or instantly as per your requirements from all our servers.

On Demand

Our “On Demand Scalability” ensures processing high volume of messages in a scalable manner with WhatsApp Multi Connect & High Availability Architecture. Extra Charges Applies Read More

Integrate into
2000+ Apps

Nobody offers wider integration than us, our Native & Seamless Integration to 5+ popular application and 2000+ app integration via Zapier / Integromat or virtually integrate anywhere through our Connector or build a custom integration using our API & Webhooks.

3 Days Fast

Get started with our rapid 3 days fast onboarding, Please note 3 days fast onboarding is not guaranteed in all cases as this may vary depending on each business nature of business and readiness of the documents as required by WhatsApp.

Bring Your
Own Number

Unlike many other providers who force you to buy a new number or allocate a random number we allow you to bring your own number from any country, you can use your existing WhatsApp Personal or Business number or even a Landline number.

More Reasons to Consider

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Assistance on Green Tick
  • 24 x 7 Human Chat Support
  • GDPR Compliant
  • End to End Encryption
  • No Commitments or Contracts
  • Easy to Integrate API’s
  • 99.99% Uptime

All In One Communication Suite

Connect Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp , Website , SMS & Your Android Phone with Picky Assist & Enjoy A New Communication Experience.

Smart Replies

Engage Customers 24 x 7 without manpower through different Social Messaging Apps. Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Send Automatic Follow-up based on Events & Triggers, Create Drip Campagins


Send Personalized & Send Bulk Personalised & Segmented Messages with Just A Click Through Broadcaster

Mini CRM

Manage Customers, Create Tickets , Add Reminders, Create Categories & Tags , Attributes & Much More with Social CRM.


Start A Call Conference or Click2Call with Telephony using your Android Phone As Gateway.


Communicate Smartly with Customer’s on WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger with a Unified Inbox for your entire team.


Communicate Where Customer's are

Coming soon


Get tightly integrated with the app you use

Get Started

Please follow the below steps to get started with WhatsApp Official Business Account. The process takes 3-10 days to complete.

  • In Principle Approval (2-3 Days)

    Login into your Picky Assist Web Console -> From the left Side Menu Click on "WA Official API Request" then fill and submit the form. Guidelines to Fill Application Form

    Once you submitted the application, we will evaluate your details and if your business and use-case is eligible for getting WhatsApp approval then we will submit the details to WhatsApp for getting “In Principle” Approval. This process takes 2-3 Working Days

    Please note that your business and messaging needs must comply with the WhatsApp Business Policies | Commerce Policies | Opt-In Requirements

  • Final Approval (3-10 Days)

    When we receive “In Principle” approval we will communicate you via email and you need to pay the one time non-refundable setup charges as per the plan you would like to opt.

    Once you paid the setup charges we will start preparing your company profile, use-cases and other documents needed for final approval and present to WhatsApp . This process takes 3-10 Working Days

    If you are not getting the final approval then we will refund the setup charges collected within 7 working days.

  • Final Approval Process At Your End

    During the “Final Approval” process you have to follow certain steps in your facebook business manager. Read More In case you dont have a facebook business manager you can create one here https://business.facebook.com

  • Configuring with Facebook Business Manager (5 minutes)

    Once we received the approval from WhatsApp we need to create a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) with your Facebook business manager id. You will receive a notification that asks to give us permission to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your behalf , accept the notification that's it. Read More

  • Verifying WhatsApp Number (10 Minutes)

    We will initiate a verification process of your WhatsApp number given during the approval process. Your phone number must be able to receive either international sms or calls, you can use landline or mobile number even toll-free numbers are possible as far as it can receive international calls


    That’s It ! You are Officially Live! You can use the existing Picky Assist API's to seamlessly integrate with your application or make use our All In One Communication Suite to get started immediately. Refer API Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, from September 15,2021 onwards WhatsApp supports Full Funnel Promotional Template Message to Opt-In Customer's even after 24 hours session window. All promotional templates needs approval from WhatsApp before sending. Read MoreRead More
As per WhatsApp OPT-IN policy you need to have valid optin before you send any type of messages to WhatsApp users including the templated messages. Click Here to Know WhatsApp Optin Requirements
From September 15,2021 onwards WhatsApp start accepting full funnel promotional messages as well as, so you can request any type of templates which are subjected to approval from WhatsApp Read More
You can send dynamic messages through templates by just passing the dynamic variables and WhatsApp will pre-fill the message body contents. Read More
In a verified WhatsApp business account you can request upto 250 templates, a template can be requested in many languages and will be counted only as one template.
Yes, all type of media is supported by WhatsApp including contacts and location co-ordinates.
Yes, we can place the request on behalf of you but we don’t guarantee and its sole discretion of the WhatsApp team whether to convert your account as Official Verified Business Account. Read More
Yes, you can do that as far as you can receive SMS or Call in your number, you can even use any landline, toll-free, virtual numbers with WhatsApp
No, we charge you only after getting In-Principle approval from WhatsApp
WhatsApp Official Billing is slightly different than other product and services billing , We have a guide explaining the WhatsApp Billing in detail with examples Read More
You can activate upto 100 WhatsApp number in a verified account, please note each number will be billed separately.
No, getting an official business account approval doesn’t mean your business is verified by WhatsApp. There are two types of WhatsApp business accounts:

Official Business Account: WhatsApp has verified that an authentic brand owns this account. An official business account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and chat thread headers. The name of the business is visible even if the user hasn't added the business to their address book. Very few businesses will be an official business account. Being verified on Facebook or Instagram will not help your business be an official business account.

Business Account: By default, any account that is using the WhatsApp Business API is a business account. You can read more details here Read More
YES, you can port your existing WhatsApp Approved Number to us, please contact [email protected] for more details.

Trusted by 1000+ Customers from 73+ Countries